Sunday, 21 October 2007

Procession of worshippers:

Text Link Ads Journeying from one place to the other I came across several processions with several trucks full of clay idols of different gods and goddesses particularly the most worshipped goddess Ma Kali sumptuously decorated. The procession moving forward on drummers tunes, it made the sight pleasant and inspiring with the big crowd  singing and dancing frantically looking like they were fully lost into themselves in a frenzy making the scene aweful at times to please their Dieties. Who are these people? Certainly the ones who committedly direct their worship to their gods and goddesses but how come it is this very crowd that consists of the persons who are anti social elements, creaters of riots, loot the people in the train, kidnap innocent men, women and children. Is it not very difficult to reconcile with the people with their double face -one that they wear for public and the other one for their own gains through nefarious methods. Do they take it for granted that their demonstration of this sort of worship pleases their deities allowing them to commit any nonsense for the society as a whole.The question that always remains unanswered is that possible they are the people who can't behave themselves.


Garv said...

It is very true a picture

myso said...

It is not in a good taste.