Monday, 24 December 2007

Are they a dying specie?

Biggest in size after certain kind of a fish specie and dinosaur, elephants are the ones with no parallel to them in strength and body stature. They are known to possess a sharp brain and memory with an excellent sense of loyalty. King of forest as a lion is known to be is afraid of elephant. Moving in the jungles riding on a hired elephant I have seen a tiger running away from the scene out of fear. Elephants are known to remain quite loyal to their mahauts but they are revengeful too. If ever any mahaut ill treats him, the animal has a sharp memory never to forget this and takes revenge at the first available opportunity. There are instances when the animal took his mahaut into grip by his trunk crushing him on the spot trampling him down to death with his front leg. Their bond of love for their family is much more well knit compared to that of the humans. If a she elephant is roped in, tied down and fixed to a tree to separate her baby elephant away, it very often happens that the mother elephant breaks the poweful shackles to chase away the hunters. It was this animal who used to play a major role in wars in olden days and for breaking open the big gates of a castle when so targetted. Utility angle apart, this animal has a majestic grandeur look wise and is presently still hired for ornamental and decorative shows in marriage processions. The cause of concern however is that this giant specie is getting to brink of its existence on earth. The poachers are the kind of people who care for nothing except their own selfish interest, money. Money for them is much more important than this magnifient creation on earth. They entrap them, kill them and make money for their own lavish living. much away as they are from the reach of law and rules of the country. These are Christmas days when mercy is the message on top of every thing. I wish some such mercy element to the poachers, the hunters, prevailing upon them to refrain from the callously merciless activities they are otherwise indulging in at the cost of innocent animals.

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