Monday, 31 December 2007

Grant(s) to woo vote pockets:

Grants by governments both at the Center and State are a welcome gesture if truely done in public interest but in many of the cases this is something which hardly happens.An announcement was recently made that Madarssas/Maktabs are to be given necessary grants with the implied condition that they should adhere to the provision of hoisting the national flag in their premises on Independence Day and also on Republic Day. How funny? Something that is already mandatory in terms of the Constitution applicable to all in the country should not be supposed to be secured by offering some gratifications mobilising the volunteers. One who is an Indian national is bound by the mandatory provisions and this can't be an issue where persons are to be offered allurements for the purpose.Infact it amounts to an insult to the country unless the whole country is bifurcated in two parts -the one that follows the national ethics as a rule and the other one that takes it optional. Optionality in such matters obviously means a handle to those who are for doing away with the practice of hoisting national flag flagrantly violating not only the national ethics but the very rules framed for the purpose. Political leaders and the authorities initating such measures are undoubtedly the ones who are fully aware of certain pockets not observing the rules or the laws but, afraid as they always remain on this count, they prefer to shirk away from taking any action against them. Hoisting national flag particularly during national events and functions is not just a ritual, it is something to be most religiously adhered to by all nationals of the country irrespective of caste or creed. Offering bribes by way of different offers to violaters of the rules should be put to task for awarding some price to those who act offensive to the dignity of the nation.Those initiating such measures of allurement are in a way themselves guilty of violating the law. All nations in the world have their flags to represent their image, their pride and so does India. Any Indian national like others in all the countries can in no circumstances take liberties of opting to show any kind of disregard to the flag of the Nation nor should any body in the system be allowed to extend offers in some name or the other impliedly appeasing certain vote banks.

Sunday, 30 December 2007

Here lies a man...

Once a great hero and an eminent parliamentarian, Feroz Gandhi lies burried in a desolate place in Mamfordganj locality of Allahabad in totally an abandoned order with none to bother that the man lying burried there is the one who once belonged to a top level political scenario in the country. His reputation as an eloquent parliamentarian was the recognition he had earned at his own with his talent and work and the myth that he got fame just because he was the son inlaw of Pt Jawahar Lal Nehru and the husband of Indira Gandhi is not correct. Infact there was a stage when this father inlaw-son inlaw duo was not on good terms at times with no speaking terms. Feroz Gandhi was quite an independent type of a man and never relished getting pampered. He also didn't relish his reputation and popularity being attributed to the factor that he was Pt Nehru's son inlaw or Indira Gandhi's husband after romance between the two culminated into their marriage. The opinion held by many that Feroz was arrogant and also extravagant both at family and public level which at a later stage became the cause of differences between the two may not be correct as this by itself is not supposed to be a cause enough for a relationship assuming negatively graver proportions. Last days of his life were the days passed in seclusion. He was admitted to hospital, he died. His death was mourned by the whole nation and ofcourse bereaved most were the two -Pt Nehru, the Prime Minister of India and Indira Gandhi,then the would be Prime Minister of the country. The loss in his death was taken as a colossal one and the shock wave on that count continued for several days every where. Based on parsi customs, he was burried in Parsi Cemetery at Allahabad where his grave lies in shambles apparently with no trace of any sign that the man who lies burried there was once the heart throb of tens of thousands and that he was the one who was a role model in many ways for his followers. Difficult to understand that why the political party which he belonged to or the present administration is so highly indifferent to keeping atleast his grave intact?

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Saturday, 29 December 2007

They only bring bad name to the country!

Criminals have no ethics except that they acquire money at any cost.Dacoits entering a train passing through Jhansi Division of Indian Railways only the other day depriving passengers of their cash and jewellery killing in the process a lady from Russia -her fault being that she didn't take the attack on the fellow travellers obediently and offered resistance. She was a foreigner from Russia journeying alongwith her husband. Loots in trains, and almost everywhere in India, are a routine matter. Looters are much more advanced in their trade these days strictly adhering to their princeple that their business has to succeed come what may. Their best harvest being the railways where they conveniently get their victims compacted in place. Their network is fool proof capable as they are to take everyone from police to administration into confidence. Railway police force, a complete group of them, was present in the bogey but theirs was most gentlemanly a behaviour with the dacoits allowing them full freedom to do any thing they liked from looting to killing. Ladies from foreign countries visiting to India visit the country like men do but they are not safe. Most often there are reports about these women visitors being raped, looted and harrassed. Administration as usual remains in slumber at the most some minister of the concerned ministry announcing as a ritual some committee of enquiry to look into the matter. Nothing tangible happens. There is hardly any instance where ever there is any punishment awarded to the miscreants. Incidents where foreign visitors are involved warrant some action on urgency footing as it is a matter of country's image and reputation.

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Dacoits behaving as rapists or killers is a known feature of their activity but worse than that is the attitude of the people who are salaried for the protection of the people and theirs is always a role of mere onlookers connivers as they are themselves in robberies and all kinds of lootings and grabbings. Money is more important to robbers than image of the Nation and money is equally important to those who are running the government and what is more common between the two is the feature that both are parasites. Thousands and thousands of the people martyred themselves for the freedom and honour of the country that is history but what's now happening is just the reverse of it and there are people who have no goal but to feed them fat at the cost of the public.

Friday, 28 December 2007

A victim of terrorism!

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Daughter of the East is no more shot dead as she was by suicide bombers. Benazir Bhutto, the ex Prime Minister of Pakistan who returned to her country after a long spell of self exile only some time back was continuously receiving threats for her life from different quarter but dauntingly daring as she was she didn't bother much on that count and chose to ignore them. Threats for life of Bhuttos were not a new thing for Benazir as this was some thing she experienced so much during her father Zulfikar Ali Bhutto's time. Her mention of terror mongerers talking '...implicate Benazir, implicate Begum Bhutto..' in her authobiography 'Daughter of the East' amply speaks of the apprehensions she always had in the past and continued to have them till the end of her life. Even when she used to campaign for her father Z.A. Bhutto, she was very often cautioned by her followers not to get mixedup so freely with the people in crowds to which she always answered that she had no kind of fear for her life so long the people of Pakistan were with her. Right on the day of her assassination she was cautioned on that count by many including her family members. Otherwise too there were talks in general about threat to her life in the country and outside. She ignored like Juleus Caezer did the day he was killed. Now that she is no more, there is no point in talking much as to why she ignored what was otherwise foreseeable by an extraordinary intelligent a person like her. She was a crusader for the cause of her country and she was the one who was a great source of inspiration for the people,particularly women, all over the world. Irrervisible by any means against what was destined, the colossal loss is bound to hound even for days to come. The very fact that no body, howsoever be her or his stature, is safe any where is doubly confirmed in her death and that it assumes much more a graver shape in the form that terrorists are the ones who are not to spare any one if still they are allowed to play unbridled.

Thursday, 27 December 2007

He had no parallel!

