Thursday, 8 November 2012

Why go for an adulterated food stuff?

Festivals are a hay day for business community, particularly sweets sellers on a festive occasion like Diwali. which falls due within next few days. Their primary concern is making money totally unmindful, deliberately of course, of the fact as to what type of stuff they are providing to their customers. It is all fully adulterated and, in a way, it carries poison with it. There are lot many cases reported every now and then by the media about this, but there is hardly any impact of such reports on the governmental agencies. They supervise the market just as a ritual without being serious on taking stringent action against those found guilty of the fictitious deal. Most surprising a factor is that even customers don’t take such state of affairs seriously. They just go and buy the sweets ignoring the reality that it may seriously harm their family members, or those whom they offer them as a greeting gesture on the festival. During Holi, another important festival like Diwali, same thing happens. If shop keepers indulge into such activities, they do it for their own selfish interest, but why the customers should not bother about it. At least they are the ones who are supposed to be extra vigilant about the health and wellness of their family members and their circles of interest. They have options to resort to other commodities like dry fruits or other eatables available in the  market, but in this respect too, they are required to be extra cautious that the place from where they are purchasing necessary items of their use, they should be of their trust and confidence.

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