Thursday, 20 November 2008

Why go to a doctor ?

All companies dealing in medicines and drugs invariably prescribe on their brand labels 'consult your doctor' and rightly so as doctors are supposed to be the appropriate channels for giving  correct medical opinions. It is ofcourse a different matter that what actually  transpires out of such a practice is hardly consonant to what the patient really expects. A few months back I had to go to a doctor at a prominent opthalmic centre who diagnosed cataract in both my eyes suggesting operation to which I readily agreed and to start with the eye chosen for the purpose by the doctor was the left one. I had clearly told him that in my routine I had no problem rather my vision for the purposes of reading, writing and working online on computer I was not required to use specs. Operation over with the doctor joyfully clarifying that the operation was a total success. A period of nearly eight months has since elapsed and I am badly handicapped a person in my table work. I am required to use different specs for the purpose -one for reading and writing, the other one for computer and a third one for car driving. Every time I 'consult' the doctor, he suggests a new drop which results into no result at all. This is one instance based on self experience. Such instances are many in the case of others. Doctors being professionals, their focus of consideration is money and not the patient. Surgical areas apart, the patients should infact see to it that they themselves are able to take precautions to ensure a better health for themselves minimising the chances to depend on the doctors. This is possible.

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