Saturday, 26 December 2009

Beggars on a rampage

Nothing wrong in seeking alms. The poors and the needy otherwise do it. It is considered to be a pious gesture in India to offer alms. Infact there are certain fixed days and festivals in India when alms are offered and ladies in the family will not eat any thing unless they observe this ritual. With time changing so fast the beggars too have changed their modus operandi. Instead of being submissive as it used to be earlier they are now so much aggressive on their job. They will robustly knock at the door and continue clamouring unless some one from the family turns up to  meet their indent specifically pronounced in terms of cereals and cash. If their demand is not met they abruptly start cursing the family even using abusive language. Many a persons meet their demand not as a pious gesture but to avoid nuisance. They move in gangs majority being that of girls. Girls talking in abusive language looks so nasty.The element of a noble gesture in offering alms is totally lost and it has assumed a shape that the beggars are in most of the cases obliged by the people to get rid of a nuisance.

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Friday, 25 December 2009

Which Internet browser is better?

Internet Explorer of Windows or other one from the list of many browsers which are available in plenty is the first question that confronts the user at the very stage of surfing. All have their own special features which the user operates based on his requirement. There is none, infact there can’t be one, that suits every body. Some one needs bigger page space so that he is not required to switch over to  the next one after every minute or two, some don’t need much of page space and they can easily afford a browser which covers sizeable space in its headings. Headings

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again differ from browser to browser as they are chosen on the basis of the need of the company that launches them. As a moderate compromise, one has to go for a browser which is neither too big headings wise nor is frugal to the extent that needfully required major headings are missing causing enormous difficulties to the user for want of major support buttons.

Thursday, 24 December 2009

The way opportunities slip away

One waits for an opportunity, it comes and it so happens many a times that it turns to be a delusion and slips away. Whatever be the field of a person it occurs to every one without any discrimination. I am a blogger for quite a long time but the most demoralizing factor is that I very often commit absurd mistakes. Social Sparks give me opportunities from time to time and they are good enough to elaborately point out as to what is the relative discipline to be adhered to for the purpose. One such discipline is that the sponsored post is to have not less than 7 days gap after the preceding post was written. Silly on my part that such a minor requirement I failed to adhere to recently consecutively on two occasions with the result that my entire labour went invain and I had to lose the opportunities at the final stage. I only pity my slackness on this count.
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Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Online auctions

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Bidazzled. All opinions are 100% mine.

With an offer of around 80% saving for the bidders, the online auctions are redefined with a novel shape by Bidazzled. Offer of 80% concession, which grows to 90% if it is for charity purposes, is enormously attractive . The great salient feature of Bidazzled is that this programme is designed to fund a lung cancer charity.Certainly it is most noble an approach, an approach that serves the humanity in many ways. Bids on these Pay-Per-Bid auction sites are purchased in advance and then used to bid on merchandise. The bids cost $1 and are available for purchase in bid packs as low as $25. The participation is designed so well that no body is at a loss. If one does not win, he/she receives upto 50 bonus bids as a 'thank you' for participation. There are 15 additional bids available if used by 15th January for which the following codes are to be used.

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There is a lucrative viral referral programme running as follows with variations from stage to stage.

A refers B, A receives 5 bonus bids

B refers C, B gets 4 bonus bids

C refers D, C gets 3 bonus bids

D refers E, D gets 2 bonus bids

E refers F, E gets 1 bonus bid.

Bidazzled is not just an online auction by biddings but much more than that it is a mission, a mission harnessed to take the interest of humanity to bigger heights as it serves the interest of those suffering from a dreaded disease like cancer. Missions like this are to be loudly hailed and that can be done better by largest possible number of people joining the move as bidders.Bidazzled

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Sunday, 20 December 2009

Chillies are good for health

In Ayurved are considered to be tamsik (a negative term against health) as they cause adverse sensations in the total body system.This could be one aspect but in totality chillies contain medicinal properties which otherwise are great boosters to an overall functional system of the body. Lata Mangeshkar, the great legend in the music world, takes plenty of chillies with the belief that it gives better health to the voice of the user. None of the eatables are cent per cent beneficial or harmful. Much depends as to how a person monitors her/ his doze. Combination is the key factor. If a person takes chillies without a proper dietary support it may cause hell of a problem but the very intake is quite helpful if it is taken by fixing its quantity proportionately on the basis of other food items taken along with it.

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Friday, 18 December 2009

Relevance of contents in a post

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It is for years that I have been writing blog posts yet it appears I am a novice in the field and have to go a long way to claim dexterity in the job. Once one of my hosts gave a remark in the context of a site of mine that the contents didn't suit to their scheme of things. Strange! I pickup a topic, study it, trace and find out the material to support it before I finally draft out my post. I do surfing of several posts from approved sites where I find that they are just two liners. Some one says her mother was sick and she took her to doctor, and the other one comes out with the remark that he was feeling bored and for that reason he chose to go for a movie and yet some one says that he was feeling morose as his friend did not contact him for a long time. If these instances are capable of making out a full length post why a hell I should bother for working hard to make my write up a complete post. I feel like falling in line with such people instead of doing hard labour in a committed order.

Thursday, 17 December 2009

Harvest of opportunities in hotel accommodation

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Syndacast. All opinions are 100% mine.