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An era in himself, one of the movie moghals G.P.Sippy is no more which is a colossal loss not only for the film industry but otherwise also for the whole country. He was all along a creative mind capable enough to take lead in different directions. Starting his career as an advocate, trying his hand on business and finally settling down at film making, his was a role superb in whatever job he took up. It was quite relevant when Dilip Kumar called him a 'leader' as after all he was the one who always played a leading role in every field of activity.Cooperative societies did exist in places like Gujarat but it was just in a limited measure suffering as the movement did from a complex that they are meant only for economically weak people.Sippy proved this concept as wrong by taking a lead by starting one himself in a posh area at Mumbai. He was nothing like a politician but was certainly the one who kept the interest of the country uppermost in his mind and it was in pursuance of this mission that he established a party known as National Party as an instrument to herald the national level issues with emphasis on people's interest which factor is hardly seen in present day politicians.He made many a films and even that most popular TV serial 'Buniyaad'. His masterpiece 'Sholay' created history was the landmark even though its very theme sounded negative. There are several even today not prepared to attribute the lead role to Amitabh Bachhan, Sanjiv Kumar or Dharmendra but to Amjad Khan who played a monstrous dacoit becoming subject matter of folklores. Amjad Khan's was  more or less a maiden role in this film but he could make it to look heroic. Hundreds of ads on TV are there full mimics on Gabbar. An attempted venture to give Sholay a new ultra modern venture on the part of Ram Gopal Verma has been a trial invain. Amitabh Bachhan, otherwise a badshaah and a heavyweight amongst all the actors, could hardly do any thing worth a record. If it was some body else in place of Amitabh Bachhan, the result for him could have been just catastrophic. Sippy has to be remembered on many counts and 'Sholay' alone is itself enough to keep laurels for him for generations to come.

Wednesday, 26 December 2007

Highly uncalled for !

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It is too long a period for an under trial to have spent 60 years in jail and this is what happend to Machang Lalung who was 80 years old when he died recently. He was released on bail some time back when he could spend some time with his family before his death. He had to spend 60 years period in jail and for the administration it was not a matter important enough for any attention. Human Rights Commision took up the case and only then it could become possible for Lalung to be released on bail and come out of jail but what about the precious years of life just wasted and spoiled. Who can compensate him or his family for the damage and loss he had to suffer. Thanks to media who championed his cause and only then the administration came out of their slumber. How pitiable. Imprisoned in 1946 by the British colonialists for some petty dispute in his village he was sent to Guahati jail in the prime of his youth from where he could come out as an old and fragile a person virtually incapable of doing any thing. If the informations collected and brought to the viewers on TV and published in the news papers are to be relied upon, they are actually to be relied upon, such cases are many where government treats the undertrials so callously that they are not allowed to be heard by the people outside. Law is OK, necessary course of the Law has to be followed but such a course no where prescribed that once an undertrial is put into jail he is not tobe allowed to come out or speak out his grievance to others. It is too heinous a crime for pardon and infact the people responsible for causing prisoners the tortures and indignation deserve severe punishment and actually it is they who must be in jail for a longest possible terms. Callous they are and naturally they are those who can't expect people to pardon them for such ghastly acts they committed against the persons who had not done any thing which warrranted a jail term for as long as 60 years. Down with such satanic elements.

Tuesday, 25 December 2007

Happy New Year:

Something that was in the offing is now coming to surface and the New Year, the year 2008, is giving a knock. This being the date of birth of Jesus Christ, the day is chosen as the starting point for the new year. Many hold a view that it is actually not the exact birth day of Christ and it was just fixed on the basis of a rough calculation much after his death. Environmentally too this season is considered tobe the best one and for that reason full bloom festivities are there all around. After all it is the new year, the next one, that is to start. No dearth of events in any year minor or major. No dearth is supposed to be there obviously in 2008. Astrologers, Pundits and even some scientists say that this shall be a bad year for the world as a whole.Some of them calculated it somewhat differently telling that India may be an exception if there is some thing catastrophical occuring for the reason that India is a country commanding spiritual values to combat any crisis. Difficult to say that these calculations are fool proof but none can be stopped from giving opinion(s). Bidding adieu the current year departing, the New Year is to set in and like that it has been happening for tens of thousands times, a sequence that is unending. The festivities, the jubilations and the gaieties taking place in a big measure on this occasion are denotive of the fact that what comes in received well and welcome and what goes out is just ignored. This is the law of nature and habit of the mankind. Present and present alone counts. Why bother for the past or why worry for the future? If present is OK, all is OK. The approach sounds selfish but that is undeniably the truth. Possibly this is my weakness that whenever there is a sight of much more fun and festivity, I am invariably reminded of those who suffer from poverty and hunger. Is it not that they too hanker to enjoy their life? They certainly do but they are the ones who can't afford festivities. Why can't money wasted in an exhorbitant measure towards indulging into frenzy of fun and pleasure, or some part of it, be diverted for some food to hungry, the destitutes? This is what Lord Buddha preached, this is what was heralded by Vivekanand in foreign countries but the world continues the way people want and they obviously want money to secure pleasures for themselves. Why should they strain their mind or cause any tension to themselves simply because there are people in trouble suffering from hunger? Year after year the world moves on with rich enjoying and the poor suffering. If one's wish counts, I feel like wishing the entire world, irrespective of their being rich or poor, to have peace with rich contributing to help the poor and the poor acknowledging it. Best of goodwishes for the NEW YEAR to the humanity as a whole on earth.

The New Year:


Yes, season of e-greetings is here and the world is fully engrossed in it sending and exchanging Christmas greetings. Greetings continue the whole year otherwise on some festive occasion or the other and thanks to pressent days technological development that has made the job much easier.Think of the days when it was too cumbersome a job to communicate the greetings.People had necessarily to personally call upon one another to convey their messages or at the most exchange them on a piece of paper which factor was limited only to those who literate enough for the purpose because of a severe lack of proper eduction system those days. If we go by what authors like Kalidas has written in his 'Meghdoot', the lover Yeksha used to send his love message to his beloved yakshabhariya through clouds that moved from place to place. Now that every thing is changed, mostly changed for the better, things are damn easy and contact with any one in the world is possible just on a click. Not Germany alone as mentioned in the instant reference of MSN news but throughout the world pleasantries and what not are possible to be exchanged and shared and at times it appears as if this is the one major job people all around are to attend prioritising it on the top particularly on occasions of special importance. Computers and mobiles are peoples best friends and rightly so as there is no other device that powerful in the matters of communicational requirement. Merry Christmas to all.

Monday, 24 December 2007

Sania thy name is sensation!

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Sania Mirza being a face that shines throughout the world bringing laurels to the country every now and then, she is the one who deserves appreciation, admiration and recognition and not the rebukes with threats she receives every now and then. The latest being the persistent threats the doctors attending on her are getting for treating her on account of the injuries she had during the game. Sounds abnoxious and based on no reasonings.She was put to task for her shooting(s) in Mecca Masjid and she had to apologize. It is very often that she is criticised and ridiculed too for her dress. She is a sportswoman afterall and has to wear a sportswomanly dress. Is it that she is required to play in the field in Kurta Pyjama with a mask covering her face? Is it that she is required to call playing a day and take sannyas? How all this can be possible for the tennis sensation and why she alone be segregated from the sports men/women community all over the world. It is submitted with due respect to clerics and clergies that she be allowed to freely work in the direction she has been pursuing and is capable by all means to continue the same for times to come.What she needs, and deserves too, is the encouragement not only from sports lovers but from the people of the country as a whole.All the best and best of NEW YEAR'S GREETINGS to Sania.

Are they a dying specie?

