Friday, 21 November 2008

Yoga for a better voice

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Better voice? Not the need of the singers alone but anxiety for many a people. Those who want to feel comfortable in talks and addresses, those who take classes in some discipline or the other, those who cherish a desire for good speaking, all need a voice that is impressive and appealing. No medicines, drugs or even herbs are needed for the purpose. A most convenient answer lies with yoga with no cost involved or any arduous mode of exercise to be practiced. The exercise is so simple that even those who are much in an advanced age can take it. It is one of the most easy and smooth parts of the breathing exercises known as 'Brahmari' in yoga. Exerting an small amount of pressure on top of the throat known as the upward end of windpipe, deep inhaling with an audible humming sound in a rhythm followed by an uninterrupted exhalation with repetitions one can easily afford and tolerate is all that a person is required to complete necessary session for the purpose. The exercise is repeatable 4-5 times a day. This clears the filthy layers of blockages in upper throat activating and energizing the veins in a better order restoring more of clarity and smoothness in voice. This one is a briefest possible account on voice exercise. Clarifications/ elaborations, if any, sought for the purpose are welcome on the email

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