Thursday, 16 April 2009

Nano comes in, Maruti800 goes out

Old order changeth to the new is the saying and it equally applies to auto vehicles. When Maruti800 was introduced to the market it was nearly that popular as Nano is today. Considered as peoples car, Maruti800 was received sumptuously well by all quarters of society and it was this car which made Indian car industry recognizable in different countries abroad. People will miss this car as the company has since decided to stop its further production for the reasons that the current generation of customers want newer versions which are more pollution free and more environment friendly. Like Lakhtakia (car priced at 1 lakh) Nano, Maruti800 too was initially priced too low at 40,000/, it is a different matter that by the time it reached the market and the customers, the price tag grew bigger and bigger. Celebrities including President of India are in the first preference list for Nano and more or less similar was the case with Maruti800 where people like Shahrukh Khan, Sachin Tendulkar, Khushwant Singh were the very initial first proud buyers of the car. Occupying the status of an economical and fuel friendly car, this car has covered a time span of nearly two and a half decade of its service to the people and obviously we are to bid adieu to this sweet vehicle with a heavy heart only.

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