Monday, 22 October 2007

Devotion does elicit serenity and satiational inspiration


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Talking of peace and solace, Thomas Hardy highlighted most inspiringly the need to go with a contented mind obviously emphasizing the feasibility of it in 'Far from the madding crowd' which novel of his is undoubtely a powerful manifestation quite psychologically covering the aspect of an inherant propensity of men and women for peace. The great tragedy in the present day atmosphere is that the moment you look around you just see crowds, get noise, and if it is a place like Kolkata, you invariably come across the large number of people running,talking say talking like chirping birds. It was in this context that Kipling said '....we have no time to stay and stare'. Peace is divine, peace is the need, peace is a phenomenon that springs up through a commitment with a bond of honest sincerity and above all through devotion Where music too is the one factor that predominantly supports it. It is infact a congenial environment in totality traced away from crowds and noise that generates a soothing atmosphere.

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