Wednesday, 17 October 2007

Better a dog that works...

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It counts to read and follow the saying –

Better a dog that works

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Than a lion who shirks

One could be good enough, kind enough and generous enough but what is the use of any amount of qualities in persons if they are lethargic, inactive and lazy always allergic to any kind of work and activity oriented labour. Dog is quoted in the above lines but the fact remains that any dog you come across is always found engrossed in some activity or the other never loitering here and there without any purpose. Lions too are known well for their strength and agility but if they just start whiling away the time, there is none to recognize them. It is actually the work and labour that gives a person or even animal a quality to elicit necessary recognition. ‘Work is worship’ and such a worship in real physical terms counts much more as against a worship in temples as after all it is primarily the work that brings source of livelihood and sustentation.

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myso said...

Yes it is correct.