Saturday, 10 November 2012

Dress code–Sonia Gandhi style:

While addressing the convocation of National Institute of Fashion Technology at Rae Bareli (India) the other day, Sonia Gandhi laid emphasis on simple dress as against  overdone and over-embellished ones. Her tune and tenor was that of matching with Indian culture. One should look clean and elegant, but there should be no overdoing on that count to the extent that the people, particularly women, hardly wear any thing to fully cover their bodies. Sonia Gandhi, just like Indira Gandhi, always is neatly dressed herself, and the message so given by her is that of a modest and graceful an order. In fact the dress choice in currency these days is that of too meagre a coverage to the whole figure of a woman or girl, which at times borders a ridiculous look and that hardly fits into the traditional culture of the country. Alright that one should be neatly dressed looking elegant, but this is not supposed to suppress the very grace part of it. Appended here is a link of one of my posts on the topic for a ready reference of the readers.


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