Biggest in size after certain kind of a fish specie and dinosaur, elephants are the ones with no parallel to them in strength and body stature. They are known to possess a sharp brain and memory with an excellent sense of loyalty. King of forest as a lion is known to be is afraid of elephant. Moving in the jungles riding on a hired elephant I have seen a tiger running away from the scene out of fear. Elephants are known to remain quite loyal to their mahauts but they are revengeful too. If ever any mahaut ill treats him, the animal has a sharp memory never to forget this and takes revenge at the first available opportunity. There are instances when the animal took his mahaut into grip by his trunk crushing him on the spot trampling him down to death with his front leg. Their bond of love for their family is much more well knit compared to that of the humans. If a she elephant is roped in, tied down and fixed to a tree to separate her baby elephant away, it very often happens that the mother elephant breaks the poweful shackles to chase away the hunters. It was this animal who used to play a major role in wars in olden days and for breaking open the big gates of a castle when so targetted. Utility angle apart, this animal has a majestic grandeur look wise and is presently still hired for ornamental and decorative shows in marriage processions. The cause of concern however is that this giant specie is getting to brink of its existence on earth. The poachers are the kind of people who care for nothing except their own selfish interest, money. Money for them is much more important than this magnifient creation on earth. They entrap them, kill them and make money for their own lavish living. much away as they are from the reach of law and rules of the country. These are Christmas days when mercy is the message on top of every thing. I wish some such mercy element to the poachers, the hunters, prevailing upon them to refrain from the callously merciless activities they are otherwise indulging in at the cost of innocent animals.

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Sunday, 23 December 2007

Narendra Modi's victory !

The guess was correct and Narendra Modi securing a much near two third majority to form his government in Gujarat is all set to get sworn in as Chief Minister of his state on 27th of this month. He was targetted from all sidesbut he had guts enough to emerge victorious despite all odds.This victory has given him much bigger a stature both in the State and his national party BJP. This victory is also to give a bigger edge to his party as a whole in organising the party workers in a broader sense of unity as the party has otherwise been going through turmoils within on account of factional dissentions growing out of proportions for quite some time.We the people in country earnestly urge upon the great stalwart as Modi is to rise above factionalism for which he is very often criticised and broaden his vision for humanity as a whole without confining himself to some coterie or the other.He is charishmatic, he is energetic even at the stage of an advancing age,he is effective with a capacity to work for longer hours in a day and he is the one who has great organising capacity.He is quite above board and his honesty and integrity as against many of the political leaders is unquestionable.With these characterastics he can work wonders for the country if he moves beyond his otherwise an image of a stiff necked puritanic often resorting to sectional barriers. We wish him all the best.

Politically motivated obstructions:

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UPA Government is in power having different bogeys of heavy weights in politics to rule the country.There are people,there are politicians and there is Parliament,the supreme forum for taking national level decisions and law making.Yet the question remains as to who are the people that can truly and faithfully lead the cause of the masses. Politics of opportunism is all pervading and whatever are the issues it is invariably reflected in all dealings.True, there should be opposition but this has to be healthy one away from any prejudices. With due apologies to various political parties, I take the liberty to point out that many of them just raise a point of order to be or remain in lime light nurturing some vested interest or the other many a times.Be it a question on nuclear deal or Russia China Shanghai group, the speakers rub their nose on championing the points that suit their own viewpoints and not so much the people of the country. Approach wise same was the position during the time NDA was in power.The entire focuss is mostly on how to grab the power or, if already in power, how to keep it further.If welfare of the country is the basis, dogmatism oriented approach based on opportunism would'nt do. In this era of technological developments, the country needs a broad spectrum of dealings in matters of public interest.Issues raised, there are scenes in Parliament with exchange of hot words followed at times by manhandling with each other in many cases creating the whole atmosphere uproarious. After some time the dust settles, some VVIP arranges a sumptuous lunch party where all join, talk pleasantries and enjoy followed by a decision the next or say a few days later that necessary modalities have since been worked out to resolve the dispute with necessary understanding reached in the matter. Dissentions evaporate and things get normal as if there was nothing like any principle or conviction involved on the subject. This is a sheer blackmail and a full scale exploitation of the position they otherwise occupy as peoples representatives.

Saturday, 22 December 2007

Common man's mobile:

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Going through the news containing an announcement made by the Union Labour Minister Oscar Fernandes that a cheaper rate mobile shall be made available to the farmers say in the range of Rs.500/. Near to that certain companies like Reliance are already supplying it moderately priced but if what the Minister has indicated comes true this shall certainly be a mobile for an aam aadmi in the real sense. Farmers are now no more confined to their work in the dogmatically followed traditional systems in agriculture and they quite feel that they are the ones who are in dire need of contacting different channels and the people. The use of the so pronounced cheaper device is not tobe confined to the farmers alone and is likely to be taken advantage of equally by others in low economic group. Mobile phones are no more any sort of a luxury item and they have assumed the significance to the extent of becoming an integral part of the routine activities for all. It's a different matter that their usage leads to several ills but that is a matter as to how the machine is used. Not only machines, there is an ill side attached to any kind of apparatus or any tool that goes the wrong side if not utilised properly. Health hazards, spams and abuse containing messages all can well be taken care of if the users and in the case youngsters their parents apply due precautions. Any thing the science produces has to have both good and bad side but it can't be blamed on that count as this problem lies with the consumers and not the machine.

Human beings Vs all the beings on earth!

Not human beings alone, animals,birds and even small creatures including insects are born on earth to lead a life for themselves. Killing them, bringing them to the point of extinction is infact a sin human beings are in the habit of committing always thinking as if they are superiors in comparison

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to others on this earth. This is not honest on their part as they have no business to interfere with the life of others. If they can live and enjoy life, all others who are given a chance to live in this world have equally a right to survive. It is pastime and entertainment for the humans to kill enjoying it like they are doing some thing very great. Why don't they think that if they themselves are attacked and killed how it is tobe taken by their family. Poaching is a pleasure for many and additionally it is resorted to by poachers as a big business by mafias for whom there is nothing tobe cared for excepting their own pleasure and enjoyment. General Cariappa once shooted a deer down while going on a shikaar and hearing groans of the animal he became nervous. As an army chief he was supposed to have anough of courage to face such a scene but he could not for the reason that he suffered from a feeling of guilt, the feeling that is inherent in any human being once he commits a crime or the very propensity to see life in others was more dominant compared to his pleasure killing.He decided to turn a vegetarian and never go for hunting any more.Abraham Lincoln too had the smae type of experience when he hunted a pig. He too took a decision not to resort to such killings that moment onwards.Elephants are known for being more sensitive compared to humans and their loyaly to their mahauts continues to be the subject matter of stories for the children even today.Poachers are in a killing spree and in the process they have dragged this specie to a stage where it is on the verge of extinction. As a matter of stutter of groans, Shakespeare once talked of ' flies are to wanton the boys, so are we to Gods and they kill us for their sport..'. Why flies to wanton the boys? Flies too have a life. Killing them can't be supposed to be any one's pastime. Life means life for all and humans are naturally not vested with any special priviledge to take away the life of others.

