Thursday, 30 April 2009

Awareness friendly communication tools

Modern era rightly claims that communicative system was never that easy as it obtains presently. The mode of communication used long back was confined to postal mail as against now when it is harvest of tools like email and mobile phones equipped with instant chatting facility available at the whims and fancy of their users. Besides these direct tools there are also working methods that contribute much in this direction towards spreading a message. Something done does not itself percolate downward to the root level unless it is monitored well in a right direction and this applies to all modes of communications including the one which emerges out of work culture. Lucknow headquarters of SBISA (State Bank of India Staff Association, Lucknow Circle) released some of their communications for the use and information of its office bearers/ members which included duty allocation of its functionaries. Not a big matter nor pertinently so significant an event but interaction wise it sends a sound message on communicational contact between the leadership and the membership in general. It tremendously inculcates a feeling of confidence in mass following that their access to the functionaries is not just ceremonial but tangibly real. Office bearers knowing their duties and responsibilities and the members being in the know of it, it makes taking up the task easy and smooth with full compatibility in total work process. There is nothing much new in the news as the practice is the one that was quite in vogue in the past but it certainly forms a message that it is meaningfully revived both to the advantage of SBISA and its membership. Hopefully the step proves capable of eliciting the desired results.

Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Titbits too count in a work culture

The notion that a major takeoff on a task or decisions on crucial matters form a strong work culture is not correct, what really counts is the manner and style in which a job is undertaken. There were sections who treated Mahatma Gandhi as a laughing stock when he launched 'Namak Andolan' against British imperialism in India. The critics branded it as a meaningless exercise and too trivial a measure to combat the menace emerge as it did from the then so powerful British. It was only later when they realized that they were wrong when they came across the amount of mass awareness and awakening of a volcanic order generated in rank and file throughout the country. Small things are not to be ignored just as trivialities as they do matter to form a bigger approach. May be there are eventualities when a needle matters more than a sword. One has to decide which tool is to be used where like a soldier does in a war field in respect of the weapons he has to use in terms of what the situation demands. A giant ship in ocean is not at all usable in small rivers, there it is a tiny boat that works.

Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Rich man and the peace of mind

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Riches do make a man happy as his means and resources are unlimited but the question mark lies in whether he really has enough peace of mind to feel away from intrigues of tension and strain. A popular narration from the stories on dialogues between king Akbar and his great advisor Birbal talks of a labourer in deep slumber on a rock after toiling hard the whole day for his livelihood. King Akbar raised a question as to how come this poor man can afford any sleep on otherwise too uneven and prickly hot a rock. Birbal's reply was that this man has much better a sleep degree of which no kings and maharajas can afford for the simple reason that they they don't have the peace of mind this man has. 'Uneasy lies the head that wears a crown' is the saying and this is what draws the difference between the rich and the poor. Lakshmi Mittal, the richest Indian in U.K. declared as such consecutively for the 5th time even after his riches dwindled downward by a whopping amount of 16.9 billion pounds must be most happy a man on his distinction as a rich most person in the country but his business worries must be haunting him all the time forbidding him the peace an ordinary person has. Measured in terms of peace, those away from power and pelf have much better a share of it.

Tobacco chewers excuse for the addiction

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Much worse than smoking, tobacco chewing is most crude a form of nicotine intake but  those who are addicted to it are hardly in agreement to this. It is so common in North India particularly in States like Bihar and Uttar Pradesh. In West Bengal it is snuff that is more popular than chewing tobacco. In South India too snuff and not chewing is the popular mode of tobacco intake besides ofcourse smoking. Whatever the mode and style, the addicts justify it by saying that once the body system accepts some thing as a routine it no more harms, it rather acts as a refreshing stimulant, it energizes a person in an efficiency oriented direction. They conveniently ignore the doctors opinion that nicotine intake in any form directly impairs the system causing inefficiency. A person quite regular in his morning walks who himself is a tobacco addict shared his own experience with me telling that whenever he sniffs tobacco before proceeding for a walk he is unable to move fast as he develops breathing problems but whenever he skips the intake his walking is smooth and convenient. Same thing applies to smokers in equal measure. The addicts justify it refusing to accept it as an abuse as it suits them but this in no way alters the very character of tobacco properties which are only awefully hazardous to overall body system.

