Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Rain shower, the breeze and a dust free clean atmosphere

It has been too hot in North India crossing the temperature of 44 but a big respite was there when some rains occurred yesterday bringing down the temperature to a comfortable level. Although the rains were not as such but in the form of drizzles only, continue as they did for quite some time, they proved capable of generating a cool atmosphere all around. The weather experts say that such untimely rains, small or otherwise, are not good for the crop and are likely to prove detrimental to the interest of farmers. Notwithstanding this, the small drizzles have certainly given quite a relief to the people who have been suffering so much on account of scorching sun and sweltering heat for the last several days. Now that it is all over, no body knows the mood of the weather in days to come, it may remain moderate or a high degree of temperature may strike again.

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