Sunday, 17 May 2009

The first day after election results are declared

The results of elections in India out now this one is the first day and it begins with delusions in the sense that it is late in the after noon with terribly hot a weather and there is no light. Light was not that much of a problem during election days as people in governance and contestant public representatives all were afraid of the electorate. Now that fear has outlived its life and there is none to bother about their hardships. Why should they bother as the public wrath on any count of basic utilities has now no more to do any thing after voting is over. The voters that way are now supposed to wait for another day for them when elections fall due after five years from now. No light means no water, no water means no normal activities from house hold to markets and the offices affecting all walks of life in totality. This could be an instance and there is every likelihood that these dimensions may aggravate to a bigger height in days to come.

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