Saturday, 29 November 2008

Is it a transgression on his part ?

Yoga guru Swami Ramdeo is now known so well all over the world as a yoga guru with hardly any parallel and is a house hold name in all the places. Yoga is old most Vedic science and he is the one who has given it a shape so easily adoptable by any one. Different modes of exercises he himself does prescribing them for the use of common men and women for a healthful body and mind are uniquely grand capable of generating awareness on fitness in most magnificent an order. His conviction that only a healthy mind and body can enable growth of a strong human generation is a great source of inspiration for all. Himself strong enough to work almost 20 hours a day, he has helped millions of people to overcome several of their ailments regaining health and the required form. Nothing like any hypocrisy in his teachings and discourses unlike many who practice sainthood as a commercial venture to suit their lusty desires. Currently ofcourse it is observed that he talks more of national political scenario highlighting his slogan with emphasis on organizing Yoga Hind battalion to generate a total awareness on nationalism. Quite meaningful an idea it is but this could be an area potentially liable to be turned to a full fledged politics and politics is some thing that inevitably pollutes any real service based mission. Let us wish that his image that is otherwise clean and unblemished doesn't get tarnished in the process.

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