Saturday, 4 April 2009

Yoga for health and vitality

Yayati, a king in olden days tens of centuries ago, fell sick with the crushing anxiety that age had impact on him and that because of his old age he was no more a man with vigor and strength. This anxiety of his was more on account of his failings on sex as he had to have a bad face before several dozens of queens and concubines he used to have as a king. He wanted his younger days back which, as his advisers said, was not a possibility unless there were youths who could donate their strength and energy to him. His sons, as the saying goes, volunteered themselves for the purpose resulting into the king becoming youthfully young again. May be the story sounds somewhat absurd but is certainly symbolically true for many suffering from too bad a state of health and age effects. Nature has its own rules and ageing is one of them which can't be undone with the exception that its impact can be minimized considerably with natural treatments, precautions and a disciplined way of life. Yoga is most powerful a tool for the purpose directing necessary fruits to its practitioners going for it as a routine discipline. Practiced casually, yoga hardly gives any results, it may rather cause problems in the body system but pursued with perseverance it elicits miracles of improvements. From breathing exercises to aasanas , yoga prescribes several modes of practice covering generalities besides remedial treatments for individual problems. Yoga is a science, or say a science of dialogue, that requires one's mind to direct other faculty systems in the body and the whole process involves concentration to act as a pertinent tool to consolidate energy distributing the same to all faculties in most requisite a manner. Age factor, as the saying goes, doesn't apply to yogies (practitiioners of yoga) for the reasons that they grow invincible against any decay through a disciplined mode of life the yoga prescribes and bestows.

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NB: More details and individual areas covered separately .

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