Monday, 27 April 2009

Novelty in postures of protest

Modernization being in full swing there are new methods for every thing including modus operandi on protests. Showing shoes or throwing them on the face of the target dates back to olden days but then it was more symbolic than real as against now when the practice is gaining much popularity and is getting rampant every where without any discrimination in selecting the target. Be it a VVIP, VIP, Celebrity or any one for that purpose all are targeted in a common order with the only difference that a commoner slapped with shoes in the street elicits no coverage in the media channels as against the dignitaries whose news spreads like a wild fire with media blasting it beyond proportions. After much talked about shoe was thrown on George Bush, the then President of America, at Baghdad, looks like it set a pattern for the protesters as most convenient a method to express resentment. In India it was tried on P.Chidambaram, the Home Minister of the country in his press conference by a journalist followed by similar attempt against Navin Jindal, a Member of Parliament. As if this was not the end of it, a chappal was thrown aiming L.K. Advani, the ex Home Minister and leader of opposition in Parliament. Yet again this was followed by hurling a shoe against Manmohan Singh, the Prime Minister of India, in Ahmedabad. All the attackers pardoned by their victims, they could well realize that their move was safe and problem free plus getting noticed sumptuously every where. Naturally such a device of protest is likely to grow more popular in days to come as in no way it causes any harm to the mischief mongers and they go scotch free. It is a mystery as to what security men were doing during all these incidents. Is it not that there could be a lethal weapon or a rocket used in place of a shoe and what an amount of a colossal damage might have been caused with the security forces watching it all in a comfort.

Resorting to alternatives

Taking situations on their face value is a normal tendency for any person remaining ignorant of the modifications that may work as an alternative. Situations as they occur are hardly within any control as they emerge from a phenomenon which is altogether natural and it is the Nature that causes them, monitors them and eliminates them too. You have to cross a turbulent river and get back with the fear of getting drowned without making any least possible attempt to go to a spot where boats are available. No thought occurs that one should know swimming as such eventualities may occur in one's life any time. There are still villages in remote areas where on delivery of a letter or some kind of any written communication the women folk rush to some nearby acquaintance to read it out to them but they hardly think of acquiring atleast some minimum possible literacy to overcome the hardship when it is there the next time. Call it lethargy or by any other name, the life in the case of persons with such a tendency causes boredom and gets stagnated to the point of monotony, a factor highly prone to bringing miseries which only get multiplied with the passage of time. Miseries so cropping up are nothing but man made only which otherwise can be taken care of simply by applying a small amount of will to work, take some initiative, move just a step further mildly straining the mental nerves to pursue that there is always a better alternative available to any instant situation.

Sunday, 26 April 2009

How come they get richer within days?

Toiling hard and then earn any amount of money is quite understood as there lies the grace and dignity of labour. There are religions like Islaam who call the money earned otherwise as haraam and there it is forbidden. The very slang 'haraamee' emerges out of it and is meant for those who earn money without harnessing them to work or earn it through nefarious means.They even forbid earnings by way of interest and earnings as such are known as haraam only. It is a different matter that majority of people with faith in such a dictate thrive with income on interest. Tax evasion, loot, arson, bribes, land grabbing and haftawaris too are to be taken in the category of haraam only in strict terms of the rule but what happens in routine practice is just the contrary. Not all in an affluent society owe their status to hard earned money. Election fever in India is at its peak these days with more than 1700 candidates in the field out of which 193 are crorepatis. Candidates elected out of this lot will form the Parliament of the country acquiring eligibility to make the laws and amend them with a command to direct the total system to their tune and style.Any question on crorepati members of Parliament with reference to their source of income will be lost against majority votes in their favour, birds of the same feather as they are. The phenomenon one comes across quite often is that it hardly takes much time for a parliamentarian or a legislator to grow to an exorbitantly higher a financial status after getting elected as such and it is no more a secret that the very source of their wealth mostly emerges, exceptions apart, from nefarious means.

Saturday, 25 April 2009

Place for black money

What is black money ? Obviously it has nothing to do with colour as such but is denotive of the manner in which it is acquired with a fishy modus operandi. There is enough room in Indian banks to keep any amount of money in their vaults and currency chest but there are Indians who don't find it feasible to keep their money there for the reason that they can't account it for legitimately with the result that they have to look for some place in other countries where they can keep it without hurdles and without others taking any notice of it. Indian money deposited abroad is estimated to be 70 lakh crore of rupees, an enormously huge amount worth contributing sumptuously to Indian economy if brought back to the country. Prime Ministerial candidate of Bhartiya Janta Party L.K. Advani has highlighted the issue as his election manifesto which is gaining popularity momentum amongst the masses day by day carry as it does a lot of appeal. The question that this very money, may be in a varying degree, was very much there during the time BJP, the major component of NDA, was in power and why it was not brought back to the country then is unanswered. Even then the slogan is popular capable of working well with the electorate. If the BJP really and sincerely adheres to their current slogan in the event of their coming to power again and the money is tangibly brought back to the country, this for sure will contribute an impetus to the otherwise crippled economy of India. Undoubtedly the place for Indian money has to be India only and not the other countries abroad.