Friday, 21 December 2007

Teaching touts:

Coaching being a parallel forum to impart eduction, the system is much in vogue dominantly every where. Coaching in colleges on a regular footing is more or less of a secondary type where certain syllabus is prescribed for students and they are required to complete it within some limited frame of time  in an statistical order. Even in junior level classes at the primary stage, the teachers' role is confined to transfer the total workload of the students to their parents who are required to see to it that the work so allotted is fully attended to at home.Career coaching is an entirely different a matter. Students opting for some career education have necessarily to go for outside channels for the purpose away from their college or school as there they just can't get what they actually

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need to nourish their prospects for some job. Such a situation gives coaching community a hey day to foster their business. There are many a coaching centers that guarantee an immediate employment for the students who join them obviously on an exhorbitant rate of fee. It is a scene when they conduct classed -the teacher sits in a corner of his room, the crowd of  students stretches onward to the road outside his hoouse to hear their teacher on a loudspeaker on the basis of which they prepare their notes. The rules of the coaching centers don't permit any student to have  an individual interaction with the teacher.During last ten years there has been a mushroom grown of such centres throughout the city and they are thriving their business like big business magnates. Certain attempts to curb their activities by the administration were initiated only to get flopped.Every time the people in the locality create hue and cry against the jams and the nuisance caused to the public, some measures are initiated but soon they are stopped with some political leader or the other intervening in the matter. Like many an areas of corruption prevalent in the system, this too is a potential danger for peace and security of the people in general.

Thursday, 20 December 2007

Why so much of fuss?

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There has been so much of hue and cry on Madhuri Dixit singing a song containing reference of some community earlier treated as low caste. The song played back on her had the word 'mochi' with some comparison to comparatively a better caste. Mochis were known and in some parts of the country particularly in rural areas as the ones who stitch and prepare shoes as their traditional profession. While launching a massive movement against eradication of caste based treatment then prevailing in the society, Mahatma Gandhi advocated to stop using any words that denoted caste bias and he suggested that 'harijan' be used in place of 'mochi' or 'chamaar'. Harijan means the one who belongs to God and this how Gandhi wanted to convey to the people that all human beings irrespective of caste or creed belonged to God, the almighty and any discrimination on that count is condemnable. I heard about a small business group who used to provide labour on contract for supplying water in offices for drinking purposes and also for sprinkling it on khus windows to cool the atmosphere in summer. Suppliers group was named 'Bhishti wala'. Bhishtis infact were the people in earlier days who traditionally did this job as their family business. Even in the case of upper caste people like Pandeys amongst Brahmins were called 'paani pandey' indicative of their position as supplier of drinking water in public places particularly to the passengers in railways. Brahmins considered this as derogatory to their caste status but it continued till only sometime back. Profession oriented nomenclature are still obtaining at quite a good scale and such a practice is in vogue much for the reasons of business publicity. Jauharis are those who deal in business of jewellery, sonaars are those who do the business of gold and silver and like that the list is unending. Why then there should be so much of fuss if a shoe shiner was called a 'mochi'?

Madhuri Dixit, still a leading lady in films and a heart throb of millions, is being pressurised to appear before certain forum to apologise for the socalled misconduct on her part. Those who do so are infact propagating more in the direction of reviving the caste based hatred which otherwise got more or less completely burried as a result of the movement launched for the purpose by great leaders like Mahatma Gandhi Baba Saheb Ambedkar and several others. There is no reason to work on reviving an evil that is otherwise at the fag end of it.

Wednesday, 19 December 2007

I shouldn't have asked him to go back...

A young boy in his later teens knocked at my door today morning asking for some money. He was deaf and dumb hence giving me his request on a piece of paper. Initially I felt somewhat reluctant in offering him a few rupees but like it is a practice on the part of many a boys in the city to resort to such measures as a device to make money but finding that he is handicapped I did offer him a twenty rupee note. He was happy and had a smile, a smile of satisfaction. I returned to my adjoining office. I had hardly settled into my chair when I heard a knock again on the gate. My attendant being away on leave, this knock too had to be attended to by me. I found it was the same boy again. I thought he is asking for more money and I obliged him once again but he was not leaving and repeatedly used his gestures to communicate something to me which I couldn't follow. By now I had lost my patience thinking that like many others possibly he too was a cheat. I asked him to go back with some thrashings. He got nervous but picked up some courage again trying to convey some message by use of his gestures showing a small piece of a dust laden paper which he picked from the garbage nearby. Again I failed to follow insisting that he should leave. He left.

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While going through my papers on the table I came across a tiny sized small note. Infact this was the note of request he had written in his hand for help or may be this was the one he got some one to prepare for him. Instantly it struck to my mind that what he was insisting through his gestures and a speechless language was to return that piece of paper to him obviously for the purpose that he could use it for similar help from others as whatever little amount I gave him was not sufficient enough to meet his agonising pain of hunger or may be he was to manage some food for some hungry loved ones like a mother, a sister at home. I feel guilty on not being able to understand him and am overgripped with a feeling of repentance.Handicapped he was hankering for love and affection and what he got from me at the end was just the opposite. I feel like tracing him some where offer my regrets and apologize.

Tuesday, 18 December 2007

IT industry lobbies for extended tax holiday - MSN India Technology

IT industry lobbies for extended tax holiday - MSN India Technology

IT Industry has every justification in asking for a tax holiday. Possibly there is no industry that can be compared to IT industry in so far as revenue generation for the country is concerned.The view point raised by National Association of Software and Service Companies that this forms only a big setback if as an alternative they are required to shift to Special economic zones (SEZs) for the purposes of relaxations in tax. It infact deserves special consideration in view of the fact that computer technology has not only a giant organ for revenue generation, it has worked as an iconoclast in replacing the most dagmatically followed systems of business with the one that works like magic so far as the work is concerned. This work in technological field has brought a tremendous change in social culture too. But for computers, India was not tobe what it is today.Right from schools to office and business computers are most dominant a factor and at times it appears as if the world is to stop if they are not there. Undoubtely the demand so raised for necessary tax holiday must be granted to secure and maintain the required balance of progress both on economic and social front.

IT industry lobbies for extended tax holiday - MSN India Technology

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Rising to the highest ladder

Text Link Ads Money is the need and so it has been right from the days it replaced barter system used during Paleolithic age for acquiring articles of use by exchanging a commodity for another commodity like to purchase a cow one had to offer say some thing like four goats for a cow or a buffalow or some thing else.In the current scenario money is much more a dominant factor in all respects. Taste for a materialistic style of living is a common choice -be it a poor, a rich or an extra rich.It is money that forms a top factor in the matters of crime and various anti social activities.Hard earned money and money earned through nefarious measures are quite a matter of contrast. Much more satisfied is the one who earns his livelihood by hard labour as against the one who grabs money through corruption, lootings,kidnappings who all the time suffers from uneasiness and a feeling of guility. It is a hawker in the streets or a Mukesh Ambani, much depends as to in what manner they earn money.Mukesh Ambani, now a richest man on the top of the world is undoubtedly the one who could make it to be the richest in global scenario has earned whatever he has to day by sheer labour and hard work and such a process started right from the days of his father Dhirubhai Ambani who could manage a sum of Rs.5,000/ somehow to start his business and that was the beginning to make his son capable of generating a revenue to the tune of 14Crore every hour.He is quite eligible to be called a role model for others particularly those who earn a lot but do so at the cost of others applying dishonest methods for the purpose.

