Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Tobacco chewers excuse for the addiction

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Much worse than smoking, tobacco chewing is most crude a form of nicotine intake but  those who are addicted to it are hardly in agreement to this. It is so common in North India particularly in States like Bihar and Uttar Pradesh. In West Bengal it is snuff that is more popular than chewing tobacco. In South India too snuff and not chewing is the popular mode of tobacco intake besides ofcourse smoking. Whatever the mode and style, the addicts justify it by saying that once the body system accepts some thing as a routine it no more harms, it rather acts as a refreshing stimulant, it energizes a person in an efficiency oriented direction. They conveniently ignore the doctors opinion that nicotine intake in any form directly impairs the system causing inefficiency. A person quite regular in his morning walks who himself is a tobacco addict shared his own experience with me telling that whenever he sniffs tobacco before proceeding for a walk he is unable to move fast as he develops breathing problems but whenever he skips the intake his walking is smooth and convenient. Same thing applies to smokers in equal measure. The addicts justify it refusing to accept it as an abuse as it suits them but this in no way alters the very character of tobacco properties which are only awefully hazardous to overall body system.

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