An integral need as they are, hotels form an essential requirement for those who travel from place to place for business or pleasure trips. Better hotels are those that make its environment more work friendly and result oriented contributing much to efficiency aspect. Accor Hotels in Asia are the ones that make stay pleasant with the orientation of efficiency. Necessary booking now renders an entitlement to the customer to win 3nights stay in a private villa at the 5 Star Pullman Sanya Yalong Bay Resort. What one has to do is to simply make the booking and pay with his/ her Master Card upon checkout to secure entitlement to join the draw which may win a 3 nights stay. There are 10 prizes for the customers to be won by them. These prizes are like this: 1 Bed room villa, 1 King bed with private swimming pool besides complimentary break fast for 2 persons, 1 King bed with spacious villa features and a private garden with swimming pool exclusively for the customer, out door massage area, jacuzzi and separate living room. Value of each prize being approximately 1000 US $. For bookings and other help areas one can conveniently use the website . Important brands like Sofitel, MGallery, Grand Mercure, Mercure and Novotel are already the ones forming the list of participants. Compared to the vast facilities and incentives the rates are just so moderate that they duly take care of the customers pocket. Overall it is a most self contained package to suit the customers in finding out much better a place to stay within an easily manageable price range.MasterCard Cardholder - Exclusive Deal

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Wednesday, 9 December 2009

I saw her falling unconscious

Trembling and gasping for breath she fell unconscious and this happened on the road in front of my house. She was too old a woman fragile and weak. Seeing this from the roof top of my house I rushed to her and so did a few passersby. She was given some water to drink and was able to partly regain her consciousness. Given some biscuits to eat she was somewhat normal. When asked as to where her house is with a view to escort her back to her place her answer was that she has no place to go back as she was driven out of her house by her family members only including her sons. What was her crime? Nothing but that she was treated as an obstruction in their private comforts. She was some how persuaded to be escorted back to her house and no body knows as to how she might have been treated by her family members after the her escorters returned. There is no parallel to a mother in taking care of her children but when children grow to their adulthood they hardly bother for her, they rather look at her with an amount of disdain to the extent of driving her out of her home. This is the society level in India, may be in different other places in the world too. My heart bleeds.

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Sunday, 6 December 2009

Obama is his role model

Ask Aamir Khan, the actor, as to who is his favourite hero in politics, his prompt reply is Obama, the President of America. Although he is the one who claims that he has no interest in politics, he very much reserves a right to express himself whenever he so feels like doing. 'Politics is the refuge of the scoundrels' said a writer and without using any harsh words Aamir Khan too appears more or less of the same view. There should be good people in politics, he says, quoting American President as an ideal leader. Believing in a result oriented working, he feels Obama is radical in real terms and that he means business.

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Friday, 4 December 2009

A contest that sumptuously pays

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of iLASIK. All opinions are 100% mine.

It is not just a vision but better vision that makes the view more lively and pleasant. "YOU GOTTA SEE THIS" is a video contest rendering a handy opportunity to contestants to win cash and prizes upto $5000. A small amount of inquisitiveness on quality of vision on the part of the contestants is enough to go for the task when they are required to make and submit a video exposing their calibre and proficiency in video filming with clarity of vision as a primary factor. They have to pick up a category out of the following:

1. My contacts are getting in the way of my good time

2. My favorite sport or activity would be so much cooler with better vision

3. You should see life after the iLASIC(R) procedure

Necessary video is to be submitted at this stage. Needless to mention that contestants have to tell their friends about it with a view to securing necessary amount of readership and their votes. Votes are primarily a key factor in determing as to which videos out of the lot win prize.

The prizes are categorized as (1) Grand prize of $5000 selected from all entries (2) First prizes with a HDTV package valued at $2500 @ 1 per category (3) 3 Second prizes with Flip Ultra HD Camcorder valued at $199.99 @ 1 per category. After submission, the users can have necessary access to for the purposes of viewing and voting. iLASIK Video Contest


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Sunday, 6 September 2009

Pleasures emerging from greeneries

There is hardly any thing more refreshing and inspiring than the rich greeneries. Owning a garden, grooming it with necessary fits and cuts, interacting with the plants with affirmative nods with every breeze touching them soothingly are fully capable of relaxing and energizing the human faculties. See them, watch them and caress them and you draw plenty of pleasure and satisfaction. It's a double pleasure if a person is able to groom  plants and their leaves giving them a finish like ladies do in a beauty saloon. Getting encircled by fluttering leaves blossoming to assume much bigger a shape freshening the whole environment are nothing less than a full bloom divine satiation.

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Saturday, 5 September 2009

Injecting mammals for more milk

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More, still more and much more is the lust which humans have been suffering from for ages. Rich or poor, business magnates or the hawkers in the streets all have been pursuing this practice flagrantly violating any ethical norms prescribed from time to time not only by sages and saints but others too spreading message of love both for humans as well as animals. Who cares? Practically none. A couple residing nearby my house is a popular bhajan singer visiting different places reciting religious verses drawing applause from the audience for the message of love they convey. The message they communicate is that of love for humans, animals and any creation of God on earth. Their preachings include that one should take cows milk only as it is pure and pious. They have taken the task of supplying cows milk to themselves and this they do with a sense of pride that theirs is a noble job. What they do? They give injections to their cows to fetch more milk and never lag behind in mixing the monetarily required amount of water. Injection cause havoc on health count and the animal, it is cow or a buffalo goes fully incapacitated in course of time. This infact is callous and much against what they themselves preach from door to door. Such people actually have no right to talk on love, religiously or otherwise, and the society has to recognize them as nothing but hypocrites.

Sunday, 30 August 2009

Intricacies of Insulin intake

Doctors advising patients of diabetes to go for certain amount of insulin normally once in the morning before breakfast and in the night before dinner. This they do in most casual a manner which patients follow

faithfully without applying necessary precautions with the result that there are many a complications that emerge. First thing to be adhered to is that the insulin injected is measured correctly and that there are no gas bubbles in the container and syringe. If gas remains inside the syringe it is bound to either inflate the intake quantity or is much lower impact wise and this results into a big imbalance in sugar level. The patient should actually see to it that the gas bubbles disappear which is possible by pressing the syringe knob upward in the air and it removes the unwanted gas. Around half a unit goes when this process is applied but that is worth as against the wrong dosage. Similarly it is necessary from compatibility point of view that insulin container be regularly kept in refrigerator except the time when it has to be taken out for injecting.

Sunday, 12 July 2009

Drummings in futility

No sooner the coalition government in India led by Congress took over they came out with a volley of promises for the people in the country fixing up a hundred days target to exhibit their worth. The first gift they showered on public was a bumper increase in fuel rates and, as if this was not enough, they hurriedly presented their current budget drastically smashing the total economic order in the market including share market which broke their record of eight months plus in going downward. Prices of food commodities and vegetables have gone up at double their earlier rates and no body is certain yet as to what is further in store to cause problems to the people.

