Wednesday, 31 October 2007

Positive service to consumers:

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Crisis of quality orientation is a routine phenomenon in our country.May be you have enough money to buy usuables you need and the items you cherish to acquire but it doesn't always mean that you are to get it in the market.There are duplicates for all items.You ask for the original one and the vendor shows you the same and if you are able to differentiate between the original and the copied one, you find it to be just a duplicate only. Even for very routine items required for daily use at home like milk, vegetables and fruits, you very often get a rotten material only even at times pre injection with chemicals that act as slow poisoning. Certain business houses took the lead in making quality material like vegetables, milk and other eatables available to public but no sooner they had a takeoff they had to face the wrath of vendors/ hawkers. True, better it is that the vendors and the hawkers trading in small business are not rendered jobless but then why they can't behave themselves by supplying quality items without adulteration or chemically injected commodities. They can't resist temptation of earning more for selling adulterated material for higher profits and more money and it is but natural for consumers to go for alternatives which they resent creating scenes and noises.Reliance retail outles for fruits and vegetable supplying fresh items were ransacked and gheraoed in different places obstruction supply of quality material. This is highly unfair and democracy should not be allowed to be turned to mobocracy. Alternative lies in smaller business groups behaving honest and fair and not in causing hooliganism to force their business on consumers.

Tuesday, 23 October 2007

I wanted to call it a day!


No blaming a Scale

There could be vultures to prejudice the weight

Accuse not the weighmen

Wait instead Phoenix rising from the ashes


Nothing like calling it a day it was when I retired from the service of State Bank of India on 31st January’1995. Much against my desire tobe at my base office at Kanpur on my last working day, I remained harnessed to the job representing various negotiational channels pertaining to Wage Revision settlements both at the level of State Bank and the Banking Industry unmindful of the conspiracies being hatched against me to ensure my ouster from trade union movement misusing my retirement from service of the Bank as a basis for the purpose -a basis unheard in the past, a basis devoid of precedents, a basis pasted on the transparent fact that majority of the major bargainers at the national level including Banking Industry were and are retired persons for decades besides a large group of persons being fully outsiders. Infact this was a joint action nefariously but calculatedly launched by certain individuals maliciously seeing some kind of a threat to their future if my representative character remained intact -there were some who took it as an irritant to their propensity of trespassing unbridled causing a sort of functional anarchy to their advantage and sadistic pleasure.

Ill designs so hatched did succeed -they rather got support from the fact that I myself withdrew from different important positions I was holding one after the other as a measure of my own inclination to sum up the odyssey and be off retiring to a peace oriented zone of activity longing as I did to be “..far from the madding crowd”. It was like what a soldier could have done to relax after fighting out many a battles for long 37 years. Such an inclination had its roots in the situation that obtained in the Organisation during National Emergency declared in June’1975 by the then Prime Minister of India.

It was flood of tortures let loose against the Bank employees particularly those belonging to State Bank in Lucknow Circle (then Kanpur Circle). The reason of more aggressive an attack against the said section of employees was that they were most powerful, well knit and solidly organised Trade Union with hardly any parallel and demolishing their strength, as political pandits of the then Prime Minister advised her, could have given life to the Trade Union wing of the then ruling party. ....Continued

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Monday, 22 October 2007

Devotion does elicit serenity and satiational inspiration


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Talking of peace and solace, Thomas Hardy highlighted most inspiringly the need to go with a contented mind obviously emphasizing the feasibility of it in 'Far from the madding crowd' which novel of his is undoubtely a powerful manifestation quite psychologically covering the aspect of an inherant propensity of men and women for peace. The great tragedy in the present day atmosphere is that the moment you look around you just see crowds, get noise, and if it is a place like Kolkata, you invariably come across the large number of people running,talking say talking like chirping birds. It was in this context that Kipling said '....we have no time to stay and stare'. Peace is divine, peace is the need, peace is a phenomenon that springs up through a commitment with a bond of honest sincerity and above all through devotion Where music too is the one factor that predominantly supports it. It is infact a congenial environment in totality traced away from crowds and noise that generates a soothing atmosphere.

Sunday, 21 October 2007

Had I the wings of a dove !

