Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Relevance of yoga in modern age

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Yoga is an ancient oriental science that was considered superb in the matters of physical fitness in olden days. It went into oblivion certain decades ago and resurfaced in more robust a form only some years back. Thanks to yogees like Swami Ram Deo and a few others who most capably gave yoga entirely a new finish carrying a first hand appeal to the masses. The great feature of yoga that it hardly involves any cost so far as the exercise and practice are concerned makes it reachably accessible for the commonest person in the world. Not much ago there were medical scientists who ruled it out for treatment to cure any ailment. They considered it obsolete and out of date, more so as it was supported by Ayurvedic mode of medical treatment which, they thought, was not at all backed up by advanced studies and research. The time that followed abundantly proved it that they were wrong and that both Ayurved and Yoga had in it all possible ingredients which are the requisite essentials for dealing with physical fitness and treatment of different ailments. Thanks to media like TV channels that worked as a most powerful tool to translate necessary message on both these counts to masses in a high measure. Now that the message is clear all over the world, the world fully realises their importance and need.

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