Saturday, 29 November 2008

Is it a transgression on his part ?

Yoga guru Swami Ramdeo is now known so well all over the world as a yoga guru with hardly any parallel and is a house hold name in all the places. Yoga is old most Vedic science and he is the one who has given it a shape so easily adoptable by any one. Different modes of exercises he himself does prescribing them for the use of common men and women for a healthful body and mind are uniquely grand capable of generating awareness on fitness in most magnificent an order. His conviction that only a healthy mind and body can enable growth of a strong human generation is a great source of inspiration for all. Himself strong enough to work almost 20 hours a day, he has helped millions of people to overcome several of their ailments regaining health and the required form. Nothing like any hypocrisy in his teachings and discourses unlike many who practice sainthood as a commercial venture to suit their lusty desires. Currently ofcourse it is observed that he talks more of national political scenario highlighting his slogan with emphasis on organizing Yoga Hind battalion to generate a total awareness on nationalism. Quite meaningful an idea it is but this could be an area potentially liable to be turned to a full fledged politics and politics is some thing that inevitably pollutes any real service based mission. Let us wish that his image that is otherwise clean and unblemished doesn't get tarnished in the process.

Sunday, 23 November 2008

Peculiar ways of security !

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Primary most as it is for all, security is a measure every one takes seriously. It is ofcourse a different matter that those who are holding the charge of it behave in a funniest possible order in quite big instances. As it obtains in abundance in cities like Kanpur in Uttar Pradesh, the most common strategy of police men on patrol is to puncture the cars and the bikes found parked outside the houses of their owner as they have no enough of space to keep them inside. Pointing out that the vehicles parked outside the houses have more of vulnerability on theft count and that their owners should find a safer place to keep them  is alright but causing them so much of damage by puncturing the tyres of the the vehicles can in no way be termed as any remedial measure sort of thing. It is infact done more as a measure of mischief for which police men are already known well every where particularly in North Indian states than for any reason of safety. Once travelling by train to Muzaffarpur in Bihar, I overheard a police man of a Sub Inspector's rank loudly boasting of having punctured hundreds of vehicles parked without any fence/ enclosure as if he was the one doing some very noble service to the vehicle owners.

Saturday, 22 November 2008

A sheer nonsense !

There is no dearth of people in business who by their conduct and approach make life so miserable for the consumers. Currently mobile companies appear to be on the top. Your plan and budgeting a mobile fails as against their manipulations. For Reliance, their Mobile World is so handy a tool for them to encash your handling if you happen to press some wrong key accidentally correction of which is awefull problematic for the reason that they only talk so much in the name of customer service whereas it is enormously difficult to find them available on phone; if at all available, they are not the ones to attend to you directly and find it convenient to advise you some alternative number which cycle goes on for several rounds with the result that finally you land no where remaining stuck up to your starting point only. If your complaint happens to be on excess/extraneous billing, they will discourage you on some count or the other and if at all they agree to what you complain, they will see to it that it takes maximum possible time enabling them to take advantage of money remaining with them which they didn't legitimately earn. BSNL guys are traditionally well known for these very types of irregularities. Not long ago Lot of people were victims to electric shock on account of defective battery components used by Nokia in their different types of sets. Keeping a mobile set costing four figures (LG/Reliance) I have undergone more than enough of such experiences and still unable to call it a day on that count. Infact there is nothing wrong if people complain that big companies make more of money not that legitimately but by hiding many of their mode of operation techniques from the consumers/customers.