Friday, 24 April 2009

Jugglery in interest rates

As publicized from time to time different banks talk of their interest rates in an alluring manner ofcourse in the context of guidelines issued by the Reserve Bank of India at given intervals depending on market conditions. The rates so advertised by banks are taken by the public in good faith and on their face value which infact works out to be much more particularly in respect of loans as they apply their own tricks in the matter of 'rests', say monthly rest or quarterly rest resulting into interest on interest. If declared rate of interest on a particular loan is say 9% accumulating to 10,000/ in a particular month the chargeable amount for the next month is principal+10,000/ and the sequence goes on till due date by which time the overall interest burden multiplies to much more than 9%. The latest guidelines released by Reserve Bank provide that interest on Savings Bank accounts be calculated on daily basis with a view to allowing the depositors the advantage of a full rate. This will certainly give a better relief to investors if the banks really don't invent some new trick to bypass the provision. Practice till now obtaining in banks is to apply interest on minimum balance in respective accounts from 10th to the last day of each month. Why minimum balance and why not the aggregate amount for the month as a whole? If similar relief is given by the Reserve Bank in respect of the borrowers too in whose case interest compounds so heavily due to unilateral 'rests' this shall be a measure to give relief to millions of people in the country.

Scorching sun and temptation for drinks

Summer in full swing, it is too hot in India with temperature nearing 44 degrees. Sweltering heat and sun strokes are a common phenomenon. Outings are too onerous a task but the world moves on like it does otherwise in a normal atmosphere. Sweating and perspiring, people are at work. For many, they can't afford relaxing in their household environment because no work for them means no food for them and their families when they get back to their home late in the evening. Come what may they have to work unmindful of any degree of temperature. Even those who work in air conditioned offices are not supposed to remain there all the time as they necessarily have to go on outings with office work. They are mostly lower rung of staff bicycling the distance they have to cover and when feeling terribly thirsty they have but to resort to drinking water from road side water taps or are tempted to go for some drinks from road side vendors who are otherwise known for their polluted and unhygienic supplies. School children are the other lot who are exploited most by these road side vendors taking advantage of their temptation for some sweet drink or the other. The children may not be supposed to be conversant with health hazards involved in such supplies but parents must be attentive to the fact that maximum cases of gastroenteritis are caused by drinks and eatables provided by the road side vendors full of dirt and filth as they are.

Thursday, 23 April 2009

Handling human resource

Most pertinent a factor as it is for any industry or organization, human resource is a pivotal point for any business to successfully take off. Lack of proper handling of this factor only leads to a disaster. A meticulously initiated and spiritedly inculcated from top to the root, an adept approach with team spirit in mind is unfailingly result oriented. This area was that of master and servant in the past which concept is totally outmoded in the present context of culture in the society as a whole. Result orientation lies in building up proper teams of work harnessing them to various tasks with equitable distribution of jobs amongst the workers without any prejudice or bias with mutuality in mind. The giant sized biggies like Tatas in India are known for applying this type of strategy and there lies the secret of their so successfully building up their internationally acclaimed business empire as it stands today. They might have suffered setbacks by way of losses many a times but their investment of cordiality and cohesion with their workforce yields them status after status in business world. Monitoring work is an individual factor and for that reason the results differ from person to person. K.V. Kamath built up ICICI, the second largest bank in India after State Bank, bit by bit taking it to pinnacles of success but situation underwent an adverse change in its performance scenario after he relinquished his office as its top man. Dexterity element in business demands that those in the field of dealing with human resource should draw necessary lessons from instances like this.

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

EC Council's role in IT training is laudable

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Internet technology is undoubtedly a boon for the human society and no walk of life runs without it. Many an advantages, many a benefits and superb career orientation bountifully emerge out of it but no gainsaying that it does suffer from lot many risks most vulnerably obtaining in online operations obviously warranting ample security precautions. Computer users owe laurels to EC Council who evolved an exhaustively intensive programming and guidance on, inter alia, risk free operations with their online instructor led IT security training. This training, if taken earnestly, acts as shield and buckler against spiders and saboteurs who so unwantedly attack the secrecy and privacy of the web site owner online. Abundantly highlighting security fundamentals with requisite coverage on ethical hacking, due care is taken in respect of penetration testing and disaster recovery besides focus on computer forensics and secure programming. The hacking cycle covers all the aspects which are highly relevant both from utility angle and career point of view. Secure coding is there to overcome spying and onslaughts against privacy exclusiveness.A peep to the following fully reveals a bonanza of benefits IT Security and I am the one feeling so overwhelmingly tempted to opt for such a meaningful training schedule with an anxiety to get fully equipped with fool proof safeguards against every now and then occurring online incidents of attacks on individual privacy.

