Tuesday, 18 November 2008

If winter comes...

Markets all over the world are down deep to a level where not only corporate bodies but equally the retailers are on a swooning point, many of them already collapsed. The very fear that worst possible may yet be in store has overgripped all demoralising them to the extent that they are opting to refrain from any fresh initiatives in their business. The masters of predictions on different TV channels are beating the bush all the time without getting tired of predicting lies on share trading and other markets to keep morale of the traders intact obviously from their own marketing angle and they have been beating this track like drummers for the last several months. Times without number it has appeared in the news that bulls are to strike back soon against the bears  but it is all without any thing tangible visible on the surface. What is actually visible is a large scale gloom all over. The universal adage that if there is trouble there is relief too as supported by a part of an english poem "...if winter comes, can spring be far behind' is the line giving some solace to the aggrieved victims as against unnecessarily a fussy barren hope the so called predicters including the heavy weights in governance mechanism are trying to falsely generate. Better it is not to go by what they rottenly talk and the victims should instead apply their own patience with the conviction that every doom has to result into a recreation and that 'the light of smiles shall fill again the lids that overflow with tears'.

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