Friday, 24 April 2009

Scorching sun and temptation for drinks

Summer in full swing, it is too hot in India with temperature nearing 44 degrees. Sweltering heat and sun strokes are a common phenomenon. Outings are too onerous a task but the world moves on like it does otherwise in a normal atmosphere. Sweating and perspiring, people are at work. For many, they can't afford relaxing in their household environment because no work for them means no food for them and their families when they get back to their home late in the evening. Come what may they have to work unmindful of any degree of temperature. Even those who work in air conditioned offices are not supposed to remain there all the time as they necessarily have to go on outings with office work. They are mostly lower rung of staff bicycling the distance they have to cover and when feeling terribly thirsty they have but to resort to drinking water from road side water taps or are tempted to go for some drinks from road side vendors who are otherwise known for their polluted and unhygienic supplies. School children are the other lot who are exploited most by these road side vendors taking advantage of their temptation for some sweet drink or the other. The children may not be supposed to be conversant with health hazards involved in such supplies but parents must be attentive to the fact that maximum cases of gastroenteritis are caused by drinks and eatables provided by the road side vendors full of dirt and filth as they are.

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