Monday, 20 April 2009

What weather has to do with our moods

It is not just like talking about weather when there is no topic available for discussion, it is the very weather that obtains currently making me talk about it. I came across similar topic on the PayPerPost web site where the bloggers were required to discuss weather with reference to current temperature in Arizona (if I remember the place correctly). I failed to reply their challenge question, hence attempt on any writeup by way of a post was out of question. I still felt like talking about it and the very temperature that mercury shows presently at the local level prompts me to pen these few words. It is summer and temperature is bound to rise but the way it is going on a higher side in the month of April itself is an alarming signal for sweltering heat in days to come indicating that hell may break in the months of May and June. No respite in sight as the rains are otherwise due only in middle of June or the time the weather pundits predict, it is a different matter that their predictions like any other forecasts hardly work accurately. Temperature on date in Kanpur (Uttar Pradesh) is at 40 degree Celsius and with this rate it has every likelihood of crossing 47 degree Celsius, if not more, by mid June. It is a peculiar phenomenon that temperature has a great relationship with our mood, mood to work. The more the heat in temperature, the lesser is our performance rate. For those belonging to an affluent society it is possible to rush to some hilly areas seeking some respite but here again the people to suffer most are those who are economically weaker or whose wage level is too low.

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