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Is IT industry on a slope downward ?

It was a revolution when Internet technology took the world as a storm leaving an impression as if the move is not to know a stop but there did come a stage, as it obtains currently, when the progress came to a standstill and then a dwindling trend started. It gave employment to tens of thousands of people all over the world but soon it fell prey to a world wide slump resulting into a large scale retrenchment. In India, like other countries in the world, it is very much linked to general development progress (GDP) which vulnerably wavers like a candle flicker. Measured in terms of percentage it has been around 4% of GDP growth during the last 4 years. This growth as pronounced by economists was supposed to be 9% during the year 2008-09 but it failed to go beyond 7.8% and obviously the share of progress in IT industry heavily suffered a setback. Computers are the order of the day but their popularity appears to be stagnated at a point. If the present trend of the global market is an indication, there is not much of a chance of GDP growth which only shows that IT industry has to suffer further which again denotes that till sometime back growing popularity of internet technology may get dwindled enormously.

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Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Small break on TV ?

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How irritating is it that you open your Television with an anxiety to get updated on news or any other choice item of yours and instead of coming across your indented area you are confronted with a chhota break displaying from odd looking undergarments to different contraceptive devices appearing as ads many a times in ugly postures and lot many things like that. You take a sigh of relief when your choice item appears after a few minutes but that again is hardly lasting as no sooner your choice item starts it is followed by another ad and the sequence continues the whole time limiting the utility oriented usable time space to a barest minimum. I very often think as to how those awefully busy persons make it to manage the viewing of their requisite areas on TV and whether they can afford wasting so much time for small utility. It is nothing like a matter of a deep past when access to TV used to be solely exclusive without unnecessary extras in the name of ads and viewers could utilize the whole time that they were to spare for the purpose. Is it that the colossal amount of taxes imposed by the Government is not enough to provide the utility items like news, informations and search on technologies without unduly depending on business communities who are there but to use the channels to promote their products.

Monday, 20 April 2009

Weather in Arizona

Cool, rather chill cool is what people normally ask for while going for a drink and so is the choice in regard to weather too. A cool weather is refreshing and it elicits a soothing respite against fatigue but it doesn't hold good for all as there are persons who prefer hot weather like those in Tamil Nadu (India) who hardly fixup their travel schedules for North India as most of it is drastically cool, more so in Winters. They are fondly in search of a hot place weather wise for their outings and they are the ones who can enjoy well in a place like Arizona where 80 degree temperature may work more as an incentive for them as against a cool weather. May be there are several others from different places to join them.Scottsdale Fine Properties

What weather has to do with our moods

It is not just like talking about weather when there is no topic available for discussion, it is the very weather that obtains currently making me talk about it. I came across similar topic on the PayPerPost web site where the bloggers were required to discuss weather with reference to current temperature in Arizona (if I remember the place correctly). I failed to reply their challenge question, hence attempt on any writeup by way of a post was out of question. I still felt like talking about it and the very temperature that mercury shows presently at the local level prompts me to pen these few words. It is summer and temperature is bound to rise but the way it is going on a higher side in the month of April itself is an alarming signal for sweltering heat in days to come indicating that hell may break in the months of May and June. No respite in sight as the rains are otherwise due only in middle of June or the time the weather pundits predict, it is a different matter that their predictions like any other forecasts hardly work accurately. Temperature on date in Kanpur (Uttar Pradesh) is at 40 degree Celsius and with this rate it has every likelihood of crossing 47 degree Celsius, if not more, by mid June. It is a peculiar phenomenon that temperature has a great relationship with our mood, mood to work. The more the heat in temperature, the lesser is our performance rate. For those belonging to an affluent society it is possible to rush to some hilly areas seeking some respite but here again the people to suffer most are those who are economically weaker or whose wage level is too low.

Sunday, 19 April 2009

Is online operation really relevantly instant ?

