Saturday, 8 November 2008

Marriages free styled ?

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A solemn bond of companionship, marriage is the event that unites the two souls in love. It could be an arranged marriage or the one as love marriage. Advocates of love marriages talk of freedom much away from any kind of restrictions. True, when there are two persons in love with each other, they do have a case to go for marriage. This is alright but it certainly should not mean that every thing has to be done in a free styled manner. Shakespeare talked of 'love at first sight' which factor has all along been recognized as sublime, sweet and pure. Many a times this factor is misconstrued as a casual love. Casual love is the one that very much borders the lust sans the sereneness of love. How it is that most of the love marriages are a flop subsequently resulting into lot many quarrels and disputes. A boy or a girl, a man or a woman, go for a better partner in life has all along been the upper most worry for their parents and the family members who faithfully test all the credentials of the partner they finally select obviously with the result that such marriages are lasting ones in most of the cases. I remember a news item where an army officer was in love with some married woman and when pressed for marrying her, he flatly refused to do so saying that he was not supposed to marry all women or girls with whom he had dates. Dates are a common feature now and there are cine stars and several others who have declaredly a fancy to have different dates with different persons. All know that these dates are not just the mere meets and much more than this they are a togetherness culminating most often into sex. No gainsaying that caste, creed or religion should not be allowed to act as barriers for marriage but freedom on this count warrants an allowance only when the relationship between the two is of the kind that is neither casual nor a mere fancy nor just a matter of lust alone.

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