Text Link Ads In an island, barren and abandoned, Alexender Silkerck happened to be a lone person without any body else in total available surroundings hankering for human company. Some voyagers sailing their ship in the ocean to reach some destination had dropped him there vindictively to suffer a life withoout any company. This is how men have been dealing with their fellow men callously with vengeance and vindictiveness. The way Alexender Silkerck cried, the way he hankered, the way he felt so miserable in the absence of any company and far far away from his home, his family, is the story of any one who is thrown to a situation of seperation to suffer an unimaginable amount of seclusion pangs. Some thing of this sort was mentioned by Oliver Goldsmith too who so longingly talked of 'home, my sweet home'. Who knows what could be the number of persons in the world who so twitchingly feel like having the 'wings of a dove' to fly back to their home, their sweet home?Text Link Ads

Procession of worshippers:

Text Link Ads Journeying from one place to the other I came across several processions with several trucks full of clay idols of different gods and goddesses particularly the most worshipped goddess Ma Kali sumptuously decorated. The procession moving forward on drummers tunes, it made the sight pleasant and inspiring with the big crowd  singing and dancing frantically looking like they were fully lost into themselves in a frenzy making the scene aweful at times to please their Dieties. Who are these people? Certainly the ones who committedly direct their worship to their gods and goddesses but how come it is this very crowd that consists of the persons who are anti social elements, creaters of riots, loot the people in the train, kidnap innocent men, women and children. Is it not very difficult to reconcile with the people with their double face -one that they wear for public and the other one for their own gains through nefarious methods. Do they take it for granted that their demonstration of this sort of worship pleases their deities allowing them to commit any nonsense for the society as a whole.The question that always remains unanswered is that possible they are the people who can't behave themselves.

Was it a mystery woman?

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Came across a blog with a poem full of melancholy and sadness only the other day.It was something much more than what Keats penned in his ‘ode to melancholy’.Poem followed by some scriblings spoke volumes of seclusion pangs denoting a tempestuous depth of feelings she might be undergoing. ‘Save me against myself’ was the appeal. Her extraordinarily beautiful picture appearing in the blog was itself capable of telling a thousand stories through her deep looks glued to something just invisible. Sympathies sprangup from the core of my heart and I felt like I could share her grief whatever it was but she was inaccessible sans any consideration for her sympathizers –she could be callous or is helpless I don’t know. It’s like I see something and I don’t see. I possibly can’t identify her beyond what Shakespeare might have kept in his mind while talking about ‘Dark Lady’ of his sonnets. It’s a typical human tendency to get easily engulfed to an object that is suspenseful and visible only hazily. Honestly speaking I too can’t afford to be an exception to this.

Saturday, 20 October 2007

My Diary, my companian

As I have been feeling from time to tome and still nourish an inclination that way, writing my diary is more a matter of inter action than a routine jotting. I have since taken a view that I should be back to writing my Diary if not quite regularly atleast as and when so needed. My Diary, before I made up my mind not to adhere to it as a sort of routine because of certain situations tremendously telling upon my mental faculties, did work as a source of interaction. This source I felt like missing all these days. Cursory notings made on some dates or the other in the files like PARKING.txt, DIARY.txt, etc shall however be the parts to precede MYDIARY.doc or better would be to re-edit them with a view to regularising the same.

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Friday, 19 October 2007

Vidyapati on love

Vidyapati, the well known poet of 14th /15th century from Mithila in Bihar is known more for writing on romance between Krishna and Radha. An instance of romantic feelings being more intense in monsoon reads like this as translated in English:

How the rain falls

In deadly darkness

O’ gentle girl, the rain

Pours on your path

And roaming spirits straddle the wet night

She is afraid

Of loving for the first time

A loot on public money?

How come the Government in different states goes for enormously increasing the number of ministers just for a favour or to appease a particular section of people utterly unmindful of the financial crisis the state faces. Such a practice is not confined to states alone and it is very much there on the part of the Central Government too at times in much worse an order. After all it is all the public money which they are using, rather misusing to satisfy their own coterie of sycophants and there is hardly ever a case when it is done just for people's cause. Their ads on different TV and other media channels invariably highlight the need of funds tobe utilised in building up a strong nation whereas the case is, as it is seen, just opposite. The luxurious life of an ordinary MLA, MP or ministers is abundantly indicative of a sheer wastage and it is this money only that is used for them to maintain a grandeur. An MLA in Bihar acquiring a Mercedes worth a crore+ with the explanation that it was a gift to him by some company looks so funny, infact looks like a loot on public. Any talk on development or other political slogans on that count are just meaningless unless some curb is imposed on these so called public representatives on their activities and life style.

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Thursday, 18 October 2007

Deceptive look at the first sight!

