Thursday, 7 May 2009

Book(s) on a click

Searching and getting a book of choice on book stalls is not always an easy task. One may have to loiter from pillar to post or visit one library after the other to trace a particular reference. Now there is a welcome news indicating that the job has since been made easy by using a machine known as EBM which has capability of printing the very book of your choice just on a click within seconds. The capacity of the machine is to print 105 pages per minute. The machine is a great help even to the writers who have to rub their nose from one point to another to get their manuscript printed which they can get done now at ease by submitting the relative CD to the machine operator who in turn does the job within no time. The whole process is user friendly and the chances are that both the readers and the writers will find a big tool of help in the shape of this machine without running here and there and without  involving themselves in the cumbersome process of  searching and tracing a book even online.

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