Thursday, 30 April 2009

Awareness friendly communication tools

Modern era rightly claims that communicative system was never that easy as it obtains presently. The mode of communication used long back was confined to postal mail as against now when it is harvest of tools like email and mobile phones equipped with instant chatting facility available at the whims and fancy of their users. Besides these direct tools there are also working methods that contribute much in this direction towards spreading a message. Something done does not itself percolate downward to the root level unless it is monitored well in a right direction and this applies to all modes of communications including the one which emerges out of work culture. Lucknow headquarters of SBISA (State Bank of India Staff Association, Lucknow Circle) released some of their communications for the use and information of its office bearers/ members which included duty allocation of its functionaries. Not a big matter nor pertinently so significant an event but interaction wise it sends a sound message on communicational contact between the leadership and the membership in general. It tremendously inculcates a feeling of confidence in mass following that their access to the functionaries is not just ceremonial but tangibly real. Office bearers knowing their duties and responsibilities and the members being in the know of it, it makes taking up the task easy and smooth with full compatibility in total work process. There is nothing much new in the news as the practice is the one that was quite in vogue in the past but it certainly forms a message that it is meaningfully revived both to the advantage of SBISA and its membership. Hopefully the step proves capable of eliciting the desired results.

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