Sunday, 14 October 2007

Why commit such a ghastly act?

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It’s every now and then when we are told that someone committed suicide.Why this happens? Life is precious never worth ending it. True, there are situations –unbearable tension, hunger, sustentation for family and an unending list of circumstances but it should never be supposed to be a cause for surrendering to death. One has to face the situations with courage and that is what a life demands. If one commits suicide, it is not going to solve the problems he/she is facing. Problems are a challenge and they are tobe taken and met as such.

Only today I came across a news as a shock that Ram Babu, a former Ranji Trophy cricketer and an employee of State Bank, committed suicide by hanging himself on account of severe depression which he was suffering from. Now who is there to take care of his family? Didn’t he bother about the extreme hardship his family may suffer in his absence. It’s a colossal loss not only to the family but much more than to the sports world. The man is gone and no amount of any counseling has any purpose. It is too much of a torture even to those who come across such news but question that still remains unanswered is as to why such a ghastly step could not be avoided.

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