Monday, 17 December 2007

Richest man of the world

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With an humble beginning it was Dhirubhai Ambani who started his business. Possibly none could have imagined that time that his son Mukesh Ambani will some day become the world's richest man.Family disputes at one stage appeared to be a great menace to Ambanees stature and growth but soon it was taken care of for which credit goes much to his mother Kokila ben who worked in a positive direction by advising both her sons -Mukesh and Anil to behave themselves confining their activities to compete in business but without disturbing the family equations.Mukesh, now the richest man of the world, has brought not only a most glorified status to the family but much more than that laurels to the country as a whole.

NB:The relative photograph on which I was required to blog is not permitted for being pasted on the site of the post.

Sunday, 16 December 2007

In the name of security:

There is nothing to deny that those who hold important positions in office or even otherwise have always a security risk and such persons do need necessary cover for their safety and protection. The question that arises in this context is whether security protection so extended to them is in all cases need based. Possibly in large number of cases it is not. In contrast to real honest need it is seen that many a heavyweights go for it as status symbol. When asked by the then Home Minister Sardar Ballabh Bhai Patel, the first Prime Minister of the country the great Pt Jawahar Lal Nehru, refused to accept any security telling that he being a people's representative there was no justification for him to seek security other than the people themselves.The Home Minister however did make necessary arrangements providing him the required security cover but it was just in a moderate measure and there was nothing like any show or grandeur in it. Now that things have undergone a tremendous change on moral and ethical values, an MLA,MP or even a corporator asks for protection all at the cost of public money. In many cases such a demand is artificial and aimed at enhancing the grandeur of the concerned representative.So dishonest an approach? I know a case where a Member of Parliament manipulated a false attack on him by some unknown persons making out a case of larger security for him and surprisingly it took no time for the administration to accept his request. Presently he has around 2 dozens of security personnel to protect him and his family.This one is not a solitary case as there are thousands of such instances throughout the country particularly in Northern part of it where corruption is already so rampant out of proportions.There are reports that the security staff so provided to the individual socalled VIPs is used for the purpose of terrorising the opponents. Lot many areas of corruption flourishing in the country, misuse of security is not a solitary one to be talked about and future of the country just hangs in the balance.

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Saturday, 15 December 2007

A pilot study on dialysis:

Researchers in London could ultimately make it to develop an artificial kidney imparting great relief to kidney patients who otherwise are quite often required to undergo a most rigorous schedule of dialysis continuing for hours together. The researchers deserve cudos for such a meaningful machine brought to help the kidney patients. One can wear this as a routine apparatus and be on outings for several hours. Normal usage till now experimented ranges upto 8 hours. The ultimate goal of the doctors is to make it possible that the machine is used for longer hours altogether doing away with the need for the patients to be hooked up to a fixed haemodialysis machine in some hospital/nursing home. Further aim of the doctors is to provide much more convenient implantable device that quite matches the role of an otherwise healthy kidney. This blood cleaning device is undoubtely a great boon to those who suffer from chronic kidney disease and since it is a wearable alternative it is sure to help the people not only in their day today routine but much more than that for required outings. Medical science has boonfully developed at a big dimension and this addition when finally available to the people throughout the world is a most laudable step in that direction.

Friday, 14 December 2007

Lallu's trains?

Used as a common mode of transport, trains in India or say throughout the world are a most popular vehicle for the people to travel places. As applicable to all aspects of utility areas, trains too are cared for by the powers that be only to the extent they serve the purpose of a vote catching device. Somewhere some relaxation in fares, somewhere some increase in parcels despatch rate and granting relief to the victims of every now and then occuring accidents, there is hardly any thing speaking of some real benefit and advantage to the passengers. As on record, somewhere some accident occurred and the then Railway Minister Lal Bahadur Shastri offered to resign during the time Pt. Jawahar Lal Nehru was the Prime Minister of India which fact is just in contrast to what is happening now where the Rail Minister only talks like a joker passing some whimsical remark and says assertively that he is not going to resign, why should he, he asks. Railway Minister has the priviledge of travelling to any part of th

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e country in a special train exclusively spared for him. What is the justification? India is yet to grow presperous enough to bear such burdens and why the Minister can't have patience to wait till then. Why should he waste so much money by travelling in a special saloon accompanied by his family and henchmen. Overall it costs the country crores of rupees which can otherwise be saved to be spent in public interest. Why should he go for satisfying himself with the grandeur of travelling like maharajas in the past who used to own their own  trains. The victim passengers suffering from some mishap or accident do get some relief but that normally happens after so much of hue and cry on that count. Economic condition of the country demands that the Minister has to behave himself in public interest taking real measures to see that such ghastly accidents do not recur and that he travells need based and in a normal manner as against in a royal order.

Thursday, 13 December 2007

Professional looters:

Anti social elements like robbers are no more just lay men, they are very much technical hands performing their job with skill and dexterity. They have their training programmes to cope with their requirements selecting their gangmen only after a rigorous test for the purpose. Many of them are conversant with computers using one of its latest and the best feature of 'mapping' that helps them in locating areas which are more likely to give them business. Their team has a regular schedule of moving from place to place in search of their potential areas and people to be targetted in a phased manner. Just the other day a retired bank executive in town was their victim. The couple (himself and his wife) was on a routine outing and when they returned they found their house open with normal house hold material scattered. The valuables worth lakhs of rupees including cash and jewellery were all taken away by the robbers. Most surprising feature of the act was  that all this happened in broad day light say around 2pm when there was no dearth of passersby and the public of the locality took the robbers as normal visitors to the house as they had come well dressed and in a status car. Some of them talked to the lacals much in a most gentlemanly manner leaving no hint of their nefarious role. The victims are obviously now running helter skelter including approach to police where they are sure not to get any relief as majority of police fellows are connivers with the gangsters, robbers, thieves and pickpockets. They call it their art of liason with all kinds of people.None is safe, none has any protector.

Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Gimmics on next budget:

A good sign as it appears to be, there are indications that next budget to be placed by the Finance Minister of the Country is likely to be a soft one to suit different categories of tax payers or say the voters for the next general elections keeping particularly in mind that elections in certain states are due or may fall due shortly. It looks like there is hardly any body belonging to different political parties who really bothers for the welfare of the people. How is it that different relaxations in the matter of income tax or other taxes payable by the electorate are granted only when some elections are due and none takes pains to do some thing on that count in an otherwise normal atmosphere. This is not honest. To do some thing to woo public for election purposes is just a sort of an opportunistic approach where no principles but self interest counts. Such people in power and politics are a menace only and miserably lack necessary credentials to be the representatives of the people. Gone are the days when personalities re

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presenting the public in Parliament and State Assemblies were highly above board with their integrity intact throughout. Now it is just a changed scenario where such representatives start coining different  messages to allure the public for their vested interests. In the current scenario, it looks like some thing quite utopian to think of an honest and efficient governance and as one in the country one can only wish for some better days to come taking care of the multifarious problems the people at large are presently confronted with.

