Friday, 28 December 2007

A victim of terrorism!

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Daughter of the East is no more shot dead as she was by suicide bombers. Benazir Bhutto, the ex Prime Minister of Pakistan who returned to her country after a long spell of self exile only some time back was continuously receiving threats for her life from different quarter but dauntingly daring as she was she didn't bother much on that count and chose to ignore them. Threats for life of Bhuttos were not a new thing for Benazir as this was some thing she experienced so much during her father Zulfikar Ali Bhutto's time. Her mention of terror mongerers talking '...implicate Benazir, implicate Begum Bhutto..' in her authobiography 'Daughter of the East' amply speaks of the apprehensions she always had in the past and continued to have them till the end of her life. Even when she used to campaign for her father Z.A. Bhutto, she was very often cautioned by her followers not to get mixedup so freely with the people in crowds to which she always answered that she had no kind of fear for her life so long the people of Pakistan were with her. Right on the day of her assassination she was cautioned on that count by many including her family members. Otherwise too there were talks in general about threat to her life in the country and outside. She ignored like Juleus Caezer did the day he was killed. Now that she is no more, there is no point in talking much as to why she ignored what was otherwise foreseeable by an extraordinary intelligent a person like her. She was a crusader for the cause of her country and she was the one who was a great source of inspiration for the people,particularly women, all over the world. Irrervisible by any means against what was destined, the colossal loss is bound to hound even for days to come. The very fact that no body, howsoever be her or his stature, is safe any where is doubly confirmed in her death and that it assumes much more a graver shape in the form that terrorists are the ones who are not to spare any one if still they are allowed to play unbridled.

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