Saturday, 25 April 2009

Place for black money

What is black money ? Obviously it has nothing to do with colour as such but is denotive of the manner in which it is acquired with a fishy modus operandi. There is enough room in Indian banks to keep any amount of money in their vaults and currency chest but there are Indians who don't find it feasible to keep their money there for the reason that they can't account it for legitimately with the result that they have to look for some place in other countries where they can keep it without hurdles and without others taking any notice of it. Indian money deposited abroad is estimated to be 70 lakh crore of rupees, an enormously huge amount worth contributing sumptuously to Indian economy if brought back to the country. Prime Ministerial candidate of Bhartiya Janta Party L.K. Advani has highlighted the issue as his election manifesto which is gaining popularity momentum amongst the masses day by day carry as it does a lot of appeal. The question that this very money, may be in a varying degree, was very much there during the time BJP, the major component of NDA, was in power and why it was not brought back to the country then is unanswered. Even then the slogan is popular capable of working well with the electorate. If the BJP really and sincerely adheres to their current slogan in the event of their coming to power again and the money is tangibly brought back to the country, this for sure will contribute an impetus to the otherwise crippled economy of India. Undoubtedly the place for Indian money has to be India only and not the other countries abroad.

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