Thursday, 21 May 2009

On cool drinks

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Difficult to refrain from some kind of a cool drink or the other, more so in hot summer but one has to keep in mind that all such drinks may not be health friendly. Sharbat with lemon is fine but the general choice particularly that of children does not end there as they always have a temptation for brands like Coca Cola, Pepsi and several others like that. Coca Cola, as the medical opinion goes, not only weakens the muscles but may even paralyze them at a stage. May be there is no problem for the moderates who consume this liquor in a limited quantity but those who get addicted to a heavy dosage of it for a longer time are likely to incur problems including a disorder to kidney and heart. Parents have to see to it that their children don't consume much of any cold drink that may cause them lot many problems. Small quantity is alright but heavy intake as a continuous feature has to be avoided  for health sake.

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