Online operation is tempting, look as it does instantaneous, and the one operating a computer feels as if the entire world is under his feet. So alluring it is on the surface that persons can't help realizing their dreams coming true. Most often it is found to be a mirage as things are just different in physical terms. There is nothing to blame the very mechanism as the tricks are played by those who know no limit to exploit it. Take banks for instance who get never tired of flashing their ads on different products and service. They say it is now a matter of just few minutes to transfer funds not only from one branch to another in the same bank but from any bank to any bank.The allurement is sans practice and when tried it is found that the task is too cumbersome a job and applying clicks after clicks going from page to page where the customers ultimately land is to personally contact the relative branch/bank and there it comes to days and weeks for their request to materialize or receiving a final 'no'. The anomaly equally holds good in the matters of demat accounts for share trading. A trader comes across some instant opportunity, needs funds for the purpose obviously on an urgent footing and presuming that his funds with the identified bank can forthwith be transferred for the purpose, he/she clicks the fund transfer area on the site only to elicit a prompt message that the request is accepted and that it may materialise within next 2-3 working days by which time the very opportunity is lost.

Saturday, 18 April 2009

Alarming gender bias

India is well known all over the world for its Vedic slogan '..yatra naryastu pujyentey ramantey tattra devta' meaning thereby that where women are worshipped gods are there. It was in this context only that Vibekanand remarkaby chose 'Sisters and brothers' instead of till then practice of starting speech with 'Brothers and sister' while delivering his lecture to the audience abroad. Whether the slogan holds good presently is the question. Possibly 'no' is the answer with the result that women population in the country is proportionately much higher compared to males which is astoundingly an alarming signal towards serious imbalances in social order in days to come. A look at Paleolithic age shows that initially the

women on earth being severely scarce different tribes used to fight to procure them every now and then and this used to be the basic cause of quarrels amongst the male folks. An anomaly of the worst order is obtaining in the sense that men have their foremost attraction for women but themselves they hardly prefer a female child, nay they don't want it at all, when it is their turn to produce children after marriage or even otherwise. There are latest techniques available in the market with expert doctors to ascertain and disclose the gender in respect of the child in the offing to the interested persons ofcourse against an enormous cost which only rich people can afford. Laws are there and so are the rules to drastically curb such a practice but who bothers for them in the country. Other countries, say like China, also are there confronted with the same problem with 32 million more males compared to females and they are giving a rethinking to their till now obtaining theory of one child for a couple. Infact the issue warrants necessary social order to remedy the situation instead of the laws and the rules for which hardly any one bothers.

Friday, 17 April 2009

Is the current trend of Sensex statabilised?

It allures, it hoodwinks, it causes chagrin and that is how Sensex behaves. There are giants of expertise in the share market who are available to come out with any amount of predictions but factually there is none, infact there can't be any, who can be tangibly specific. The will say the market has to go a high side, some shares have a better chance, some are to fail in their performance and may be nothing moves as the market has to go volatile. What else is the share market, these routine characteristics only. Predictions are more of a riddle than a positive foretelling. What is better for traders in shares is to have individual study based on what is happening globally and also locally in the market, derive their own view to set their final target always prepared for a negative result instead of taking it for granted that they shall be only gainers. Certain studies are there like the one CNI Research Ltd. who have come to a conclusion after a large scale survey of share market related data that Sensex is likely to reach 14500 with Nifty at 4367 within next one year. This again is subject to lot many upheavals which are always so common in the market but the study certainly is worth so far as the share trading planning is concerned.

Thursday, 16 April 2009

Nano comes in, Maruti800 goes out

Old order changeth to the new is the saying and it equally applies to auto vehicles. When Maruti800 was introduced to the market it was nearly that popular as Nano is today. Considered as peoples car, Maruti800 was received sumptuously well by all quarters of society and it was this car which made Indian car industry recognizable in different countries abroad. People will miss this car as the company has since decided to stop its further production for the reasons that the current generation of customers want newer versions which are more pollution free and more environment friendly. Like Lakhtakia (car priced at 1 lakh) Nano, Maruti800 too was initially priced too low at 40,000/, it is a different matter that by the time it reached the market and the customers, the price tag grew bigger and bigger. Celebrities including President of India are in the first preference list for Nano and more or less similar was the case with Maruti800 where people like Shahrukh Khan, Sachin Tendulkar, Khushwant Singh were the very initial first proud buyers of the car. Occupying the status of an economical and fuel friendly car, this car has covered a time span of nearly two and a half decade of its service to the people and obviously we are to bid adieu to this sweet vehicle with a heavy heart only.

Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Literary giant Vishnu Prabhakar is no more !

