Saturday, 22 November 2008

A sheer nonsense !

There is no dearth of people in business who by their conduct and approach make life so miserable for the consumers. Currently mobile companies appear to be on the top. Your plan and budgeting a mobile fails as against their manipulations. For Reliance, their Mobile World is so handy a tool for them to encash your handling if you happen to press some wrong key accidentally correction of which is awefull problematic for the reason that they only talk so much in the name of customer service whereas it is enormously difficult to find them available on phone; if at all available, they are not the ones to attend to you directly and find it convenient to advise you some alternative number which cycle goes on for several rounds with the result that finally you land no where remaining stuck up to your starting point only. If your complaint happens to be on excess/extraneous billing, they will discourage you on some count or the other and if at all they agree to what you complain, they will see to it that it takes maximum possible time enabling them to take advantage of money remaining with them which they didn't legitimately earn. BSNL guys are traditionally well known for these very types of irregularities. Not long ago Lot of people were victims to electric shock on account of defective battery components used by Nokia in their different types of sets. Keeping a mobile set costing four figures (LG/Reliance) I have undergone more than enough of such experiences and still unable to call it a day on that count. Infact there is nothing wrong if people complain that big companies make more of money not that legitimately but by hiding many of their mode of operation techniques from the consumers/customers.

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