There are many a things that look so rosy at the first sight but the moment you get closer to them they are just different. This phenomenon, interalia, applies very much to ad world on internet Web where there is an unending and limitless offer of money, lot of money, alluring the visitors on the site to the extent that one can not resist the temptation of joining the scheme. There you have to go through an arduous task of filling up forms after forms getting the message of ‘Congratulations’ at the end. You are thrilled and feel like becoming a millionare within next few days to endup soon to a situation where in reality you either don’t get any thing tangible at all or if some how you are able to makeup something to look like some result, you are in for either being declared a defaulter or branded as the one having committed some breach of agreement. The worse part of it all is that you are required to draw a conclusion yourself as to how all this happened as the Web owners are quite in the habit of behaving as monarchs and they never bother to attend to your queries on the subject. It is nothing but still a myth that people continue to be the ones who can’t resist their temptation for money.

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Wednesday, 17 October 2007

Better a dog that works...

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It counts to read and follow the saying –

Better a dog that works

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Than a lion who shirks

One could be good enough, kind enough and generous enough but what is the use of any amount of qualities in persons if they are lethargic, inactive and lazy always allergic to any kind of work and activity oriented labour. Dog is quoted in the above lines but the fact remains that any dog you come across is always found engrossed in some activity or the other never loitering here and there without any purpose. Lions too are known well for their strength and agility but if they just start whiling away the time, there is none to recognize them. It is actually the work and labour that gives a person or even animal a quality to elicit necessary recognition. ‘Work is worship’ and such a worship in real physical terms counts much more as against a worship in temples as after all it is primarily the work that brings source of livelihood and sustentation.

Tuesday, 16 October 2007

Gandhi's love affair

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Going through what Raj Mohan Gandhi has penned in his ‘Mohan Das: A true story of a Man’ makes it an interesting reading, ofcourse surprising too. When 50, Mahatma Gandhi fell in love with Sarla Devi, a niece (sister’s daughter) of Gurdev Ravindra Nath Tagore. She was 29, a singer, married to Ram Bhuj Dutt Chaudhary who was an editor of a paper in Lahore. Despite his hectic schedules otherwise, the Mahatmass could make it tobe a frequent visitor to Lahore to meet her. Her husband Ram Bhuj Chaudhary was taken aback when he could lay his hands upon certain diary notings made by Mahatma Gandhi in praise of Sarla Devi. The issue caused a furore aggressively turning to a highly unpleasant scenario at the family level with Mahatma’s son Dev Das making all efforts to get it resolved some way or the other.Since it is all revealed by the Mahatma’s own grandson Raj Mohan Gandhi, it is just difficult to doubt the authenticity of the contents.

Read in the context of certain other references like the Mahatma testing his celibacy by applying sexual acrobatics on the inmates of his Ashram e.g. Rajkumari Amrit Kaur and other girls –his modus operandi being allowing erection to his male organ on contact with the opposite sex and then restraining himself from discharging. What a peculiar way of test for control on matters like celibacy and sex ? Read further in conjunction with the fact that he could afford a sexual session (with his wife ofcourse) at a time when his father was breathing his last obviously denotes what a tremendous urge of the kind of lust he had for sex.

No harm, nothing wrong in any one falling in love with someone irrespective of age,caste or creed. It is just human and natural too as love is something never to know barriers of any kind.. But identification wise, an individual’s personality –be it an ordinary person or a celebrity, is tobe analysed dispassionately. An era and a history in himself, Mahatma Gandhi was a giant figure of his time and even for times to come. The posterities can’t afford to ignore him. It was after all a Man in him that is revealed otherwise none could easily believe that the author of several dozens of books including ‘My Experiments with Truth’ too could stoop low to a dimension otherwise not considered quite ethical in social circles. One who could give a thousand sermons on ethics with unlimited advices on ‘DOs’ and ‘DON’Ts’ could equally suffer from this kind of routine weakness too. It just establishes that it is an ordinary person or a celebrity, a common Man in him ultimately dominates.

Monday, 15 October 2007

Chirping birds

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When evening draws to a close, invariably and unfailingly there are chirping birds singing songs to soothingly caress tired minds of the people after the tiring toil of the day.The birds that way not only care for themselves thay equally share the day with human beings.They are so loving, so generous and so lovely as against the human beings who hardly care for those very birds who do so much for them, they instead are on a killing spree against them most often. Lord Budha was the one who saved a bird shot at by an arrow of the killer.One Lord Budha was not enough to protect the birds, infact many a Lord Budhas can't do it because the mankind suffers from a killer instinct possibly right from the days the world came into existence and for that reason the propensity to make others a prey in human mind looks unending with a potential in such a negative direction is a matter of eternity. How good and noble it could be if the human beings could improve their behavious in dealing with other creatures on earth.

Why love is called blind?