Tuesday, 11 December 2007

Coercive methods for recovering dues:

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Strange but true it is that many a financial institutions including banks in public sector find it convenient to resort to strong arm tactics for recovery of their dues/loans.In many cases they hire goons and criminals who contact the borrowers, terrorise them to the extreme applying coercive methods to make recoveries to earn their commission. Even mobile companies find it feasibly convenient to use this sort of channel to recover the dues from the subscribers. Position is much worse in the case of housing loans and advance for purchase of four wheelers. In one instance a person driving a car (himself not being the borrower) was forcibly dragged out of the vehicle, beaten up mercilessly resulting into profuse bleeding and the car snatched away by the goons so hired for the purpose. Renowned banks like ICICI are very often quoted by the media for indulging in such activities. In a case from New Delhi, the State Consumer Commission slapped a fine of 55 lakhs on them. True, those who borrow must pay back their dues but if they fail to timely follow the schedule of payment, the lenders have no reasons to resort to criminal sort of approach in the name of recovery. The reason behind such happenings is the lack of awareness on the part of the borrowers and when they need money they need it urgently in many cases unable to apply their mind for necessary alternatives. Recovery of dues must be there and none can advocate just for writing them off but there is equally no justification in applying draconian methods for their recovery.


Once in a blue moon or quite often, one has to mortgage his property or valuable for some pressing need or the other with banks, private financers and sahukaars. This job is done online also on more convenient terms. Nothing bad in it, it is rather most feasible a channel to secure necessary financial support in times of need. The only precaution that has to be applied on the part of loan seekers is that they must confine the use of the money so acquired by resorting to seeking loan against mortgage within the boundaries of the purpose for which it is done. If one sticks to the norm that the money so taken is never misused, he is sure to get benefitted not only in timely paying back the debt but equally in overcoming the problem for which he opted to go for borrowing.bad credit remortgages
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Monday, 10 December 2007

Rakhee Sawant's interview:

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Only the other day I had to see an interview of Rakhee Sawant, a dancer and an actress of repute, on a tv channel. I was trying to find out some thing of grace and dignity on the part of an artist otherwise of national status but felt somewhat deluded as except glitter of beauty and grandeur of makeup there was hardly any thing worth noticing. She repeatedly advocated for her innocence and quite surprisingly she emphasized Gandhigeeri as her approach point in life. Both these assertions are highly in contrast to the life pattern she is known to be leading. She honours her parents much as she said but she is the one who hardly cares for their advice not to expose her so much atleast in  public. With a wide mouthed gesture every time she answered the question she showed her tongue out as if to gallop the attention of the audience to her throat. On every reaction of the people in audience she invariably used 'Oh, God' as an interjection. There was hardly any moment of seriousness or a modest gesture on reactions of the viewers. Her total body language being that of a vagabond, she miserably failed to establish any sober rapport with the audience.

Sunday, 9 December 2007

Political scenario in the country:

Going through a media coverage just the other day on how the MLAs and MPs have gone down in their performance in their different fields and equally in the Parliament, it was no surprise as they are peoples representatives just for name sake and have hardly to do any thing with positive working to secure necessary welfare and security to the public. They are more interested in serving their own interest both money wise and power wise. These very MLAs and MPs behave worse when they are elevated to the ministerial positions. They are infact in many cases a menace to public interest. Different surveys reveal that their performance ratio is decreasing continuously. To satisfy their whims and fancies what is so much in vogue currently is that they go for projects which have nothing to do with the welfare of the people, instead it is to propagate their own bosses and deities in some form or the other. Concentration is never on roads,hospitals and other basic utility areas and every thing is diverted to their own monetary interests.Workforce in the country fails to elicit necessary response from the government to their demands for wage increase for years but as against that increase in emoluments of these so called public representative in State assemblies and Parliament is a common feature every now and then with a bountiful enhancement in their perquisites. This is actually a stage when a mere simple awareness on the part of the people in general is not enough unless they committedly launch a movement at the scale of a revolution.

Saturday, 8 December 2007

A common man's plight:

May be there was a time when a common man was to lead a normal and easy life in the past or there might have been really a tension free atmosphere for him if at all there was ever something like Ram Rajya in the country. Situation in the country presently is just a contrast denotive of the fact that a common man today is all the time confronted with gigantic problems all around. Law and order situation is terribly alarming and people in general are unable to move without fear or tension. Kidnapping, arson, loot and killings are there just as a matter of fancy on the part of those who find it convenient to resort to such tactics for their gains. There is none to stop them. Those who can stop them, say the politicians ruling the country, wouldn't do it for fear of losing their vote banks. Big bullies in the society are enjoying their life at the cost of common people who vote them to power. School going boys and girls are not safe, their parents always suffer from the fear of something untoward or the other to their children. Once visiting Tokyo when I asked some local people as to how it is that they don't bother much about their families when away from home and prompt was the reply that where ever one was was quite safe and there is no reason to worry about them. Children in school, ladies in the market and employees in their offices never suffered from the fear that they could be kidnapped or looted. They virtually led a life of ease and comfort with no mental agony of any kind. Most of the politicians in the country are not only professionally criminals, they are corrupt people in many ways. They are the ones who lead a double faced life -they are gentlemen when talking to public or when they address a meeting or say an election meeting and they are the people indulging themselves in criminal activities at the first available opportunity that  comes their way. They can manage any thing for themselves as they have enormous money power and contacts which position is only a dream for the common people. Common people actually suffer so much only in the hands of those who are supposed to be their protectors.

Thursday, 6 December 2007

A Diamond Jubilee sans a diamond jubilee

Recently I attended a Diamond Jubilee Conference of a national level trade union organization at Mumbai. It was a grand show continuing for almost the whole day. Every things was there –dance, drama, mimicry, caricaturing, martial arts. All this with grandeur and fantasy. It happened to be the last working day in service for the top man in the organization. A veteran,he spoke well ofcourse more in generality than on the heroic struggle his union had to face and fight in its formative stage right from early twenties of the last century and onwards. A prominent leader of theirs passed away a few days before these celebrations and there was an entry gate named after him and also a minute’s silence was observed as a ritual before the entertainments in the form of dazzling cultural programmes started on the stage. Beyond this, there was hardly, nay not at all, any mention of his or other great leaders who are no more. In a way there was nothing very surprising in it as the current incumbents in the setup have otherwise an image and reputation of obliviously ignoring the past, the very root of establishing a giant trade union organization in the days when it was too difficult a task under British rule in the country. More than any talk on trade union, it was overall a show with lavish outlays leaving even a capitalist far behind. Some one in the crowd remarked sab paise ka khel hai (it

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is all a show of money).

A senior management functionary was the star attraction in her capacity as the Chief Guest who obviously had to take full advantage of putting forth the managements view point on industry’s growth doubly cashing the opportunity –more so as it was from a trade union platform, a platform otherwise exclusively belonging to workers.

It was to my amazement to find that a trivially small statue of the pride of Maharashtra and one of the great heroes of the country Veer Shivaji was negligibly placed in a corner of the dais, dwarfed and miserably miniatured. I certainly felt somewhat uneasy on that count feeling reminded of a similar embarrassment when I visited Madam Tussauds in London to find Mahatma Gandhi’s wax figure disdainfully displayed in a forlorn corner of the museum isolating him from other giant size wax figures of the renowned world leaders. There I could reconcile with the thought that Britishers still take Indians including lndian leaders as their subjects and with that sort of a deep rooted prejudice their conduct was nothing very unusual but why people of Maharashtra could afford dwarfing Shivaji is something I am just unable to comprehend. A great warrior, a great leader, a great statesman as Veer Shivaji was, he is the one who deserves top rank order whenever his statue is tobe placed, more so in Maharashtra. As I distinctly remember, my friends, the leaders and the people of Mumbai, once felicitated me at quite a large scale and the very giant size bronze statue of the great Shivaji was prominently there on the stage to inspire and encourage both the leaders and the audience. Organisers being more or less the same on both the occasios, I am somewhat at a fix to draw any cogent reason behind any difference between the two.

