Monday, 18 May 2009

Unprecedented but not a hey day

A sky jump as it has happened in the Indian Share Market is by all means most unprecedented in its history but it is refusing to prove a hey day for the traders in the absence of any activity on account of circuits. Need of circuit(s) can not be ruled out as the share market is most likely to go haywire in the absence of it causing a large scale disorder in the total market scenario in turn disrupting the over all economy factorfighterbull in the country. No doubt it is causing an enormous amount of delusion to the traders it is good in the larger interest of the people. Circuit(s) are after all a casual feature only not to last for long and, if the trend of the market remains as it obtains now, this is sure to prove a hey day for the traders subject ofcourse to the other factors that dominate the transactions. This change is undoubtedly indicative of the tremendous faith the people of the country so courageously reposed in the new government poised to take charge within next few days.

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