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Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Getting rid of chatting masters

Go for a stroll or some walking exercise in a park, there are people who virtually gherao you for talks with them. Chatting masters as they are their talks are unending and their topics are endless starting from their house hold matters to politics at the national level. They refuse to realize that some one who is on a walk with the purpose of some exercise may not be in a mood to transgress from a peace mode of his mental status to unruly conversations. Most of them come from retired category of employees from different departments. I wonder how come the people, even if they are no more in active service, can't engage themselves in some activity or the other in a positive order instead of acting as intruders to the peace zone of others. Business talks or conversations on serious subjects are matters of a specific schedule to be organized appropriately and there is no reason for any one to act as free stylers disturbing others.

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Monday, 1 June 2009

Plucking eyebrows

Plucking eyebrows to keep a good look is not a new thing for women but the very religion of Sikkhism prohibits such a practice branding it as an anti religion activity. A girl was denied admission to MBBS course at Sri Guru Ramdas Institute of Medical Sciences and Research at Amritsar on the grounds that she was involved in anti Sikkhism activity as she used to do the plucking of her eye brows as a part of her  routine facial makeup. Point of consolation is that the Sikh priests did not issue any fatwa like certain other religions do for every thing minor or major. The current generation of women is more conscious of their look and fitness and plucking eyebrows is done by them to suitably size it to a tidy frame without allowing them to go unshorn. What is wrong in it ?

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Sunday, 31 May 2009

Does lust have any relationship with age

An 87 years old accused facing the charges of rape was granted bail by the Court as the media coverage speaks out. No wonder as granting bail to any accused on any count howsoever serious be the charges against him/ her is what happens very often in our country. The other side of this news that a man in his later eightees found himself lusty enough to go for a rape. Rape is supposed to be more aggressive an act of sexual involvement compared to normal sex as it is without any compromise where the man concerned is required to be not only more aggressive but more energetic too and application of the both by a man at 87 is some thing difficult to comprehensively analyze. Energy and stamina apart, the story in any case speaks volumes on amount of the lust the accused might have had.

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Saturday, 30 May 2009

No profile is big or small

After the new government in India took over the charge of governance there has been a tough fighting on portfolios with every one trying hard get an important most ministerial assignment. Farooq Abdullah, ex Chief Minister of Jammu & Kashmir and a heavy weight in politics, was quite positive when he said while reacting to allocation of energy ministry to him that it is not the profile that is big or small but it is the performance that counts. Where ever one is he is to perform well and if he can't do it better it is always better for him to quit. Either work well or quit and there should be nothing else in between. Well said. Actually those who are to judge such performance also should not suffer from any prejudices and work alone has to be the basis for them to adjudge the merit of the performers.

Friday, 29 May 2009

Marriage bells for Sania Mirza

Close Moments Sania Mirza, the great tennis sensation, is now likely to tie her marriage knot with a Hyderabad boy and the chances are that she may quit sports after she is married. Why should she quit after marriage when she is in an enviable form of health and knows well as a sports woman as to how a required health wise fitness for the purpose is maintained. As a great sports woman she has given laurels to the country and her continuing as such is sure to add further image to herself and the nation. After all it is all a personal matter where her's has to be the final word. On our turn we wish her all the best on both the counts -her sports career, her marriage.

Thursday, 28 May 2009

Calls from the dark

Known as the boon of the modern era mobile phones are recognized as a tool for multifarious activities and utilities. No good is there without some element of bad in it in the background and so are mobile phones. Contacting, talking, chatting, setting alarms and enjoying music all is there in the tiny tool but occasions are not rare when it is annoying and irritating. You are on an important business schedule, as a gentle man you prefer not to switch off the instrument from the point of view that no important communication should remain unattended and then there is a ring from some where, the callers being mostly the girls, giving you the whisper of '..dear darling, how sweet you are..' and by the time you normalize yourself to mentally fit into such an unexpected message the call is cut. You take a sigh of relief. This relief is short lived as after a few seconds the call is there again with some more romantically silky words. You have no go but to switch off your mobile. Such a trespassing is a routine for many and I wonder how difficult it is to identify such callers from the dark.

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Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Hoarding money

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In olden days money was more hoarded than spent and the system used for the purpose was to dig a large hole somewhere in the house, keep the bag of money (those days only coins and no question of currency notes) inside and close it with a mud flooring. Money was considered safe there although there were many who used the spot as their bed with a mat stretched on the site. They used to sleep there themselves as a measure of additional security. Now there are banks in plenty every where to take care of peoples money offering some interest too which was out of question in the case of hoarded coins. No such hoarding now but tendency on that count is still reflected in banks applying delaying tactics in making payments to the customers for the reason that more the delay more the benefit to them in the form of money being used for lending on a high rate of interest averaging delays in transit durations. In modern language it is a strategic mode of operating money but the very origin of this tendency lies in what was called hoarding in old days.

Tuesday, 26 May 2009

The kinds of opinions

What are the kinds of opinions was the question asked to some body who replied telling that there are two kinds of opinions -my opinion and the wrong opinion. Normally in routine behavior the very attitude of the people is as if whatever they say or do is right and what others do in the same context of work is wrong. Actually this is the type of approach that results into problems as conflict on opinion is the major causes of clashes in any thought process. Reconciliation on opinion clash could be the approach to resolve the relative behavior for which sides concerned are required to get rid of their prejudices in a logical order which act is capable of eliciting necessary harmony in mutual relationship.

Monday, 25 May 2009

From human to human

Life differs from human to human and so does their style of living. Persons placed in comfortable positions hardly bother about the problems others might be facing. A friend of mine who was posted on an election duty last month is not tired of narrating her experience during her stay at a village polling booth. There were no basic amenities available there, no toilet, no eatables, even no water to drink. She was cursing the administration who posted her there claiming that she being a lady should have been spared from the task. Why sparing ladies when there is so much of a cry on their seeking right of equality with men was my question to her. I asked her as to why she is forgetting that the place which she was talking about was not the one without men, women, children living there for ages undergoing all sorts of hardships in the absence of basic amenities. How come, I asked her, that they are the people living there with their families with such a difficult mode of life for generations and you look to be the one who found spending even a few hours so tortuous. If those leading a comfortable life style start thinking even a bit about those who are living in difficult situations they may have no reasons to grumble for themselves.