Friday, 21 November 2008

Yoga for a better voice

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Better voice? Not the need of the singers alone but anxiety for many a people. Those who want to feel comfortable in talks and addresses, those who take classes in some discipline or the other, those who cherish a desire for good speaking, all need a voice that is impressive and appealing. No medicines, drugs or even herbs are needed for the purpose. A most convenient answer lies with yoga with no cost involved or any arduous mode of exercise to be practiced. The exercise is so simple that even those who are much in an advanced age can take it. It is one of the most easy and smooth parts of the breathing exercises known as 'Brahmari' in yoga. Exerting an small amount of pressure on top of the throat known as the upward end of windpipe, deep inhaling with an audible humming sound in a rhythm followed by an uninterrupted exhalation with repetitions one can easily afford and tolerate is all that a person is required to complete necessary session for the purpose. The exercise is repeatable 4-5 times a day. This clears the filthy layers of blockages in upper throat activating and energizing the veins in a better order restoring more of clarity and smoothness in voice. This one is a briefest possible account on voice exercise. Clarifications/ elaborations, if any, sought for the purpose are welcome on the email

Thursday, 20 November 2008

Why go to a doctor ?

All companies dealing in medicines and drugs invariably prescribe on their brand labels 'consult your doctor' and rightly so as doctors are supposed to be the appropriate channels for giving  correct medical opinions. It is ofcourse a different matter that what actually  transpires out of such a practice is hardly consonant to what the patient really expects. A few months back I had to go to a doctor at a prominent opthalmic centre who diagnosed cataract in both my eyes suggesting operation to which I readily agreed and to start with the eye chosen for the purpose by the doctor was the left one. I had clearly told him that in my routine I had no problem rather my vision for the purposes of reading, writing and working online on computer I was not required to use specs. Operation over with the doctor joyfully clarifying that the operation was a total success. A period of nearly eight months has since elapsed and I am badly handicapped a person in my table work. I am required to use different specs for the purpose -one for reading and writing, the other one for computer and a third one for car driving. Every time I 'consult' the doctor, he suggests a new drop which results into no result at all. This is one instance based on self experience. Such instances are many in the case of others. Doctors being professionals, their focus of consideration is money and not the patient. Surgical areas apart, the patients should infact see to it that they themselves are able to take precautions to ensure a better health for themselves minimising the chances to depend on the doctors. This is possible.

Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Modi(ing) a problem

Gujarat (India) Chief Minister Narendra Modi is recognised as a synonym to solution of problems in the State. Whatever be his credentials otherwise with which he is criticized by his critics, he is most popular a figure amongst the masses. Only the other day I was told a story about a local representative some where in the interiors of Gujarat sending a message to Narendra Modi on his personal website about a village where there was no drinking water available in the radius of several miles together and the people, particularly, the women folk, had to travel long distances to fetch water daily, an arduously a difficult task. The message was instantly attended to personally by the Chief Minister himself, immediate instructions were issued and within no time there was flood of water made accessible locally itself for the people. Looks like something utopian but it is after all a factual version by the people themselves. The President elect of America, Obama, has been hailed every where for launching his own personal website to facilitate even commoners to reach him online and Narendra Modi is the one who deserves all praise that the modus operendi so adopted by Obama was already introduced much earlier by Modi in his State and he was the fore runner on that count. Other leaders every where can very well draw a lesson and follow it if they have a genuine desire to reach the common people.

Tuesday, 18 November 2008

If winter comes...

Markets all over the world are down deep to a level where not only corporate bodies but equally the retailers are on a swooning point, many of them already collapsed. The very fear that worst possible may yet be in store has overgripped all demoralising them to the extent that they are opting to refrain from any fresh initiatives in their business. The masters of predictions on different TV channels are beating the bush all the time without getting tired of predicting lies on share trading and other markets to keep morale of the traders intact obviously from their own marketing angle and they have been beating this track like drummers for the last several months. Times without number it has appeared in the news that bulls are to strike back soon against the bears  but it is all without any thing tangible visible on the surface. What is actually visible is a large scale gloom all over. The universal adage that if there is trouble there is relief too as supported by a part of an english poem "...if winter comes, can spring be far behind' is the line giving some solace to the aggrieved victims as against unnecessarily a fussy barren hope the so called predicters including the heavy weights in governance mechanism are trying to falsely generate. Better it is not to go by what they rottenly talk and the victims should instead apply their own patience with the conviction that every doom has to result into a recreation and that 'the light of smiles shall fill again the lids that overflow with tears'.