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There is nothing like a phenomenon that love is really blind. Love emerges as a spontaneous upsurge of powerful emotions culminating into a situation where a person gets involved virtually with heart and sould knowing no obstructions to it. It is actually the firmness in approach that counts –the firmness to adhere to the commitment between the two souls who, after love is generated between them, know no bounds, no limit, no demarcation, nothing sort of obstruction. It is this firmness and intensity that is very often given the name ‘blind’ by those who can’t afford to relish it, they rather envy.The interpretation found convenient by many that no reasons or justification test be applied to it is only illogical and erratic.

The bird that killed herself for others

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A serious doubt started lurking in the minds of the people including brother of Lord Buddha himself about his credentials and bonafides as a saint Divine after he returned on attaining enlightenment –the reason being his soft corner for a woman –none else but Amrapalli, the one who had no parallel in beauty but was forced by the then elder men in the society to lead the life of a prostitute.Her request to Lord Buddha to visit her palatial house was affirmatively nodded by him and this caused all hue and cry.Buddha,the Enlightened, addressed them and storm of suspicion was visible no where after he,who was by then recognized by everyone as the one capable of seeing the past,the present,the future,narrated about what Amrapalli was in her earlier birth as a bird and that she was the serenemost a person with noblest soul on earth.This was the bird that got perished trying to save others.Her physical apparel could be any thing but in her actions and thoughts she is the one thoroughly chaste and pure concerned always for others.

A miniatured version of the story runs like this:

One of the creatures in a dense forest with a river flowing in the midst of it was a tiny bird.Drought occurred with famine of high magnitude.Fire brokeout engulfing all. Total inhabitation was at a collapsing point with dwellers running helter skelter to save their children against fire which nearly engulfed them leaving no time gap for them to escape.Nothing was there and the fire was assuming aggressively aggravating proportions set to devour the entire forest. The bird started dropping herself into water in the river flying back fully drenched to the top of the trees fluttering her wings and squeezing water therefrom to soften the flames. The God of rains Lord Indra laughted at her calling her action as ridiculous pointing out how silly it was on her part to show audacity against mighty flames. Reply of the bird was ‘you and the other Gods have the capacity to play any havoc or if it so pleases you you can equally remedy it by causing rains but since you care damn for others on earth you would’nt do it. I as one have to continue my efforts to do whatever little I can till the last breath of my life’. In the process the poor bird accepted being reduced to ashes.

Sunday, 14 October 2007

Why commit such a ghastly act?

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It’s every now and then when we are told that someone committed suicide.Why this happens? Life is precious never worth ending it. True, there are situations –unbearable tension, hunger, sustentation for family and an unending list of circumstances but it should never be supposed to be a cause for surrendering to death. One has to face the situations with courage and that is what a life demands. If one commits suicide, it is not going to solve the problems he/she is facing. Problems are a challenge and they are tobe taken and met as such.

Only today I came across a news as a shock that Ram Babu, a former Ranji Trophy cricketer and an employee of State Bank, committed suicide by hanging himself on account of severe depression which he was suffering from. Now who is there to take care of his family? Didn’t he bother about the extreme hardship his family may suffer in his absence. It’s a colossal loss not only to the family but much more than to the sports world. The man is gone and no amount of any counseling has any purpose. It is too much of a torture even to those who come across such news but question that still remains unanswered is as to why such a ghastly step could not be avoided.

Saturday, 13 October 2007

Daughter of the East, an autography -A Review

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Benazir Bhutto, extraordinarily a most charismatic woman and former Prime Minister of Pakistan, wrote her authobiography in mid eightees. It’s an autobiography but it has the inherent qualities of a history –a history that is all time relevant. When written and published, the Book was acclaimed as a masterpiece not because it was the work of the one who happened to be the Prime Minister of Pakistan and daughter of Zulfikar Ali Bhutto who himself ruled the country as Prime Minister earlier but more because what she wrote was not only in relation to power politics but it talked of behavioural pattern which at same scale or the other applies to all in general. Faithfuls turning saboteurs, those recognized as honest behaving dishonest, peace lovers acting violent, protectors assuming the role of killers and justice givers in judiciary monitoring injustice. All these aspects on human behaviour have most dexterously elaborated by the author and are worth going through by the readers of both kinds –those who take interest in history and also those who have inquisitiveness for human behaviour in different given situations. One instance briefly reproduced here talks volumes as to how a Judge could twist a broad day light truth to a blatant lie by forcing his words into the mouth of a witness just because the truth revealed by him could go in favour of Zulfikar Ali Bhutto and if the same truth was successfully twisted by the Judge to look a lie, it was enough to implicate Bhutto in the case of conspiracy launched against him. As quoted by the author, Masood Mahmood , the Director General of the Federal Security Force was a witness turned approver and his was the only testimony directly linking Zulfikar Ali Bhutto to the conspiracy. The way the Chief Justice Maulvi Mushtaq conducted the proceedings aimed at implicatig Bhutto runs like this in the words of author herself:

I was present when Maulvi Mushtaq misrepresented the testimony of Masood Mahmood’s drive trying to establish a link between my father and the Director General of the FSF. ‘Is it true that you took Masood Mahmood to see the Prime Minister?’ the Chief Justice asked.

