Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Modi(ing) a problem

Gujarat (India) Chief Minister Narendra Modi is recognised as a synonym to solution of problems in the State. Whatever be his credentials otherwise with which he is criticized by his critics, he is most popular a figure amongst the masses. Only the other day I was told a story about a local representative some where in the interiors of Gujarat sending a message to Narendra Modi on his personal website about a village where there was no drinking water available in the radius of several miles together and the people, particularly, the women folk, had to travel long distances to fetch water daily, an arduously a difficult task. The message was instantly attended to personally by the Chief Minister himself, immediate instructions were issued and within no time there was flood of water made accessible locally itself for the people. Looks like something utopian but it is after all a factual version by the people themselves. The President elect of America, Obama, has been hailed every where for launching his own personal website to facilitate even commoners to reach him online and Narendra Modi is the one who deserves all praise that the modus operendi so adopted by Obama was already introduced much earlier by Modi in his State and he was the fore runner on that count. Other leaders every where can very well draw a lesson and follow it if they have a genuine desire to reach the common people.

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