Monday, 17 November 2008

Story of rebirth !

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As sumptuously highlighted by the media channels, there is more of confirmation to the theory that life is a cycle that runs as a sequence birth after birth. Several scientists have been all through ruling out such a possibility but it appears they are reconciling to the phenomenon that death is followed by another birth. The story tellers have identifiably listed out certain celebrities exploding the news as to what they were in their earlier life. Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru, Ex President of India Dr APJ Kalaam, Amitabh Bachhan, Shahrukh Khan are the ones forming the list. As claimed by the story tellers, Pt. Nehru was the reincarnation of the last Mughal ruling India Bahadur Shah Zafar, Dr Kalaam was Tipu Sultan in his earlier birth, Amitabh Bachhan was born as an American in his previous life, Shahrukh Khan was a great woman artist in theater and films in Kolkata before his current version of life. They also maintain that even the great scientist Homi Bhabha was the rebirth version of Haider Ali, Tipu Sultan's father. If the authors of these stories are to be believed, it appears that another life after death is a certainty, that a person once born as a genius is supposed to remain a genius during all phases of cyclic births and rebirths and that the style and stature of a person in one particular life hardly undergoes any big change in subsequent births. The believers in rebirth have till now been talking that there is life after death but that it is not certain as to which type of life one gets on his/her rebirth -persons can get their next birth as animals, birds, beasts or some small creatures. The new story may be encouraging to them in the sense that they are invariably to remain humans in their rebirths. Scientists are working day and night with the hope that some day they shall be able to handle time factor in a manner that enables them to go through deepest possible past and even know as to what is there in store in future. These imaginations, if at all assume a tangible shape, shall obviously be a wonder for the mankind. It is a different matter that currently we may not believe them.

Sunday, 16 November 2008

Fatwa against Madhushala !

Long back in mid thirties, Harivansh Rai Bachhans's Madhushala was most exceedingly a hot topic not only for poetry lovers but people in general particularly the youth for the reasons that it had a great romantic note and that it boldly talked about alcohol. After more than seven decades, there is a fatwa issued by certain muslim clergies now with the contention that it talks of alcohol and that it pollutes the mind of youths. Looks like there were no youths in the country all these 73 years nor there were clerics during this period to realise the harm the book is likely to cause. What about Umar Khaiyyam, Mirza Ghalib and several other romantic poets who brazenly wrote on alcohol most suggestively talking of sex. There is hardly any one of them who didn't talk of wasl (sex). Compared to them what Harivansh Rai Bachhan wrote appears to be quite moderate. Urdu poetry is well known for a hecticly suggestive romance and those aptly covering this topic have all along been laudably acclaimed as best poets. Difficult to trace any thing absurd in Madhushala and whatever is there is just on a popular love note and that too in a chaste order. The love theme enunciated in Madhushala revolves  around wine not as a material object but is just symbolic to eternity. The lines Kabhi na til bhar khali hoga, lakh piyen do lakh piyen, Pathak gan hain peene wale pustak meri madhushal are an ample manifestation of serene thoughts lasting eternally. Reference of alcohol is in the same order like 'sharab-e-arghawan', 'jam-e-shabab', 'may-e-angoor' used by several urdu poets and one fails to understand as to why there is so much fuss over what Harivansh Rai Bachhan wrote. Madhushala was a rage amongst the then younger generation and rightfully continues to be so popular even today.

Saturday, 15 November 2008

Why governance differs from state to state ?