Sunday, 24 May 2009

Why special train for Railway Minister ?

I am not aware of as to what is the practice on this count elsewhere in the world but as it is seen in India there is always a special train for Railway Minister to take him to his home town or wherever else he opts to go. Now that Mamta Banerjee, the fire brand leader of Trinmul Congress in Kolkata, is taking over charge as a Minister Incharge of the railways in India and if she too follows the pattern that obtained in her predecessor Lallu Yadava's time and even before that, she too may require not simply a berth or a coupe but a full train consisting of several bogies transporting bogey of her supporters alongwith her family members from one place to the other. Why such a wastage? Mamta Banerjee has otherwise an image of a down to earth person leading a moderately simple life style but there is no instance till now when any Rail Minister might have refused to enjoy such a wasteful arrangement. If Mamta Banerjee can afford to be an exception, this may set an ideal for many.

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Saturday, 23 May 2009

Bikes at cheaper rates

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After Tata launched Nano which was a revolution in moderately rated four wheelers and it accelerated the competition element amongst auto dealers who started preparing themselves to bring out still much cheaper a vehicle. There is however nothing new in the market till now except ofcourse Nano which has yet to see the roads. New focus is generated on low cost two wheelers with Bajaj Auto coming out with a motorbike in the range of Rs. 20000/ to 24000/. This is a 125cc bike with its production starting in China whereafter it will start in India. The plan of Bajaj Auto is to come out with yet another version of the vehicle priced in the range of 17000/ to 20000/ making it possible for the people in lower income range to go for a two wheeler which presently they are not able to afford cost wise.

Friday, 22 May 2009

Hoax of an announcement

News counts as it is supposed to carry with it some thing in substance and it takes no time for the news to turn into a hoax when nothing material comes out of it. A welcome announcement was made by the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, Mayawati that there has to be Mayawati[1]no power cut for longer hours and that timings for the purpose are to be restricted to 7am to 10am and 5pm to 7pm. The announcement was hailed and highly welcomed by all and people in general were jubilant with the thought that they are no more to suffer so much because of there being nothing like any schedule for the power cut and such cuts were till now to run for several hours at a stretch with numerous rounds in a day. The jubilation didn't last long as immediately after the instructions were issued to improve the power supply, the supply was rigorously reduced in a worst possible measure. Barren statements could appease some for a short while and soon they are received by the consumers as nothing but just a hoax.

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Thursday, 21 May 2009

On cool drinks

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Difficult to refrain from some kind of a cool drink or the other, more so in hot summer but one has to keep in mind that all such drinks may not be health friendly. Sharbat with lemon is fine but the general choice particularly that of children does not end there as they always have a temptation for brands like Coca Cola, Pepsi and several others like that. Coca Cola, as the medical opinion goes, not only weakens the muscles but may even paralyze them at a stage. May be there is no problem for the moderates who consume this liquor in a limited quantity but those who get addicted to a heavy dosage of it for a longer time are likely to incur problems including a disorder to kidney and heart. Parents have to see to it that their children don't consume much of any cold drink that may cause them lot many problems. Small quantity is alright but heavy intake as a continuous feature has to be avoided  for health sake.

Wednesday, 20 May 2009

This too could be a bias only

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The new government in India is in the offing with the new Prime Minister and his ministers to be sworn in within a day or so. Lobbying at a large scale is already going on and the candidates aspiring to get some berth as a minister or so are leaving no stone unturned to see that they are in. There is a cry that youths are to be given a top priority in joining the cabinet. Why youths? Those who join the government are supposed to be competent, honest and above board in all respects, they are young or old is not that material. Infact this stunt is again with the hidden agenda that a person or a group of persons be accommodated on this pretext. This looks like some one pleading his/ her case on the basis of some caste or some creed. The functionaries must be physical fit to discharge their responsibilities and this is not correct to conclude that only youths can be efficient. Suppose there is a mafia interested in a ministerial berth and he is quite young, is it prudent to take him in simply because he is a youth. Capability, competence and efficiency are not exclusively related to young ones only, they are very much there in the case of others too.

Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Share market emerging in a stabilized mode

Not an expert nor am I so very conversant with the market conditions but feel like having my own observations even as a lay man on the subject. Market looks stabilized in the sense that it is now not found behaving erratic. Usual features which are quite natural for any market are there, and they have to be there, but they look set in a methodical order. Volatility, over buying, over selling, profit booking are all the essential ingredients of a share market and it just can't work without them but the system getting badly stagnated to them for considerably a long time is too cumbersome an experience for the traders but this stage comes only when the market lacks stability. May be, and so let us wish, the market is to work well with the new government in the country.

Share market emerging in a stabilized mode

Not an expert nor am I so very conversant with the market conditions but feel like having my own observations even as a lay man on the subject. Market looks stabilized in the sense that it is now not found behaving erratic. Usual features which are quite natural for any market are there, and they have to be there, but they look set in a methodical order. Volatility, over buying, over selling, profit booking are all the essential ingredients of a share market and it just can't work without them but the system getting badly stagnated to them for considerably a long time is too cumbersome an experience for the traders but this stage comes only when the market lacks stability. May be, and so let us wish, the market is to work well with the new government in the country.

Share market emerging in a stabilized mode

Not an expert nor am I so very conversant with the market conditions but feel like having my own observations even as a lay man on the subject. Market looks stabilized in the sense that it is now not found behaving erratic. Usual features which are quite natural for any market are there, and they have to be there, but they look set in a methodical order. Volatility, over buying, over selling, profit booking are all the essential ingredients of a share market and it just can't work without them but the system getting badly stagnated to them for considerably a long time is too cumbersome an experience for the traders but this stage comes only when the market lacks stability. May be, and so let us wish, the market is to work well with the new government in the country.

