Saturday, 15 November 2008

Why governance differs from state to state ?

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So vast a country as India is, there are several states, some of them as big as certain countries rather some of them bigger than them. Not necessary that all the states run similar on their governance modus operandi but it is difficult to find any cogent reason as to why they can't behave uniformly on principles of fundamentals like honesty, integrity and social cohesion. Why corruption in certain states is rampant to the extent of spoiling the atmoshphere of the state to the extent that a common man has to pass through a life full of an uneasy tension and suffocation with an alarmingly high amount of insecurity overgripping them all the time like states of Uttar Pradesh and Bihar in North India.  After all there are places where law and order is in order and people get a chance to lead their life peacefully. Exceptions apart, there are states who are doing so well like Gujarat under the rule of Narendra Modi, the Chief Minister. Go to the remotest possible place there and you will invariably find people talking so good of him with paan wallas (betel sellers) keeping his photograph on their shop. This in itself is not a big thing but does speak well on popularity of the ruling Chief Minister. Security, development, cohesion and harmony in mutual relationship, the major ingredient of law and order, are all there. What an amount of peace it may be capable of securing to the people in general if other states follow the norms to give the society a better health in the shape of positive governance. If the captains of the states that are much notoriously known for a recklessly rampant law and order situatiion are incapable of taking necessary initiatives on their own, they can atleast follow those who are doing so well. Mahajane wa gatah so pantha is the saying that means following great men who lead a better path for the people in the interest of the state. No political prejudices should be allowed to stand in the way.

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