Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Role of media is laudable

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This is election year in India and no political party is leaving any stone unturned to muster their strength to a maximum possible extent. They talk high of themselves in public meetings as well as their private conversations. Who is there to show them in their true colours ? Obviously it is the media that exposes them in a fullest possible measure bringing to light their real doings and undoings for the use of the electorate  who otherwise are normally unaware of how the politicians behave behind the curtains. The mafias serving their sentence in jail pose as saviours and there are people who get swayed by what is told to them in a silky language wooing them to secure their votes. Scandal mongers doing the same thing. Which politician really champion the cause of the poor, downtroddens and the destitutes or who was a robber, a land grabber, a rapist or a drunkard of worst order are all the facts the media is bringing out to the notice of the public amply enabling them to formulate their decision before casting their votes. News papers and TV both have stoutly harnessed themselves for the cause and their role in the matter is highly laudable in no uncertain terms.

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