Wednesday, 10 October 2007

What for all this acrobatics?

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You see a TV, hear the news or be on any mode of media, or even while passing through streets in the town or even in rural areas, there are shows of adventure to attract the attention of the people and make money. Someone gallops a fistful of live creatures and insects into his stomach, someone inserts the hood of a poisonous snake into his mouth, someone swallows a 20 inches blade taking it out with repetitions, someone chews a full load of glass pieces and takes them to his stomach. Those interested in manipulative chivalry may enjoy it but by and large to whose advantage and benefit could it be. Infact such an exercise leaves a most seriously damaging impact in the minds of the youngster who always have a tendency to copy such act obviously inviting so much of trouble and risk to themselves and the family. Such an abnoxious practice is the one that must be banned forthwith in all the places where it is obtaining saving mainly yougsters for whom it can just be hazarduous, nay fatal.

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