Monday, 18 May 2009

Unprecedented but not a hey day

A sky jump as it has happened in the Indian Share Market is by all means most unprecedented in its history but it is refusing to prove a hey day for the traders in the absence of any activity on account of circuits. Need of circuit(s) can not be ruled out as the share market is most likely to go haywire in the absence of it causing a large scale disorder in the total market scenario in turn disrupting the over all economy factorfighterbull in the country. No doubt it is causing an enormous amount of delusion to the traders it is good in the larger interest of the people. Circuit(s) are after all a casual feature only not to last for long and, if the trend of the market remains as it obtains now, this is sure to prove a hey day for the traders subject ofcourse to the other factors that dominate the transactions. This change is undoubtedly indicative of the tremendous faith the people of the country so courageously reposed in the new government poised to take charge within next few days.

Sunday, 17 May 2009

The first day after election results are declared

The results of elections in India out now this one is the first day and it begins with delusions in the sense that it is late in the after noon with terribly hot a weather and there is no light. Light was not that much of a problem during election days as people in governance and contestant public representatives all were afraid of the electorate. Now that fear has outlived its life and there is none to bother about their hardships. Why should they bother as the public wrath on any count of basic utilities has now no more to do any thing after voting is over. The voters that way are now supposed to wait for another day for them when elections fall due after five years from now. No light means no water, no water means no normal activities from house hold to markets and the offices affecting all walks of life in totality. This could be an instance and there is every likelihood that these dimensions may aggravate to a bigger height in days to come.

Saturday, 16 May 2009

Free styled democracy

Democracy as we read and studied is by the people, of the people and for the people. Sounds nice but when it comes to an implementational level things are just different. A political party, if I name it it was Bahujan Samaj Party, and its followers gave a slogan 'Jo zamin sarkari hai, woh sampatti hamari hai' (any land or property belonging to the government is mine). Can it honestly be termed as a democratic approach on the face of the fact that it amounts to just as a barbaric approach forcibly grabbing whatever they can lay their hands upon. You go to a local market with a small halt to buy something on the road side stopping your vehicle just for a while. Immediately a toughy appears and asks you for parking fee. On enquiry it is revealed that there is nothing like any licensed place duly authorised for the purpose but the man asking for the fee continues insisting upon his demand to the point of man handling. What an awkward situation. The vehicle owner succumbs to pressure and pays. This is how democracy is interpreted in most of the cases in our country.

Friday, 15 May 2009

Cycle of soaring prices affects employees more

There is some point  some where for prices to rise and then the cycle goes on to cover many an areas reaching a stage where all are affected. Dealer in food stuff for cattle raises its cost and the milk man inflates his rate for milk with immediate effect. Milk man's raising the price makes the dealers in sweets raise their rates in a big measure as market has the culture of increasing costs not on a point to point basis, they add their own extras. These examples apart, the situation applies to all markets as a whole. The one category that feels handicapped in getting compensated cost wise is that of the employees both in public sector and private sector. There the culture of giving them necessary relief, that too only in a frugal measure, is after several months and they can't raise their emoluments just like a milk man does or the shop keepers do. They are a lot who suffer most when cycle of price rise starts to continue for no definite a period.

Thursday, 14 May 2009

Qualifications of a priest

Priests are worshippers according to their faith and creed and normally the custom grows to the level of a sect pursued from generation to generation. Like it was in Nepal with South Indian Brahmins worshipping in Pashupatinath temple for the last several centuries, the particular sect was doing the job there till such time the Maoist Prime Minister Prachanda made it free for any one to become a priest or Chief Priest some time back which decision was ofcourse reversed on account of a vehement protest offered against it. The question arises if worshipping is an area to be socialized extending eligibility for the purpose to all and sundry or it has to be based on criterion of worshipping by faith and conviction. Faith in religion with conviction and commitment are the basic requisites for a priest and this is highly unfair to make it a saleable commodity which any tom, dick or hary can buy.

Why so much of fuss mongering in share market

Elections in India are over and final results are to come out on the 16th of this month by which time whatever are the speculations now shall take a tangible shape. Natural it is for all walks of life from markets to household to feel concerned as to what happens after the new government takes over but share market is the one that feels a lot of panic on this count and they are going highly panicky as if a doom is to occur. Let it be any government, economy and developmental activities are but to remain their concern and that being the basic factor for any country they just can't afford to switch over to any altogether new modes of change. The usual factors like market scenario in America, U.K. and Asia which dominate the major plus and minus levels all over the world, they will continue doing as such even in days to come coupled with what happens in India even after change of guards, situation in share market is not supposed to undergo any unusual upheaval and the amount of suspense, anxiety and fluctuations are in every likelihood is to remain as it obtains now.

Wednesday, 13 May 2009

A date for public mandate in India

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The turn of the electorate in India comes once in five years and it is entirely their day to act as masters for the destiny of the country, it is they who determine as to who could be their leader(s) to form the government and be the ruler. Compared to the past this time there is much awareness seen in the public and the chances are that they might have voted or may vote now (today being the last day for the purpose) quite wisely and in more dispassionate a manner without getting swayed by the tantrums and the dramatizing tactics applied on them by the contestants. They look wise enough to dexterously select their candidates to finally elect them as their leaders. Their verdict is to assume a tangible shape on 16th of this month when what is in the offing currently is to be visible in physical terms. One can only hope for the better.

Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Adopted sons/ daughters

High Court of judicature at Allahabad recently gave a ruling that an adopted son is as eligible for compassionate appointment as a real son. Several undertakings both in public and private have been denying such appointments on the ground that it is applicable only in the case of real son/ daughter and those who have been granting appointments to the deceased's dependants have been doing so as a matter of their discretion. The ruling undoubtedly gives relief to many who otherwise could have been rendered ineligible. Compassionate appointments are an area which concern the family most after their bread earners die or are severely incapacitated. An issue by legal adoption is supposed to be the legal heir of the deceased otherwise too and by confirming such a position by way of a ruling in the matter the Court has done justice to a large number of people who were in the lurch in the absence of some employment.

