Wednesday, 14 November 2012

The poor and the destitute–How do they celebrate their festivals?

Festivals are festivals for every body –be they the poor, the destitute or the rich ones. Rich ones obviously can well afford celebrating their festivals in a lavish measure and sumptuously. On the other hand, those who are poor just can’t afford doing so because of their limited means or no means at all, particularly in the atmosphere of currently soaring prices in the markets. They too hanker for buying several things like clothes for the family, utensils on dhan teras, diwali and bhaiyya dweej, toys, patakhas and sweets for the children, but on all these items they have only to take a deep sigh, or frugally manage certain limited items by resorting to some borrowings from their friends and relations, a too embarrassing a task for any one. It was Diwali yesterday and Chhoti Diwali a day before, and what an amount of embarrassment they might have undergone amongst the members of their families and relatives on both these occasions, is a plight, one can easily understand. I only wish that some day the gulf of disparity between the rich and the poor gets mitigated at least to some extent extending the poor and the destitute some relief and solace.

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