The show was fully indicative of the hard labour the organizers and the volunteers might have put in to make the event a success and they do deserve laurels on this count. The event must have been much more a matter of glory if due coverage of trade union issues and industrial disputes in conjunction with historical background was there.

Think about them:

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A child, an adult and then an old one all have their needs varying from stage to stage. A child gets it in abundance, adults are capable of managing things for themselves, the seniors too go for opting some channel or the other to manage their sustenance but the worst sufferers are the aged ones particularly those much in an advanced stage of their life. In most of the cases they are ignored, ditched and abandoned by their loved ones only besides the fact that they get almost totally deprived of any social circle. Strange are the ways in our society all over the world where the younger ones hardly bother to take care of the elder ones rendered handicapped in many ways because of advancing age. Money wise there may not be much of difficulty because a large number of them happen to be retirees entitled to pension and some accumulated funds in the form of the gratuity and provident fund but what counts more for them is love and care as against money. Not this that all are forgetful and abandon their elders but this kind of people include many who are not quite well aware about the manner in which they are to discharge their duty. Fortunately there are several forums almost every where in the world who provide an awareness generated guidance in the matter and those who really have a heart to support the elders may very well be in contact with them.

Better it is to care for self and others

Care for self, care for others is infact is a magic boon capable of imparting relief to a vast circle of people. Timely care for any disease or whatever be the other physical problems healthwise takes care of several ailments that could otherwise prove to be fatal if not attended to properly before it aggravates to unmanageable proportions. Be it Parkinson's disease, a stroke or bed sore or any other complication that looks trivial initially, all are to a great extent curable if necessary precautions are applied in time. Care Homes are there doing quite a good service to humanity and they can do still better if not dogmatically professionalised in which case human touch is lost. Any remedy applied with a soothingly refreshing human touch is ten times more effective than the care applied as a ritual. BETTER CARING, a service with mission, is the one that is doing wonderfully well in directing well meant remedial measures to those who need help. Their web site is most handy a tool for the needy and one can readily look to them for necessary timely relief. Theirs is a service with necessary human touch.nursing home

Thursday, 29 November 2007

A great artist who committed suicide

Text Link Ads The very original building that houses the Sampurnanand University, Varanasi. is a most significant architectural work that attracts an immediate attention of the visitors to the spot. It is a most popular tourist centre and those having an architectural interest find it as quite noticeable a piece of work. The sad background attached to it is the fact that the architect who brought such a building to existence committed suicide when he could notice that the whole building lacks necessary plinth level height with walls starting just from the earth surface level and even slightest possible rain showers made the interiors full of water. Realising that himself so great an architect he failed to realise the drawback beforehand, he started feeling guilty and committed suicide.

Wednesday, 28 November 2007

A bonanza for visitors

Visiting places for business or for a tour for any other purpose was never that easy and incentives oriented like it is now with great offers of discounts and concessions in prices/rates on booking of hotels under the banner highlighted here. Quality based service, home away from home atmosphere and services well equipped with instantly realisable hospitality of a first rate order are the features that possess an unquestionable capacity to extend to the tourists/visitors all that they need and that too with smiles and without any pinch on price tag. The discount to the tune of 70% is so attractive a feature that even a reluctant visitor thinks twice before saying no to such offers. I know my friends are the ones to resist the temptation of utilising such nice opportunities whenever they are on an outing to different locations.Hotel Reservations

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Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Taj, the wonder

Text Link Ads Reminiscent of a love that was and is unerasable by time is the Taj, a magnificient love story. There are remarks that Shahjehan was capable of leaving a mark of his great for Mumtaz Mahal as he was a King, an Emperor and had an immeasurable amount of money to to fulfill his slightest possible whims. There are people who might have loved their spouse or the beloved in much bigger a measure compared to Shahjehan but they couldn't afford an ordinary most monument for the person they loved.True, but it can't be construed to read that simply because an emperor was so rich, he lost his eligibility to express his love.
One of the wonders of the world, Taj is equally inspiring both to rich and poor. It's love after all that gets manifestation in stone and this is the kind of love that is eternal. It represents the kind of love that is honest and pure and not confined to any barriers like rich and poor. Amount of love is not some thing like ration where distribution is quantity based, it is measured based on its quality where being rich or being poor has no meaning.Love and love alone counts for all.

Sunday, 25 November 2007

Green is beautiful

Text Link Ads It is to themselves that the leaves are green but this greenness is a great factor playing the role of an object that gives the onlookers a soothingly satisfying touch. One feels relaxed at the very sight of beautiful things, beautiful colours and beautiful surroundings refreshing the human beings and they get relaxed. Quietly and silently, they are capable of generating an altogether a different environment. 'Nothing clears up my spirits like a fine day' said Keats and if the colour, colour like that of green leaves is added to a fine day, life on earth starts blossoming to fullness, charming and interesting.

Saturday, 24 November 2007

Competition all the way

Text Link Ads Whatever be the phase and mode of a life pattern, it is full of competition every where. One can't move an inch without facing some kind of a competition or the other. School, market, roads, parks or any kind of activity are, every where one has to compete like while on road many a times if you are late even for a minute, the shutter on the railway crossing is dow, if you are even slightly slow driving your car, the traffic behind you are there to pounce upon you blowing their horns after horns totally unmindful of the fact that the traffic in your front itself is in a jam and not in a position to move. Many a hotels are there where you go but have to be in the que for want of seats. Once in New York I was passing through a big jam in a car onway to my office and there I got stranded for half an hour and all the time my driver was facing volley of questions by others in the traffic as if my car only was an obstruction for them to move onward. Some of them even used some slanderous language. I was just thinking as to how could it be possible for me to give them a walk over in the competition of travelling on road. You board trains, particularly the local trains, there too you are confronted with several problems -first while buying a ticket spending lot of time standing in the que, then running through flyovers and yet again doing lot of maramari while boarding the train and finally while trying to reach your seat/birth to find that huge luggage is piled up there by your co passengers and no surprise that the person concerned loses his/her temper when asked to clear the luggage from the space reserved in your name. You go to a temple, there again there is a tough competition on who reaches first to avoid standing in the que. Workwise too it is too difficult to cope with the competition and the moment you slightly lag behind, you are out. I am hired by a big company marketing on blogs presently @ of just a few dollars per post. Recently I submitted to them about 10 posts out of which only 2 were selected for the reason of some trivial a lacuna or the other. I felt demoralised. Buyers go for a best available quality expecting others, those who accept the offers, to perform maximum and this kind of competition proves so arduous many a times.

Friday, 23 November 2007

Appeasement at the cost of public money

The Government of Uttar Pradesh announced a sumptuous increase in the salary of different heads of large number of corporations and the boards the other day.The increase being the amount of Rs.5000/, it is not a trivial figure. The increase is meant for whom? Are they financially weak people? Are they the people who need money for their routine basic needs? No, they are not those falling in this category. instead most of them are the people financially fat enough to gallopingly swallow public money in some name or the other.Their quality lies in cultivating votes and it is on this count that they have to be appeased by the political powers that be and for this commodity they are paid sumptuously with offering them appointments as Chairman, Director in some board or the other or something else like that. Theirs is not the money hard earned but the one that comes to them easily in the shape of such appointments.It is infact a loot on public money. The Government can't supply the required amount of electricity for the reason that they have no funds, public utility areas are not provided because they lack required financial resources, roads are in a dilapidated conditions for this very reason, they are not even repaired causing hardships to public. As against this there is an increase every now and then in the emoluments and perquisites of the so called public representatives. The leaders who can really do good to the people are yet to emerge to surface.

