Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Once a mission, later nothing of that sort

It was a news when Kalyan Singh, ex Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, denied his involvement in any manner in demolition of Babri Masjid at Ayodhya claiming instead that he was all along for the minority community of muslims and that he can't think of doing any thing that hurts their feelings. Factually how deeply he was involved in demolition is no secret to any one. It is a different matter that he can come out with any amount of statements contradicting the same for political reasons and vested interest. He is not alone of the type as he is now joined by another political stalwart Uma Bharti, ex Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh, who claims a total ignorance of any demolition plan to her knowledge. She was the one who travelled all the way from Chitrakoot to Ayodhya disguising herself as an ordinary visitor for which purpose she even got her head shaven for the fear of getting recognized by the people who otherwise knew her so well. That time it was a holy mission for her to see Ram Mandir where the Babri Masjid was and the instant turn taken by her only shows that the politicians hardly have any rules or ethics to follow on a permanent footing. They are a community going only by their political convenience varying from time to time.

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