Monday, 11 May 2009

Morning walk

Health experts and also the doctors prescribe morning walk with emphasis to keep it brisk and regular. Many a patients take it as an essentially prescribed routine from their ailment point of view and there are many who go for it to keep themselves physically fit and there are yet the people who find a better scope for gossips while walking along with other fellows. In any case walking is most convenient a mode of exercise which requires no expertise except just some will to go for it. When there is a talk on walking it is normally taken as morning walk which is considered much better compared to walking in evening as the oxygen intake is quite better qualitatively in the early hours in the morning but whatever be the shape and timing for the purpose, walking in all cases enables a person to keep fit acquiring necessary amount of resistance against minor sorts of ailments.

Sunday, 10 May 2009

Numerous first ladies

South Africa's fourth President Jacob Zuma was accompanied by his three wives at his investiture ceremony in Pretoria. Being wives of the President all the three were the first lady(ies) in the country and all of them obviously had to be received as such in the function. The great epic Mahabharat talks of the great kings who had large number of wives, in some cases in hundreds, irrespective of the factual situation whether they could physically afford to sexually satisfy all of them and this is one culture that has undergone no change even in modern era where cultural aspect of the civilization is supposed to be at its peak. Be it a top celebrity or a commoner, man's propensity on sex is the same as it was thousands of years back. Wajid Ali Shah, the Nawab of Awadh at Lucknow had a full group of 100 wives besides a large number of concubines and that way it is not that much out of proportion if the President of Africa has only three as his wives and the first ladies of the country.

Saturday, 9 May 2009

Designs exposed

Now that the Court has come out with their judgement that there is no case for the Government of Uttar Pradesh to slap NSA against Varun Gandhi, those who designed such an act are utterly exposed in the eyes of public. The Uttar Pradesh Government, as is the news, are contemplating to go to the higher court with an appeal against it and what the appellate court decides is upto them as per their jurisdiction in the matter but the legal position as it stands on date with the current decision is enough to let the people in general know that the politicians can misuse their prerogative to any extent when it comes to their own vested interests, be it for mobilising the electorate or for any other motive.

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Friday, 8 May 2009

Why law is allowed to be blind ?

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We are told that the Law is blind possibly for the reason that judgement givers are not supposed to deliver their verdicts based on sentiments but in strict adherence to the very frame of rules. Does it mean that the justice perceived at social level has no room to get accommodated? A recent case is that of a woman, Narayani by name, who unfortunately became a widow within three months of her marriage was dragged out of home and abandoned by her inlaws immediately after death of her husband after which she had no option but to take shelter with her parents. Her parents took care of her, saw to it that she was given proper education and that they also managed her employment on a good salary. After serving her employment for quite some time she died leaving considerable amount of her savings besides provident fund. The Hon'ble court delivered their judgement in favour of the inlaws of the woman placing both the savings and the provident fund at their disposal depriving the parents of the same. What a law? The family that took care of the woman spending lot of amount on her and her education was no consideration for the Court, they rather found it more legal to extend the advantage of her savings and superannuation benefits to her inlaws who callously threw her out of the house. Looks like they are rewarded by the Law for their misdeed.

Thursday, 7 May 2009

Book(s) on a click

Searching and getting a book of choice on book stalls is not always an easy task. One may have to loiter from pillar to post or visit one library after the other to trace a particular reference. Now there is a welcome news indicating that the job has since been made easy by using a machine known as EBM which has capability of printing the very book of your choice just on a click within seconds. The capacity of the machine is to print 105 pages per minute. The machine is a great help even to the writers who have to rub their nose from one point to another to get their manuscript printed which they can get done now at ease by submitting the relative CD to the machine operator who in turn does the job within no time. The whole process is user friendly and the chances are that both the readers and the writers will find a big tool of help in the shape of this machine without running here and there and without  involving themselves in the cumbersome process of  searching and tracing a book even online.

Yet another cheaper solution on housing by Tatas

Tatas gave 'Nano' to the people who needed a cheaper mode of transport as against costly four wheelers. What was once considered unbelievable was tangibly there in shape and reality when 'Nano' became visible with a glitter to the customers in show rooms. It is Tatas again who are launching a housing project to suit the pocket of economically not so sound persons. The scheme named as Shubh Grah to provide houses cost wise ranging from 3.9 lakh to 6.7 lakh is having its first take off at Bhoisar, a suburb of Mumbai, with a plan to expand the project to different other cities in the country in time to follow. The plan provides three categories of houses size wise stipulated as 283, 360, 465 sq.ft. This is supposed to be a great revolution in housing as the houses/ flats currently available in this size are much costlier which general public, particularly economically weaker sections, just can't afford and for them the low cost housing accommodation so being provided is surely a boon. Business apart, the entire scheme appears to be benevolently worked out to suit a common man and that manifests the quality of Ratan Tata.

Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Rescueing animals

Animals, birds or say all the species of the live beings on the planet of earth hanker for love much in the same measure the humans do for themselves. Astray dogs or abandoned puppies not only themselves suffer from various kinds of diseases, their ailments are transmitted to the humans too which at times take a graver shape. Mission of rescue so championed by HoundsGood is undoubtedly a noble cause in the sense that it rescues the affected animals from their plight and saves the humans against several complication caused when the diseases spread. Anti cruelity, the measure so taken is divine in nature helping both the helpless animals and the affected humans.

Fitness for exercise and yoga

Physical exercise and Yoga both are resorted to for better health and physical fitness. This fitness is a relative term in the sense that one has to be elementarily fit to go for an exercise on fitness. Too weak a person can't afford necessary physical manoeuvrings for the purpose of exercise nor can he/ she do a pranayaam or kapalbhati  in Yoga in the absence of necessary strength for the purpose. What one can ofcourse do as a matter of compromise is to take the intensity mode of such practices at a lowest possible level to start with and switch over to an advanced level of postures after preliminaries result into some energy and vigor. Exercise and Yoga both are advised by doctors to pregnant ladies based on the concept that it helps the child to grow in a healthy way, some even say that it helps in increasing the IQ of the child when it starts growing. Here again what is more important is that exercise in the case of pregnant women has to be in a moderate order without making it rigorous failing which there are complications including miscarriage bound to occur.

