Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Sabotaging a confidence

A poor woman struggling to save her cancer patient husband in a hospital locally at Kanpur (U.P.) sold out all that she had including her mangalsutra , a precious most thing for ladies in India, but no treatment worked. She lost her husband. Wailing and crying desperately she was not a normal self to herself convey the sad message to other relations of hers and hankered for some one to help her. A man posing as a volunteer turned up and reposing confidence in him the woman gave him her mobile phone to convey the message on a given number. Within seconds the man disappeared from the scene stealthily taking advantage of her pitiable condition. She lost her husband herself left alone to support her four children, lost every thing she had and then lost the very small tool of communication the mobile phone. The world is like this only where exploiting faith and confidence is a business for many who pretend to be helpers but in real terms they are callous saboteurs hurling inflicts to helpless innocent persons. For them it is just a business.

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