Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Small break on TV ?

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How irritating is it that you open your Television with an anxiety to get updated on news or any other choice item of yours and instead of coming across your indented area you are confronted with a chhota break displaying from odd looking undergarments to different contraceptive devices appearing as ads many a times in ugly postures and lot many things like that. You take a sigh of relief when your choice item appears after a few minutes but that again is hardly lasting as no sooner your choice item starts it is followed by another ad and the sequence continues the whole time limiting the utility oriented usable time space to a barest minimum. I very often think as to how those awefully busy persons make it to manage the viewing of their requisite areas on TV and whether they can afford wasting so much time for small utility. It is nothing like a matter of a deep past when access to TV used to be solely exclusive without unnecessary extras in the name of ads and viewers could utilize the whole time that they were to spare for the purpose. Is it that the colossal amount of taxes imposed by the Government is not enough to provide the utility items like news, informations and search on technologies without unduly depending on business communities who are there but to use the channels to promote their products.

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