An overbrimming patience

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Waiting for a mail you have been expecting for several days but not getting it, working too hard for a result but nothing tangible happening, expecting an opportunity if you happen to be a blogger but days and even weeks pass and nothing transpires, all this taken together forms a tortuous anxiety telling upon your health profile. If the list of such instances grows further to exhaust your patience that is already overbrimming, you feel like calling it a day for all the waits. There again your anxiety element doubles as what you decide is an offshoot of your emotions with which your mind does not cooperate with the result that your patience continues to be under pressure. No go, this is after all a perennial cycle that goes on and on.

Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Once a mission, later nothing of that sort

It was a news when Kalyan Singh, ex Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, denied his involvement in any manner in demolition of Babri Masjid at Ayodhya claiming instead that he was all along for the minority community of muslims and that he can't think of doing any thing that hurts their feelings. Factually how deeply he was involved in demolition is no secret to any one. It is a different matter that he can come out with any amount of statements contradicting the same for political reasons and vested interest. He is not alone of the type as he is now joined by another political stalwart Uma Bharti, ex Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh, who claims a total ignorance of any demolition plan to her knowledge. She was the one who travelled all the way from Chitrakoot to Ayodhya disguising herself as an ordinary visitor for which purpose she even got her head shaven for the fear of getting recognized by the people who otherwise knew her so well. That time it was a holy mission for her to see Ram Mandir where the Babri Masjid was and the instant turn taken by her only shows that the politicians hardly have any rules or ethics to follow on a permanent footing. They are a community going only by their political convenience varying from time to time.

Sabotaging a confidence

A poor woman struggling to save her cancer patient husband in a hospital locally at Kanpur (U.P.) sold out all that she had including her mangalsutra , a precious most thing for ladies in India, but no treatment worked. She lost her husband. Wailing and crying desperately she was not a normal self to herself convey the sad message to other relations of hers and hankered for some one to help her. A man posing as a volunteer turned up and reposing confidence in him the woman gave him her mobile phone to convey the message on a given number. Within seconds the man disappeared from the scene stealthily taking advantage of her pitiable condition. She lost her husband herself left alone to support her four children, lost every thing she had and then lost the very small tool of communication the mobile phone. The world is like this only where exploiting faith and confidence is a business for many who pretend to be helpers but in real terms they are callous saboteurs hurling inflicts to helpless innocent persons. For them it is just a business.

Rain shower, the breeze and a dust free clean atmosphere

It has been too hot in North India crossing the temperature of 44 but a big respite was there when some rains occurred yesterday bringing down the temperature to a comfortable level. Although the rains were not as such but in the form of drizzles only, continue as they did for quite some time, they proved capable of generating a cool atmosphere all around. The weather experts say that such untimely rains, small or otherwise, are not good for the crop and are likely to prove detrimental to the interest of farmers. Notwithstanding this, the small drizzles have certainly given quite a relief to the people who have been suffering so much on account of scorching sun and sweltering heat for the last several days. Now that it is all over, no body knows the mood of the weather in days to come, it may remain moderate or a high degree of temperature may strike again.

Monday, 4 May 2009

Any thing under the Sun

The profile of a blogger friend of mine says that she writes on any thing under the Sun. As the initial impression at the outset I thought she must be a genius otherwise how could it be possible for some one to write on any thing under the Sun -from an insect to giant creatures, from a rivulet to big ocean, from hillocks to mountains and from all types of creepers to monsters. The other thought that occurred to my mind was that it could simply be a free styled expression on picking up the topics of writing but in that case too it is not a small task as after all some thing that is once selected as a subject for a write up is finally to be given a tangibly legible shape. I got somewhat confused but the impression I had drawn at the very first sight of her profile looks like it got embedded into my mind where it is still hovering refusing to go out whispering into my ears that a person capable of writing on any thing under the Sun must be certainly the one blessed with a strong caliber which I, as a co writer, have but to envy.

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Knowledge shared enriches it further

You know some thing and impart it by sharing the same with others, your knowledge multiplies. Blogging is most important an area for the purpose. You write some thing, it is read by others and there are readers who give their reactions by way of their comments on your post. As it occurs many a times, these comments contain more of information than even what your post gives. Comments so given elicit further reactions from other readers who again give lot of information on the topic of your post and this way the cycle goes on with the result that you yourself get so enriched on the very subject of yours chosen by you as a topic for a writeup. My topics include medical areas covering ailments like diabetes besides fitness and general health. What I have found as a nice experience for myself is that my commentators very often supplement and even supplant my own information on the subject in much richer a way which resultantly forms a sound knowledge base for me. I certainly owe my sincere thanks to my commentators including my critics.

Sunday, 3 May 2009

Why they can't behave themselves ?

A candidate contesting the election of Member of Parliament from BSP (Bahujan Samaj Party) Akhilesh Das from Lucknow passed derogatory remarks against another candidate Nafisa Ali accusing her of a bad character. As a celebrated film star of yester years, Nafisa Ali is a reputed figure and there can be no valid a reason to accuse her like this to instigate the electorate. Although the Election Commission took a serious notice of it censoring Akhilesh Das, this by itself is not enough and more drastic an action in the matter is warranted to secure necessary justice reprimanding the concerned man with an effective measure of punishment.

Diabetic retinopathy

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Known for its slow but deadly impacts, diabetes targets the delicate parts of the body first like eyes where deterioration or loss of vision doesn't occur in a day and the victim takes notice of it when it becomes too late when doctors are hardly able to apply repairs. As pointed out in one of the medical surveys there are around 5000 victims of retinopathy out of every block of 10 lakhs of people. Like it applies to all types of ailments, here too one is required to be cautious enough to notice the problem at the initial stage itself seeking the required medical remedies before it is too late to mend.

Is too much of cleanliness likely to cause problems ?