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So vast a country as India is, there are several states, some of them as big as certain countries rather some of them bigger than them. Not necessary that all the states run similar on their governance modus operandi but it is difficult to find any cogent reason as to why they can't behave uniformly on principles of fundamentals like honesty, integrity and social cohesion. Why corruption in certain states is rampant to the extent of spoiling the atmoshphere of the state to the extent that a common man has to pass through a life full of an uneasy tension and suffocation with an alarmingly high amount of insecurity overgripping them all the time like states of Uttar Pradesh and Bihar in North India.  After all there are places where law and order is in order and people get a chance to lead their life peacefully. Exceptions apart, there are states who are doing so well like Gujarat under the rule of Narendra Modi, the Chief Minister. Go to the remotest possible place there and you will invariably find people talking so good of him with paan wallas (betel sellers) keeping his photograph on their shop. This in itself is not a big thing but does speak well on popularity of the ruling Chief Minister. Security, development, cohesion and harmony in mutual relationship, the major ingredient of law and order, are all there. What an amount of peace it may be capable of securing to the people in general if other states follow the norms to give the society a better health in the shape of positive governance. If the captains of the states that are much notoriously known for a recklessly rampant law and order situatiion are incapable of taking necessary initiatives on their own, they can atleast follow those who are doing so well. Mahajane wa gatah so pantha is the saying that means following great men who lead a better path for the people in the interest of the state. No political prejudices should be allowed to stand in the way.

Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Obama, the beacon of hope !

It's Obama every where after he was declared elected to the topmost post of President of America. You talk to men in politics, you talk to a business man or you talk even to a ricksha puller, they are there to invariably mention this name, majority of them most respectfully. After all he is not just the one to join the big list of his predecessors, he looks to be the one just different, different not just because he is the first black President but more so because his innovative ideas are spreading all over the world like a storm generating expectations for a better tomorrow at global level, a tomorrow that takes care of an internationally laudable cohesion and overcome the gigantic problems like recession in his own country and globally rempant financial crisis. His slogan on univeral health care has already assumed popularity beyond proportions. Barack Hussein Obama, with his father being a Kenyan and mother a white is fully capable of giving an impression of being a citizen of the world as a whole without getting just confined to the status of just an American. On a question that his contacts with VVIP political heads in the world are meagre, his prompt reply that he is rich enough in his contacts with the people in general are welcome sumptuously every where. Abraham Lincoln, the great President of America, talked of "..unfinished work" in one of his historical speeches and it is so thrilling when the same is read with what Obama talked "....we as a people will get there". It is yet to take a little more time by which he finally joins the big office as President of America on 20th January next year but the very thought process so pronounced by him is a strong indication of much better things to come in days ahead. His launching a web site enabling people in general to have an access to him online is historically most welcome a sign. Long live Barack Obama.

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Saturday, 8 November 2008

Marriages free styled ?

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A solemn bond of companionship, marriage is the event that unites the two souls in love. It could be an arranged marriage or the one as love marriage. Advocates of love marriages talk of freedom much away from any kind of restrictions. True, when there are two persons in love with each other, they do have a case to go for marriage. This is alright but it certainly should not mean that every thing has to be done in a free styled manner. Shakespeare talked of 'love at first sight' which factor has all along been recognized as sublime, sweet and pure. Many a times this factor is misconstrued as a casual love. Casual love is the one that very much borders the lust sans the sereneness of love. How it is that most of the love marriages are a flop subsequently resulting into lot many quarrels and disputes. A boy or a girl, a man or a woman, go for a better partner in life has all along been the upper most worry for their parents and the family members who faithfully test all the credentials of the partner they finally select obviously with the result that such marriages are lasting ones in most of the cases. I remember a news item where an army officer was in love with some married woman and when pressed for marrying her, he flatly refused to do so saying that he was not supposed to marry all women or girls with whom he had dates. Dates are a common feature now and there are cine stars and several others who have declaredly a fancy to have different dates with different persons. All know that these dates are not just the mere meets and much more than this they are a togetherness culminating most often into sex. No gainsaying that caste, creed or religion should not be allowed to act as barriers for marriage but freedom on this count warrants an allowance only when the relationship between the two is of the kind that is neither casual nor a mere fancy nor just a matter of lust alone.