Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Fitness for exercise and yoga

Physical exercise and Yoga both are resorted to for better health and physical fitness. This fitness is a relative term in the sense that one has to be elementarily fit to go for an exercise on fitness. Too weak a person can't afford necessary physical manoeuvrings for the purpose of exercise nor can he/ she do a pranayaam or kapalbhati  in Yoga in the absence of necessary strength for the purpose. What one can ofcourse do as a matter of compromise is to take the intensity mode of such practices at a lowest possible level to start with and switch over to an advanced level of postures after preliminaries result into some energy and vigor. Exercise and Yoga both are advised by doctors to pregnant ladies based on the concept that it helps the child to grow in a healthy way, some even say that it helps in increasing the IQ of the child when it starts growing. Here again what is more important is that exercise in the case of pregnant women has to be in a moderate order without making it rigorous failing which there are complications including miscarriage bound to occur.

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