Cleanliness particularly in respect of house hold environment is a must as doctors and the environmentalists say as it forms an essential ingredient for better health but it is doctors again who suggest that too much of cleanliness is likely to cause health problems. Ailments like asthma, they say, spread out of a bigger measure of cleanliness. What we have been knowing till now is that major cause of an ailment has its roots in pollution and for that reason much of emphasis is laid on cleanliness. One can't have two extremes at the same time -keeping atmosphere clean and keep pollution by its side the same time. Possibly the answer lies in maintaining a moderate profile by reducing the usage of anti oxidants minimizing the application of anti insects devices including sprays with an intense exposure.

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No limit to talking lies

Taking advantage of the fact that public memory is too short to go by what happened in the past, there are people who come out with blatant lies twisting their own statements beyond proportions. Kalyan Singh, the ex Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh and till recently a staunch Bhartiya Janta Party devout, now poses as if he had no hand in demolition of Babri Masjid at Ayodhya most conveniently forgetting that it was he only who was wholly instrumental in such a demolition and that it was he only who joined jubilations on that count taking credit to himself claiming that he acted as a martyr without any regrets for the resignation he had to submit from the post of Chief Ministership in that context. Nothing but a bundle of lies and lies only.

Is it that Nano's turned out to be a small affair only

MINICAB[1] So much of fun fare, lot of frenzy and unmanageable crowds rushing to

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banks and Tata show rooms for a glimpse at 'Nano' all stopped on 25th of the last month with closure of further bookings of the dream car. As against 7 lakhs of application forms issued, the bookings concluded at much lower a figure of 2 lakhs defeating the earlier expectations that it was elicit a sumptuous response. This no doubt gives a better chance to the applicants to get their choice car more easily instead of waiting for much longer a time and it also opens up a chance for another phase of bookings but what was expected response wise is definitely lacking.

Saturday, 2 May 2009

To be honest to writing a blog post

Uniqueness and originality are the essential requisites, as opportunity givers prescribe in elaborate terms, for writing a post on a blog. Measured in strict terms, both uniqueness and originality in their chaste form are hardly possible to practice as whatever the theme of a particular topic is selected for a write up necessarily has its roots some where or the other. The great poet Mirza Ghalib had much of a semblance in his writings of what another great writer Firdausi penned in his works on face of the fact that both of them had no reason to know each other due to generation gap. The problem is common for all the writers when they pick up a topic out of current events and no event has any solitary point of exposure after it occurs. After an event occurs its description varies from writer to writer making it impossible for all of them to stick to an uniform expression and there the element of originality is bound to split in different dimensions. Prescription for uniqueness and originality thus can't at all be adhered to howsoever best a writer tries to be honest.

Routine irritants

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Perusing post of a blog from a friend of mine for giving a comment I found that the particular post had hardly a total length of 10 words telling that she felt miserable with irritations like 'page not found' due to internet problems and hence she couldn't write as many posts as she wanted to. I got confused on giving a comment and had to reconcile with the remark that 'such problems are a common feature' with internet. When you are interacting with internet you never know as to how many irritants may occur during the whole process and there are occasions when even master experts in computer operations fail to locate the very area from where the fault is emerging. Looks like the problem is persistently inbuilt with computer operations and one has only to reconcile with it.

Drawing inspiration from brevity masters

I suffer from a feeling that no expression is complete unless a desired justice is done to its elaboration. Then the question arises as to what extent a point is to be elaborated, elaboration in its entirety or with an element of preciseness and this confusion finally lands me to a full length writeup on the subject which after all is a cumbersome task. I have come across certain posts in some blogs where the expression is confined just to a few lines to make the article complete. I too feel like falling in line with this type of writers to get rid of too lengthy a coverage on a topic. Topics till now covered by me have been around 300 words on an average and, if I draw an inspiration from the writers who are brief to the extent of barely a few words, it may serve the purpose if I too confine myself to a length of say within 100 words and here begins my new experiment without ofcourse knowing how my opportunity providers will take it. May be I am taking a risk.

Friday, 1 May 2009

Owning a fire arm

No dearth of fire arm owners as they are there in plenty with necessary licence or without it. Why they are required? Is it genuinely for a validly justified reason or just as a matter of fancy? Security is the reason quoted by all when they apply for a gun, pistol, revolver or rifle. More than security it is infact a status symbol and a tool of grandeur to impress, or say terrorise, others. My grand father had a rifle besides a 12 bore gun and those days lot of people came to him with curiosity to see the two items with an expression of awe as if they were something so rare as they actually were that time. There was a rule that if security reasons so demanded in the case of any individual any where in the locality, one who held a fire arm licence was supposed to rush to his rescue and that way my grand father was a great rescuer to lot of people. The very presence or a mere show of a fire arm on the scene used to be enough to scare away the looters, the dacoits or others attacking the innocent men and women. The privilege like many other things is no more confined to a few and the fire arms are now nearly as common as mobile phones. Those who can't manage a licence or can't afford it cost wise have no problem in acquiring desi  arms at a low price from lot many local unauthorized dealers who feel fully free to carry their trade in an unfettered manner alarmingly compatible as it is with the weak law and order situation in the country.

Thursday, 30 April 2009

Awareness friendly communication tools

Modern era rightly claims that communicative system was never that easy as it obtains presently. The mode of communication used long back was confined to postal mail as against now when it is harvest of tools like email and mobile phones equipped with instant chatting facility available at the whims and fancy of their users. Besides these direct tools there are also working methods that contribute much in this direction towards spreading a message. Something done does not itself percolate downward to the root level unless it is monitored well in a right direction and this applies to all modes of communications including the one which emerges out of work culture. Lucknow headquarters of SBISA (State Bank of India Staff Association, Lucknow Circle) released some of their communications for the use and information of its office bearers/ members which included duty allocation of its functionaries. Not a big matter nor pertinently so significant an event but interaction wise it sends a sound message on communicational contact between the leadership and the membership in general. It tremendously inculcates a feeling of confidence in mass following that their access to the functionaries is not just ceremonial but tangibly real. Office bearers knowing their duties and responsibilities and the members being in the know of it, it makes taking up the task easy and smooth with full compatibility in total work process. There is nothing much new in the news as the practice is the one that was quite in vogue in the past but it certainly forms a message that it is meaningfully revived both to the advantage of SBISA and its membership. Hopefully the step proves capable of eliciting the desired results.