Monday, 4 May 2009

Any thing under the Sun

The profile of a blogger friend of mine says that she writes on any thing under the Sun. As the initial impression at the outset I thought she must be a genius otherwise how could it be possible for some one to write on any thing under the Sun -from an insect to giant creatures, from a rivulet to big ocean, from hillocks to mountains and from all types of creepers to monsters. The other thought that occurred to my mind was that it could simply be a free styled expression on picking up the topics of writing but in that case too it is not a small task as after all some thing that is once selected as a subject for a write up is finally to be given a tangibly legible shape. I got somewhat confused but the impression I had drawn at the very first sight of her profile looks like it got embedded into my mind where it is still hovering refusing to go out whispering into my ears that a person capable of writing on any thing under the Sun must be certainly the one blessed with a strong caliber which I, as a co writer, have but to envy.

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