Dayal was his original name given by the family but he became Vishnu Prabhakar  after he acquired degree of Prabhakar in Hindi. The highest recognition offered to him was 'Padma Vibhushan'. Aged 97, he initially responded well to medical treatment but his condition deteriorated and he breathed his last in the hospital on Friday the 10th April. His was a household name in literary areas after he wrote 'Awara Masiha'. He wrote number of books including a biography on Sharad Chand but 'Awara Masiha' was his masterpiece. The story, the cult, the style adopted in 'Awara Masiha' became a routine background for others particularly those in film making but when it was written it was just a novelty and every inch original, more so as it was iconoclastic in the sense that it touched and dealt with the areas of human behaviour which till then were considered as socially forbidden laden with a reaction of disdain. Vishnu Prabhakar was a pace setter in that sense bold as he was in bringing out the real manifestation of human sentiments. His death is a colossal loss to Hindi literature but his 'Awara Masiha' alone is capable of retaining his memory in people's mind for centuries to come.

Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Nano or Umrao Jaan ?

Tata's Nano is casting its spell on every body and the one so spell bound is Muzaffar Ali, the film maker who gave his masterpiece Umrao Jaan to the film enthusiasts of the country. He finds the tiny car as the one most befitting to a country like India as it contains total indigenous features. Look and beauty wise he joyfully compares it with 'Umrao Jaan' in his film with the very same name. Asked as to which one is better from beauty angle his reply was 'let the time come' denoting that it has to be an exact physical comparison when the car is on the road. The car after all is a dream come true for India with a crowd of admirers even abroad and there are millions of people joining Muzaffar Ali.

Monday, 13 April 2009

Why confusing ads ?

Nothing moves without ads as the market just can't go without it. Basic purpose of an advertisement is to highlight a product drawing attention of the consumer public. What occurs  most often is that highlighting an item is exaggerated to multi dimensional proportions conveying messages in support of it which visibly are not real. I came across an ad published by a premier bank in India with its large branch network abroad conveying the message that they are the first one to introduce a facility by which customers can make their payments through any branch of any bank by giving them necessary authority for the purpose selecting their choice branch out of the list that was available on a click on their web site. When clicked it was found that hardly a few branches were available for selection as against the very message as if it could be applicable to any choice office of any bank.. There are several companies forcing their snapshot ads on different web sites in a silky language boasting high of their product alluring the visitors in so many ways and finally after surfing pages after pages it reaches no where or only to a point of nullity utility wise. Ads ok but inflating them to unduly allure the customers in unreal terms is some thing that needs to be restrained in public interest.

Sunday, 12 April 2009

Inflation continues going downward

Only a few months back it was imaginably difficult to visualize that the level of inflation may ever go as down as 0.26 per cent. May be it gives a chance to politics manager to claim that the credit goes to Congress, the major partner of ruling UPA in the country and the wizards of financial economics, as they are known, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and a few of his colleagues in his cabinet but this can't form an honest conclusion on the face of the fact that they themselves never made any statement that the inflation may go that down for the reason that they never expected this to happen. This too is an intriguing phenomenon like prices of routine consumption commodities soaring higher and higher on the face of the global cries that there is a deep slump in the market and that rates of every thing have gone down to the bottom level. This is a painful contrast. If inflation is the basis that is currently at a lowest possible bottom, the prices in the market are supposed to be really low in physical terms but, if experience of the common consumers is the criterion, what virtually obtains is just contrary. Consumers never suffered this much even when inflation was at a highest possible point.

Saturday, 11 April 2009

Is it worth incurring debts for Nano?

Tata's Nano is so much a craze for every one from richer people to those weak on financial footing that they are to some way or the other grab one. Richer people are for it as a fancy to add it to their fleet of cars as a modern most item and middle class/ lower middle class people look at it as an elevated version of a scooter/bike with not so much difference in cost. Bankers were never found so liberal in so receptively granting loans for the purpose and there is a cut throat competition amongst them which obviously suits the customers. A tendency of remaining unmindful to interest impact as the Indian customers particularly the farmers have, they don't bother for the burden of debts. They fail to realize that waiting periodMINICAB[1] in the case of Nano may be too high in view of the unprecedently huge demand for the toy car and obviously the interest burden is likely to reach a peak by the time its delivery materializes. Rich people can afford it as for them it is a petty item of expenditure but it may prove so cumbersome for others who have but to borrow against heavy interest. Interest burden wise it may not at all be worth to go for the vehicle but the amount of frenzy for it is so much that the customers can't help going for it whatever be the cost.

