Thursday, 28 May 2009

Calls from the dark

Known as the boon of the modern era mobile phones are recognized as a tool for multifarious activities and utilities. No good is there without some element of bad in it in the background and so are mobile phones. Contacting, talking, chatting, setting alarms and enjoying music all is there in the tiny tool but occasions are not rare when it is annoying and irritating. You are on an important business schedule, as a gentle man you prefer not to switch off the instrument from the point of view that no important communication should remain unattended and then there is a ring from some where, the callers being mostly the girls, giving you the whisper of '..dear darling, how sweet you are..' and by the time you normalize yourself to mentally fit into such an unexpected message the call is cut. You take a sigh of relief. This relief is short lived as after a few seconds the call is there again with some more romantically silky words. You have no go but to switch off your mobile. Such a trespassing is a routine for many and I wonder how difficult it is to identify such callers from the dark.

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