Thursday, 6 December 2007

Think about them:

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A child, an adult and then an old one all have their needs varying from stage to stage. A child gets it in abundance, adults are capable of managing things for themselves, the seniors too go for opting some channel or the other to manage their sustenance but the worst sufferers are the aged ones particularly those much in an advanced stage of their life. In most of the cases they are ignored, ditched and abandoned by their loved ones only besides the fact that they get almost totally deprived of any social circle. Strange are the ways in our society all over the world where the younger ones hardly bother to take care of the elder ones rendered handicapped in many ways because of advancing age. Money wise there may not be much of difficulty because a large number of them happen to be retirees entitled to pension and some accumulated funds in the form of the gratuity and provident fund but what counts more for them is love and care as against money. Not this that all are forgetful and abandon their elders but this kind of people include many who are not quite well aware about the manner in which they are to discharge their duty. Fortunately there are several forums almost every where in the world who provide an awareness generated guidance in the matter and those who really have a heart to support the elders may very well be in contact with them.

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