Friday, 10 April 2009

Shoe slinging -a fanatics frenzy

After a journalist slapped a shoe on George Bush getting sumptuous rewards from many quarters, the activity has quite assumed much bigger a popularity. It's a highly rewarding an incentive for the seekers of popularity and money. The latest victim being the Home Minister of India, P.Chidambaram in the hands of another journalist Jarnail Singh from Dainik Jagran. It is a different matter that he regretted the incident and Chidambaram was great enough to pardon him insisting that no criminal proceedings be initiated against him which he otherwise very much deserved. You spit on some body's face and regret but the act remains and so does the insult to the victim. After all this is not the arena of freedom of speech, this is most unbridled an approach to communicate one's feelings and sentiments. None has any better scope of expression than the Press whose machinery is vast enough to give the issues any amount of coverage limitlessly. Why then a journalist, or any one for that purpose, should resort to such an ugly measure of forcing his message. Possibly it is not the message that forms a concern, the hidden item on agenda is to elicit public attention and money. Although Jarnail Singh has announced that the amount of 2 lakhs of rupees he is receiving as a reward for the unholy act is to be spent towards the cause of 1984 anti sikhs riot victims, this by itself can't be construed as a pertinent excuse against most unpardonable an act of slapping shoe(s) on the face of some body, a VVIP or even a commoner. Law is there to take care of a Tytler or a Sajjan Kumar or whosoever involved and there is no cogent a reason as to why a journalist, out of all the persons, should indulge into such an acrobatics for trivially cheap gains.

Thursday, 9 April 2009

Who is more of a mother

There are persons who can't help responding to any remark that concerns them. Mayawati, currently the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, is one of them and she leaves no chance to give a prompt rebuffMayawati[1] to any one who hurts her feelings some way or the other directly or indirectly. Maneka Gandhi, aggrieved as she felt on account of criminal proceedings initiated by Mayawati against her son Varun Gandhi, passed a remark that Mayawati can't realise the pains of a mother as she herself is not the one with a son or a daughter. Obviously she is not. But how could she lag behind in replying to the accusation. She came out with a statement that she is the one to take care of thousands of people in the country and that she very well knows as to what could be the role of a mother. In a way she is not wrong as that is what many a politicians claim they are the messiahs of the masses which role very much nears that of a mother. Mother Teressa was the one who claimed that she was a mother to all those who needed care, love and affection. She was self less and whole heartedly committed to cause of humanity. Much away from power and pelf she sacrificed all her life serving the poor, the destitutes, the sick persons including those suffering from chronic leprosy who were otherwise considered as untouchables even from their own family members. Sister Nivedita was another self less woman who joined mission of service with Vibekanand totally abandoning all the pleasures of life excepting service to mankind. Difficult to presume that Mayawati belongs to this category of persons who were there just to serve the people without any selfish interest of theirs.

Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Relevance of yoga in modern age

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Yoga is an ancient oriental science that was considered superb in the matters of physical fitness in olden days. It went into oblivion certain decades ago and resurfaced in more robust a form only some years back. Thanks to yogees like Swami Ram Deo and a few others who most capably gave yoga entirely a new finish carrying a first hand appeal to the masses. The great feature of yoga that it hardly involves any cost so far as the exercise and practice are concerned makes it reachably accessible for the commonest person in the world. Not much ago there were medical scientists who ruled it out for treatment to cure any ailment. They considered it obsolete and out of date, more so as it was supported by Ayurvedic mode of medical treatment which, they thought, was not at all backed up by advanced studies and research. The time that followed abundantly proved it that they were wrong and that both Ayurved and Yoga had in it all possible ingredients which are the requisite essentials for dealing with physical fitness and treatment of different ailments. Thanks to media like TV channels that worked as a most powerful tool to translate necessary message on both these counts to masses in a high measure. Now that the message is clear all over the world, the world fully realises their importance and need.

Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Role of media is laudable

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This is election year in India and no political party is leaving any stone unturned to muster their strength to a maximum possible extent. They talk high of themselves in public meetings as well as their private conversations. Who is there to show them in their true colours ? Obviously it is the media that exposes them in a fullest possible measure bringing to light their real doings and undoings for the use of the electorate  who otherwise are normally unaware of how the politicians behave behind the curtains. The mafias serving their sentence in jail pose as saviours and there are people who get swayed by what is told to them in a silky language wooing them to secure their votes. Scandal mongers doing the same thing. Which politician really champion the cause of the poor, downtroddens and the destitutes or who was a robber, a land grabber, a rapist or a drunkard of worst order are all the facts the media is bringing out to the notice of the public amply enabling them to formulate their decision before casting their votes. News papers and TV both have stoutly harnessed themselves for the cause and their role in the matter is highly laudable in no uncertain terms.