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Computer -the wonder of the world:

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Not long ago it was just a different world with people in general working traditionally in quite a manual shape. True they were happy because they never knew that there could be some thing some day enormously in contrast to what they had.It looks utopian but who knows there could be something much better yet to emerge on surface or today's computer are much more improved to open up further horizons of progress in utility areas.

Today it is certainly a boon for the world that if you have capacity to imagine any functionality angle, you get it right there on your computer going ahead on your work just smoothly with interest orientation.Home,office or travelling, it can be there with you all the time with ease making your work a matter of game.On outings you need not bother whether the project you started is properly diarised or the job is entrusted to some one else.You can yourself be on it right the moment it comes to your mind. It is infact a miracle the present day science and technology has given the world to equip itself with a wonderful way of tackling things.

Tuesday, 20 November 2007

You are still there!

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You have left us RO, you have now gone far away from us abandoning us so suddenly that I, as one, find it horribly difficult to reconcile to the news. Why the news can't be incorrect?. No, destiny wou'nt allow it to happen. One cries, one crumbles with amazement but the Immanent Will works in its own way and has snatched you away from your loved ones, snatched you away for ever but the very thought of your presence amongst the people is somethig that just can't be erased.

All India State Bank of India Staff Federation has gone much poorer with the setback that a great stalwart who was one of the architects of the present day Federation is no more. A most dynamic figure who played most pivotal a role in building up this Organisation making indefatigable efforts throughout his life -in active service and even thereafter, is now not there in his usual style of a friend, a philosopher and a guide for all those who were associated with him. Always amenable to reasons but firmly sticking to his approach in different matters, he was the one possessing enormous caliber to take his issues to a logical end. There could hardly be any body, possibly none, who might ever have seen him losing his temper even during talks on crucially controversial matters. His contribution in remodelling the very concept of trade union functioning giving it a modernised look is immense. Time may pass, things may change but R.O.Shah remains live in the minds of the people so long All India State Bank of India Staff Federation continues to exist. R.O. Shah is in our hearts, we can't ever afford to forget him, none who directly or indirectly belongs to the Federation, can.

So closely associated to him for decades, I still feel like I see him live even after he is no more. Whenever we both met after some gap of time, we used to embrace each other as a matter of affinity and kinship and  the very thought that it has not to happen now so twitchingly haunts my mind. I just feel like crying with the words of Mathew Arnold -

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In the void air towards thee, my strained arms are cast !

Saturday, 17 November 2007

Faith in work:

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'Good striving brings thriving, better a dog that works, than a lion who shirks' is the saying and it so happens in many a cases that people are good enough to look hale and heart but they are the ones who are masters in shirking from any activity. A lion failing to be active enough in doing his work is just a useless animal compared to a dog who toils the whole to secure some thing or the other to eat.It quite applies to human beings who are capable of doing their job well and earn their livelihood with labour and hard work and this way they earn a recognition as against the persons who are physical quite capable but are so lethargic that they can't do any thing.Infact work is some thing that is 'worship' for all -be it a man/woman or some animal.

Friday, 16 November 2007

Hotel reservations

Hotel Reservations
There is no dearth of hotels any where but what matters most is quality, service, network and above all economical rates. Be it a hotel, a motel or a resort, these factors most demandingly count. Tourists or business magnates or even those visiting places for leisure, rest or recuperation, all have not only a preference for better stay but they actually need it. Business men need it because they have to relax after working hard the whole day, those visiting places for rest and recuperation need it because they require a place that could give them some solace and a soothing touch to alleviate their tension. The slogan of a 'Home away from Home' may at times be not enough as people need some change against their routine living that goes monotonous over a period of time. There are hotels really capable of giving the visitors a change that could otherwise be not available at home. Good hotels do have a capacity to give visitors an atmosphere of change in totality by providing them a most satisfying congeniality in environment coupled with smilingly supplying the required services themselves or on demand instantly making it possible even for a tired mind to feel at ease and enjoy the stay. There could be potential visitors hesitating to opt for an outing for the apprehension that it could tell upon their pockets heavily and that they may not get the required services the way they need them. Once these apprehensions are done away with when they come to know of the good hotels offering excellent services with quite a relaxation in their rates, they are the ones readily agreeing for an outing they very much needed.
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Tuesday, 13 November 2007

A note on Trade Unions!

Part 2:
They are the type in no way really interested in the welfare of their organization which they belong to –their one point programme is to cling to the post to the last unless kicked out and thrown in the streets in which event their all out endeavour is to drag the organization to shambles without being prepared to realize that this parting gift of theirs to their followers only leads them to a situation where one ignominiously mingles into dust unwept,unsung and unhonoured. It forms an interesting instance to quote one study about a trade union leader of national level in Banking Industry. Drastic measures as a result of National Emergency in the country in the year 1975 were there at their worst. He convened an emergency meeting of National Executive at New Delhi. This was the day when Bang Bandhu Mujibur Rahman of Bangla Desh was killed. The atmosphere in the country. The atmosphere in the capital was already so tense. The line of action adopted by the Government of India in curbing and crushing the trade union activities in the Country was no more a secret to any body. Definite instructions were issued to various Heads of different departments in the administration and other organizations both in public and private sectors that the union leaders be pinned to desk obviously with an idea to cause them biggest possible handicap in carrying out the union activities. The instructions so issued were meticulously implemented with some relaxation in regard to those belonging to INTUC. The proposal mooted out by another leader that all leaders should in the changed circumstances resign from from whatever post/position they were occupying as employees in the industry to serve the union exclusively didn’t find favoour with the top leaders who whipped their veto suggesting an alternative –the alternative that the coercive instructions of the Government be defied without leaders abandoning their jobs as employees. The key man who in his capacity as the top man in the executive in the union piloted the discussion was the one, nay the first one, to report for duty - he and the other one second in command rushed to their place of work for the purpose to every body’s amazement. They were wise enough to save their wages as against others who had to remain on leave without pay for a long time obeying the advice to defy the Government directives.
In yet another instance, the big leader practically started weaping to win over the sentiments of membership in general in a largely attended conference. After the session was over, he confided to a close associate of his telling that his tears were only a matter of strategy exercised to overcome a situation but for which he had to get embarrassed.
Tears are serene and sublime –only a hypocrite of first order can use them, nay misuse them, as a matter of trick and dodge. (tobe continued)

Monday, 12 November 2007

My garage floor

Broken and cracked, stained and clumsy, my garage is the one giving the look of a wrinkled face, sick and frail. My house too as a whole is not in a good health condition and every time I interact with it, it asks me for an urgent makeup. I may have to go for a refinish peremptorily securing necessary means to give my home a look and shape with tiles of a colour that is soothing and satisfying. For a whole new look with quality tiles, a house and its garage are sure to get a much better a face lift for which there are powerful channels availabe on line, say like the following:
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