‘No’ the frightened driver replied

‘Write: “I drove Masood Mahmood to see the Prime Minister”, Maulvi Mushtaq directed the court stenographer

‘Objection my Lord’! the defence lawyer said rising

‘Over ruled’ Maulvi Mushtaq snapped his heavy white brows gathering in anger. Then he turned to the witness. ‘What you meant to say is that you don’t remember, but you may have driven Mahmood to see the Prime Minister’ he said.

‘No,Sir. I didn’t drive him’ the driver responded.

‘Write: “Masood Mahmood drove himself to see the Prime Minister”, the Chief Justice instructed the stenographer.

Objection’ the defence lawer said again , rising.

‘Sit down’ roared Maulvi Mushtaq. He turned back to the driver

‘Masood Mahmood could have driven himself to see the Prime Minister, couldn’t he? he asked

‘No, Sir’ the driver said, shaking

‘Why not?’ shouted Mushtaq

‘Because I had the keys, sir’, quivered the driver

The Book contains narrations and illustrations like this in a large number and one can realize the worth of it only when it is given a thorough reading.

Wednesday, 10 October 2007

What for all this acrobatics?

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You see a TV, hear the news or be on any mode of media, or even while passing through streets in the town or even in rural areas, there are shows of adventure to attract the attention of the people and make money. Someone gallops a fistful of live creatures and insects into his stomach, someone inserts the hood of a poisonous snake into his mouth, someone swallows a 20 inches blade taking it out with repetitions, someone chews a full load of glass pieces and takes them to his stomach. Those interested in manipulative chivalry may enjoy it but by and large to whose advantage and benefit could it be. Infact such an exercise leaves a most seriously damaging impact in the minds of the youngster who always have a tendency to copy such act obviously inviting so much of trouble and risk to themselves and the family. Such an abnoxious practice is the one that must be banned forthwith in all the places where it is obtaining saving mainly yougsters for whom it can just be hazarduous, nay fatal.

Tuesday, 9 October 2007

Tracing money areas through blogging -a nightmarish experience !

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Money matters are normally read in conjunction with lust but it is not the case always as money is the need for living, it is the need for livelihood for which one has to knock several channels searching and tracing them whereever one can lay his hands upon. Online medium is one such area where needy persons can trace many an avenues where the get attracted at first sight particularly in view of the fact that theirs are the offers most alluring and tempting. Mine has been a very tortuous sort of experience in dealing with them.d They are masters in showing utmost cordiality with the users and the users in turn quite easily fall in their trap. No problem at the takeoff level but soon thereafter a nightmarish experience starts. You continue feeding data after data in your site so acquired by you from them waiting for money and when it comes to that they will raise some query or the other frustrating you to the extreme and ultimately a situation comes when you may feel like calling it a day with them. If you have patience enough to dash emails to them one after the other, they normally don't reply, if at all they reply they only point out some error on your part or some lapse.The objections they raise are in most of the cases on flimsy grounds finding fault with 'clicks' and source; you try to convince them they wo'nt listen. If somehow you are lucky enough to earn some credit in your account, there too you are confronted with so many queries as from Paypal or whatever the agency selected for payment purposes with the result that you are hardly able to get money for the job you so indefatigably did. I am the one who has been working so hard on it but till today what I have been able to experience is just a sheer frustration. No user can do any thing against them as they already make you sign a voluminous agreement with them which abundantly gives them the position of super masters capable enough to deny you your payment on some ground or the other usurping your earnings only to their advantage making fun of the fact that the money so earned was not theirs. In one instance I was asked by one of them to direct my message through the email ID I used while registering with them nearly 3 years back which was not possible for the reason that all these years I was working with another alternate email ID duly accepted by them with the result that I stand disabled to contact them and obviously they are happy that whatever meagre amount I earned is now conveniently theirs.Instances like this are innumerable leading to a conclusion that getting any money through blogging in the case of many is nothing more than some thing just utoppian.

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