Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Obama, the beacon of hope !

It's Obama every where after he was declared elected to the topmost post of President of America. You talk to men in politics, you talk to a business man or you talk even to a ricksha puller, they are there to invariably mention this name, majority of them most respectfully. After all he is not just the one to join the big list of his predecessors, he looks to be the one just different, different not just because he is the first black President but more so because his innovative ideas are spreading all over the world like a storm generating expectations for a better tomorrow at global level, a tomorrow that takes care of an internationally laudable cohesion and overcome the gigantic problems like recession in his own country and globally rempant financial crisis. His slogan on univeral health care has already assumed popularity beyond proportions. Barack Hussein Obama, with his father being a Kenyan and mother a white is fully capable of giving an impression of being a citizen of the world as a whole without getting just confined to the status of just an American. On a question that his contacts with VVIP political heads in the world are meagre, his prompt reply that he is rich enough in his contacts with the people in general are welcome sumptuously every where. Abraham Lincoln, the great President of America, talked of "..unfinished work" in one of his historical speeches and it is so thrilling when the same is read with what Obama talked "....we as a people will get there". It is yet to take a little more time by which he finally joins the big office as President of America on 20th January next year but the very thought process so pronounced by him is a strong indication of much better things to come in days ahead. His launching a web site enabling people in general to have an access to him online is historically most welcome a sign. Long live Barack Obama.

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