Thursday, 14 May 2009

Qualifications of a priest

Priests are worshippers according to their faith and creed and normally the custom grows to the level of a sect pursued from generation to generation. Like it was in Nepal with South Indian Brahmins worshipping in Pashupatinath temple for the last several centuries, the particular sect was doing the job there till such time the Maoist Prime Minister Prachanda made it free for any one to become a priest or Chief Priest some time back which decision was ofcourse reversed on account of a vehement protest offered against it. The question arises if worshipping is an area to be socialized extending eligibility for the purpose to all and sundry or it has to be based on criterion of worshipping by faith and conviction. Faith in religion with conviction and commitment are the basic requisites for a priest and this is highly unfair to make it a saleable commodity which any tom, dick or hary can buy.

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