Sunday, 23 November 2008

Peculiar ways of security !

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Primary most as it is for all, security is a measure every one takes seriously. It is ofcourse a different matter that those who are holding the charge of it behave in a funniest possible order in quite big instances. As it obtains in abundance in cities like Kanpur in Uttar Pradesh, the most common strategy of police men on patrol is to puncture the cars and the bikes found parked outside the houses of their owner as they have no enough of space to keep them inside. Pointing out that the vehicles parked outside the houses have more of vulnerability on theft count and that their owners should find a safer place to keep them  is alright but causing them so much of damage by puncturing the tyres of the the vehicles can in no way be termed as any remedial measure sort of thing. It is infact done more as a measure of mischief for which police men are already known well every where particularly in North Indian states than for any reason of safety. Once travelling by train to Muzaffarpur in Bihar, I overheard a police man of a Sub Inspector's rank loudly boasting of having punctured hundreds of vehicles parked without any fence/ enclosure as if he was the one doing some very noble service to the vehicle owners.

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