Sunday, 21 October 2007

Had I the wings of a dove !

Text Link Ads In an island, barren and abandoned, Alexender Silkerck happened to be a lone person without any body else in total available surroundings hankering for human company. Some voyagers sailing their ship in the ocean to reach some destination had dropped him there vindictively to suffer a life withoout any company. This is how men have been dealing with their fellow men callously with vengeance and vindictiveness. The way Alexender Silkerck cried, the way he hankered, the way he felt so miserable in the absence of any company and far far away from his home, his family, is the story of any one who is thrown to a situation of seperation to suffer an unimaginable amount of seclusion pangs. Some thing of this sort was mentioned by Oliver Goldsmith too who so longingly talked of 'home, my sweet home'. Who knows what could be the number of persons in the world who so twitchingly feel like having the 'wings of a dove' to fly back to their home, their sweet home?Text Link Ads
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