Thursday, 23 April 2009

Handling human resource

Most pertinent a factor as it is for any industry or organization, human resource is a pivotal point for any business to successfully take off. Lack of proper handling of this factor only leads to a disaster. A meticulously initiated and spiritedly inculcated from top to the root, an adept approach with team spirit in mind is unfailingly result oriented. This area was that of master and servant in the past which concept is totally outmoded in the present context of culture in the society as a whole. Result orientation lies in building up proper teams of work harnessing them to various tasks with equitable distribution of jobs amongst the workers without any prejudice or bias with mutuality in mind. The giant sized biggies like Tatas in India are known for applying this type of strategy and there lies the secret of their so successfully building up their internationally acclaimed business empire as it stands today. They might have suffered setbacks by way of losses many a times but their investment of cordiality and cohesion with their workforce yields them status after status in business world. Monitoring work is an individual factor and for that reason the results differ from person to person. K.V. Kamath built up ICICI, the second largest bank in India after State Bank, bit by bit taking it to pinnacles of success but situation underwent an adverse change in its performance scenario after he relinquished his office as its top man. Dexterity element in business demands that those in the field of dealing with human resource should draw necessary lessons from instances like this.

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