Monday, 6 April 2009

The charm may not last long

Now that Nano is out in the market displayed ornamentally in Tata show rooms in different cities where people throng in large number to have a glance of the beauty queen. After all the people have been waiting for it so suspensefully for quite a long time heart throb of millions as the dream car becameMINICAB[1] only within a short span of time as a result of Tata's charashmatic innovation. Situation looks somewhat different if one goes by what the visitors to the show rooms for the purpose talk. They find that tyres both in front and the back are of a different size and stupney is provided only for the front. Tyres in the back, puncture proof as they are called, lack replacement remedy. What is said however is that even in the event of some puncture or the other the tyres may afford travel of a few miles with lesser air pressure enabling the driver/ owner to reach the nearest possible service center of Tatas which again has to depend on whether such a service is available nearby. Speed pick up causes rattlings on acceleration and the rear seat comfort is disturbed by noise as the very engine is fitted only in the back of the car with the caged outlet for the air yawning

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awkwardly backward. Virtually, they talk, it is nothing but an upward version of a scooter/ motor bike. Cost wise too it is not that much economical as the very price tag quite nears Maruti 800. No doubt that several banks including State Bank of India have come out with special loan schemes for Nano but the buyer starts incurring additional burden of interest even during the waiting period with a lurking suspense whether his/her turn materialises within a certain stipulated time. The dicky fitted in the front hardly spares any space as most of it is occupied by stupney itself.  Let us wish that the entire fun fare doesn't turn out to be much ado about nothing.

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