Monday, 6 April 2009

The charm may not last long

Now that Nano is out in the market displayed ornamentally in Tata show rooms in different cities where people throng in large number to have a glance of the beauty queen. After all the people have been waiting for it so suspensefully for quite a long time heart throb of millions as the dream car becameMINICAB[1] only within a short span of time as a result of Tata's charashmatic innovation. Situation looks somewhat different if one goes by what the visitors to the show rooms for the purpose talk. They find that tyres both in front and the back are of a different size and stupney is provided only for the front. Tyres in the back, puncture proof as they are called, lack replacement remedy. What is said however is that even in the event of some puncture or the other the tyres may afford travel of a few miles with lesser air pressure enabling the driver/ owner to reach the nearest possible service center of Tatas which again has to depend on whether such a service is available nearby. Speed pick up causes rattlings on acceleration and the rear seat comfort is disturbed by noise as the very engine is fitted only in the back of the car with the caged outlet for the air yawning

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awkwardly backward. Virtually, they talk, it is nothing but an upward version of a scooter/ motor bike. Cost wise too it is not that much economical as the very price tag quite nears Maruti 800. No doubt that several banks including State Bank of India have come out with special loan schemes for Nano but the buyer starts incurring additional burden of interest even during the waiting period with a lurking suspense whether his/her turn materialises within a certain stipulated time. The dicky fitted in the front hardly spares any space as most of it is occupied by stupney itself.  Let us wish that the entire fun fare doesn't turn out to be much ado about nothing.

Sunday, 5 April 2009

Laws and Rules by unilateralism

Laws are there and there are rules too. Their sanctity lies in the manner they are adhered to and implemented. There are people never tired of boasting that Law is supreme and that this is applicable to all in general without any prejudice or bias of any kind but scenario is just different when when it comes to practice. Varun Gandhi is booked under National Security Act (NSA) on the grounds that he got involved in criminal activities and that he instigated others for violence. Presuming for argument sake that Varun Gandhi might have done some sort of activities pointed out against him but is it that this has happened in this country for the first time. Incidents much worse than this have been happening in India every now and then at alarmingly a large scale and the guilty are left scotch free. If at all some mafia don is sent to jail for his criminal activities it is in most of the cases to enlist his support and the moment he agrees to offer it he is enrolled as a member of the ruling party and sponsored as a candidate to contest elections either at M.P. level or MLA/MLC level. The currently ruling Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh Mayawati has already criminal proceedings against her pending and she has never been that prompt as in slapping NSA against Varun Gandhi for the obvious reasons that she wanted to encash the incident for her electoral advantages. Sanctity of the Law lies in its implementation in an honest manner uniformly and, if used dishonestly, the Law is no more as such, it is confined to serve the vested interests of a few only.

Saturday, 4 April 2009

Yoga for health and vitality

Yayati, a king in olden days tens of centuries ago, fell sick with the crushing anxiety that age had impact on him and that because of his old age he was no more a man with vigor and strength. This anxiety of his was more on account of his failings on sex as he had to have a bad face before several dozens of queens and concubines he used to have as a king. He wanted his younger days back which, as his advisers said, was not a possibility unless there were youths who could donate their strength and energy to him. His sons, as the saying goes, volunteered themselves for the purpose resulting into the king becoming youthfully young again. May be the story sounds somewhat absurd but is certainly symbolically true for many suffering from too bad a state of health and age effects. Nature has its own rules and ageing is one of them which can't be undone with the exception that its impact can be minimized considerably with natural treatments, precautions and a disciplined way of life. Yoga is most powerful a tool for the purpose directing necessary fruits to its practitioners going for it as a routine discipline. Practiced casually, yoga hardly gives any results, it may rather cause problems in the body system but pursued with perseverance it elicits miracles of improvements. From breathing exercises to aasanas , yoga prescribes several modes of practice covering generalities besides remedial treatments for individual problems. Yoga is a science, or say a science of dialogue, that requires one's mind to direct other faculty systems in the body and the whole process involves concentration to act as a pertinent tool to consolidate energy distributing the same to all faculties in most requisite a manner. Age factor, as the saying goes, doesn't apply to yogies (practitiioners of yoga) for the reasons that they grow invincible against any decay through a disciplined mode of life the yoga prescribes and bestows.

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NB: More details and individual areas covered separately .